Determine How Many Hours of Sleep Your Body Truly Required

Posted on: 30 Mar 2024

No matter what age you are, your sleep plays a pivotal role in keeping you healthy. How simple and easy it is to go to sleep and wake up healthy. However, the fast-paced lives we live and the pressures of daily life can be too much for a person, and it can eat away at the peace and sleep pattern of a person. 

How many hours of sleep are needed really depends on your age. However, usually, we are advised to get at least 8 hours of sleep. These 8 hours often evade people with busy lifestyles, which is everyone at this point because there is so much to do. Yet, we need to remember that we are humans, and it is better to push the pause button sometimes. 

Along with the hours that you sleep, it is also necessary to pay attention to where you sleep.  Because of the constant work and travel we do, people these days tend to sleep anywhere. However, the concept of being anywhere and everywhere should not apply to sleeping. The basics of how to have a good sleep start with a good mattress.

 How do you Find out your optimal sleep length? 


The optimal sleep length and sleep pattern differ from age to age. A newborn child will need more sleep than an adult. This is because the organs and systems of a newborn child are under rapid development. If the question is how many hours of sleep is healthy for a newborn, the answer is 11 to 14 hours. Some newborn babies might even sleep for longer. If your baby sleeps for longer, then do not get worried as long as they are breathing easily. 

A 1-year child up till pre-teens should at least sleep for 9 hours. The optimal sleep length for children should be 11-12 hours at night. When children sleep for long hours, they are able to concentrate better in school and learn at a faster pace. The early years and the pre-teen years are when a lot of development happens in the human body. Therefore, ample sleep and a long duration of sleep are important for children. 

The best time to sleep and wake up for the kids is around sunrise, which is 6 AM and the sleeping time should be around 10 PM or earlier. Children should not be up at night because they often wake up late or lack sleep when they go to bed late. Going to bed late once or twice is not a problem, but it should not be a pattern. 

Many children these days have a lot of screen exposure time, which can disrupt their sleep patterns. How much sleep is enough should also be determined by the screen exposure time and other factors. Whenever kids go to bed, they should not take phones or tablets with them as they might get distracted from sleep. This can lead to the development of unhealthy sleep habits from a young age. 

A young adult should be sleeping for at least 7 to 9 hours at night. Young adults are people in the age group of 17 to 19 years. Young adults go through a lot of activities during the day, and they need good sleep at night. If you have one teen or young adult at home, you should get our Cheer Mattress fitted to their single bed and help them sleep healthily. This mattress gives a medium-firm feel and plush top so that your teen or young adult can sleep in proper posture and also experience a lot of comfort. This is a mattress good for health and activity. 

An adult should sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours so that his mind and body are well rested. If you are a bachelor and sleeping alone, you should get a gentle and soft mattress that helps you relax and sleep properly. Even if you are married, both you and your partner should get a good quality double bed mattress like the Dual Pro Profiled Mattress so that you can sleep in the correct posture and without any interruption. 

When you are an adult, you should also look for a mattress that offers spinal alignment and support, like an orthopaedic mattress. We have a long range of orthopedic mattresses that can fit your sleeping needs. Proper sleep can keep your health good and also make sure that your physical capabilities are working properly. One of the easiest ways of keeping any kind of health problem at bay is to sleep for optimal hours. 

When you are nearing 60 or 65, you should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. Sometimes, 6 hours is also enough for older adults. As you age, your body will adjust to its sleep requirements if you keep your lifestyle healthy. The best mattress for health is one that allows you to sleep properly every night and gives you a refreshed morning every day. The belief that each day is a new day is only applicable when you sleep according to your bodily needs. For an adult, 8 hours of sleep is very healthy. 

How to Promote Good Sleep?

Apart from providing you with the best quality mattress so you can sleep soundly, we are also giving you some tips that can elevate your sleeping experience for the future. When you adopt these habits and try to improve your sleep, you will be more healthy and active. Regardless of age, you should practise good sleeping habits for better resting patterns. Buying mattresses from our luxury and comfort collection can give you the right bed to sleep in. 


Regular Schedule 

When you follow a regular routine in the day and night, you will be able to sleep even better. Your body is like an automatic machine with a lot of biosensors. Your body gets used to the sleep schedule you follow and starts following it on its own. When you follow an irregular sleep schedule and starve your body of rest, it becomes very confused and tired. This is not good for your internal circadian rhythm and does not also bode well for the organ systems.

Therefore, you should follow a regular sleep schedule and try to stay within it. If you feel comfortable going to sleep around 9 to 10 PM, you should stick to that schedule. Stay true to your schedule and try to put a gap between when you eat and when you sleep so that your body is at ease and can sleep gradually. A regular schedule not only helps you sleep but also gives you a good start to your mornings. 

Reduce Tension 

Throughout the day, you will face a lot of stress factors and face tension. These tensions can build up within your body and affect your muscles and brain. You need to reduce the tension levels and stress accumulated in your body before sleeping. If you do not alleviate the tensions, you will not be able to sleep peacefully, and even if you do, you might feel pain and soreness in your entire body. 

In order to reduce tension from your body and mind, you should use a pain relief massager or a pain patch if you have localised tension. If you are feeling mentally tired before sleep, do some relaxing activities like listening to music, putting on some sleep-friendly music and dimming out the lights so your body knows it is time to sleep. You can also take a bath before sleeping so your muscles relax and you feel refreshed. You can also watch your favourite show to escape the day’s stress, but make sure you do not binge-watch for hours. 


Eat Light for Dinner 

The diet you follow also has a lot of impact on how you sleep. Your dinner should be lightweight and nourishing. If you have trouble sleeping, you should also try eating natural foods that help you sleep. It is said that drinking some warm milk with honey and turmeric is good for your sleep pattern. You should drink this before going to bed. 

When having your dinner, try to avoid fast food or oily food. Try eating simple homemade food, and do not go to bed immediately. Try to go for a night walk or evening stroll so that your body gets some activity before sleeping. This will help you burn some calories and also help you relax. 


When you buy mattress online at Sleepwell, you can stay assured of the quality. We inform you about all the features of the mattress you choose and deliver it right to your doorstep. With our mattresses and pillows, you will be able to sleep for optimal hours and rest before the new day. Creating a healthy sleep routine and following a set schedule for sleeping can protect your body from disorders and diseases. Even if you have a stressful day, try to strip away your tension and worries before heading to bed and retiring for the night. 


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