Does a Mattress Play An Important Role in Kids’ Sleep?

Posted on: 14 Mar 2024

As a parent, it is imperative to ensure that your kid’s health and growth aren’t hindered by any means. For this, we look after sending them to the best schools for a good education, deciding on the best food items to ensure their good health, and encouraging them to participate in sports or co-curricular activities to be more physically active. 

But, there’s another crucial factor that most parents often miss out on considering for ensuring an all-round wellness of their kids. And that’s a good sleep routine! A healthy sleep routine plays a significant role in defining your child's proper growth and development. In addition to facilitating efficient physical development, it provides them with the energy they need to tackle each day with renewed vigour and concentration. 

The amount of sleep that a child gets every night is an important consideration, but stressing about choosing the right quality mattress for them is equally crucial. Sleepwell understands this need for kids to attain healthy sleep and responds to parents' urge to ensure it. 

But, there are still some parents who are not fully aware of the importance of mattresses for their child’s sleep health and overall well-being. So, let’s dedicate this article to helping them understand it.


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In What Ways Does Quality Mattress and Good Sleep Help Maintain and Improve a Child’s Health?

Sleeping on a quality mattress and a healthy environment does help your children develop healthy habits, but there are also some internal benefits that this practice ensures for them. 

A good sleep routine backed by the best mattresses for kids can help them with:


Good Cardiac Health: 

Children are observed to be more active while they are young than in their adulthood in terms of physical aspects. Whether your children love to play outside or run around throughout the day, they must stay energized to take on those adrenaline activities. For that, good cardiac health is of utmost importance. 

Sleeping peacefully at night has medically been proven ideal for kids to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. With suitable mattresses, you can guarantee a deep sleep for your children, ensuring they fall asleep quickly instead of staying awake till late at night. 

Children tend to spend more time sleeping, which you can’t expect from them in adulthood. Therefore, their childhood is the best time for promoting good sleep by choosing the best type of mattresses for boosting their cardiovascular health. 


Proper Weight Management

Kids go through many changes throughout their growing phase, which affects them mentally and physically. For instance, the increase in school work, degraded interest in outdoor activities, or inevitable changes in education curriculum can all contribute towards unwanted weight gain of a child. 

For controlling the body weight of kids, parents often try adopting a good diet, which is of utmost necessity. But alongside a good diet, you also need to ensure a good night’s sleep for them to reap the weight management benefits as a whole. Sleeping for too little or too much time might lead to the regulation of bad glucose in your child’s body. 

This is the condition that triggers low metabolism and sudden weight gain. Such negligence during childhood might lead to obesity or other lifestyle issues in adulthood. Therefore, just like you look out to buy the best mattress for adults, do consider the same expectations while buying your kid’s mattress as well. A comfortable sleep is quintessential for kids to build excellent overall health. 


Better Learning and Attention Span

In today’s world, children are expected to be mindful of things that are happening around them, and there’s no specific age to get started with it. If your kids aren’t sleeping restfully at night and tossing and turning till late, do you expect them to pay attention to the classroom sessions or any activities they participate in?

Probably not! It is because when a child's mind isn’t fresh and active enough to process things as fast as it should, the attention span and learning proficiency will eventually be lowered. Therefore, it becomes very important for parents to ensure their kids are sleeping peacefully and restfully at night to wake up fresh and active. 

You will see that your kids will seem more active, fresh and energized when they have woken up after completing a healthy sleep cycle. Being strict in instructing your kid not to use phones while in bed is right, but getting them a quality mattress will also contribute towards making them fall asleep faster. 

How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Kids?

Now that you know the perks of making your child sleep on a quality mattress, it is time to move on to the next significant consideration. So, if you are convinced to invest in your kids’ good sleep routine, you would want to know how to choose the right mattress. Well, here are some things you must consider one priority for that:



When you order a mattress online, consider your kid’s age the prime consideration. If your child is still a baby, you should go for a firm mattress, but if they are old enough to shift onto a bed, go for a slightly less-firm option



It is better to go with memory foam mattresses for the kids, as they are affordable and comfortable with a soft yet firm surface. You can also go with innerspring mattresses as they are a bit firmer and would prove ideal for your kids. Apart from the type, look at the mattress sizes ideal for kids of specific ages. 



The next important point of consideration is the material used for making the kids’ mattresses. You should go with organic materials over synthetic ones to prevent any release of harmful chemicals while your kid is asleep at night. This is to ensure prolonged good health for your little ones. 


It is undeniable that a good sleep routine is important for both kids as well as adults. Therefore, it is of optimal importance for you to put your money into buying the best mattress for your kids to develop overall well-being and thrive. And in this quest, Sleepwell is all set to help you with some of the most noteworthy kids’ mattresses. 

Whether you are looking for a Pocket-Spring or Ortho mattress for kids, we have it all for you! Check out our store, and place your order today! 


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