Choosing the Right Mattress for a Comfortable Pregnancy

Posted on: 17 Nov 2023

Pregnancy evokes mixed feelings in women. There is tremendous excitement about carrying a new life within. But this also comes with physical exhaustion & mental stress during and after the pregnancy. The would-be mother needs special care & attention. This is both for herself and the bundle of joy that will arrive soon.

Quality sleep during pregnancy is crucial and cannot be compromised. This may require some changes to your old sleep habits. The body now needs better support, cushioning, and comfort. The best mattress for pregnancy provides all these benefits to ensure a smooth delivery.

In this blog, you will find some great tips to help you choose the right mattress for a comfortable pregnancy.

Pregnancy & Sleep

If sleep is important for every person, it is critical for pregnant women. Sleep deprivation can lead to labor complications. This can endanger the life of both mother and the baby. Preeclampsia is a dangerous condition caused by sleeplessness and high BP.

Getting sound sleep can be quite challenging during your pregnancy period. The matter may only get worse after the baby arrives. Buy the best mattress for pregnant ladies and keep all your sleep issues at bay.

Some of the common issues that affect the sleep of expectant mothers are:

  • Back Pain
  • Body Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Heartburn
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Overheating
  • Frequent Urination

As the pregnancy advances, you also find it difficult to get into a cozy sleeping position. These health issues are quite natural and unavoidable.

But you can do certain things to make it easy to get sound sleep. Doctors may also advise afternoon naps and frequent rests. So you can purchase a pregnancy mattress and spend the next few months in great comfort. The right bed can make all the difference between a smooth and difficult pregnancy.

Choosing the Right Mattress for Pregnancy

Get rid of your mattress if it has become old and started sagging. You need a good mattress that provides the right support & comfort during pregnancy and beyond. Remember, your physique and body weight does not remain the same as before.
Here are some qualities that you need to look for in a new mattress meant for this special phase of your life.

#1: Firmness
The firmness is a personal choice when you shop for a pregnancy mattress online. There are no standard parameters to decide what is perfect. It depends on your body type and desire for comfort.

You may find it impossible to sleep on your back or stomach during the second and third trimesters. A medium-firm mattress suits you well as you start sleeping on your side during the latter stages.

#2: Support
The right mattress for pregnancy should provide the right support. It should adapt to your body type, weight, and sleeping position. It should keep your spine in proper alignment and offer relief from undue pressure points. This is especially important in the advanced pregnancy stage.

The right support for your back and hip regions is necessary for a comfortable sleep in the latter stages. You can choose an orthopedic Sleepwell pregnancy mattress  if you need additional support for your back.

Sleepwell pregnancy comfort mattress

#3: Temperature
Your body may feel overheated, and you may sweat a lot during sleep. Hot flashes are quite common during the initial stages. These are all due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Overheating can disturb your sleep at night. Lack of sleep makes you feel weary & exhausted during the day.

The best air mattress for pregnancy will have a cooling layer made of breathable materials. This does not retain the body heat and keeps it cool & relaxed during sleep. A gel-based memory foam mattress provides a cool surface to get a good night's sleep.

#4: Convenience
Frequent urination is common during the last trimester. A good mattress should make it easy for pregnant women to get in and out of bed. It should also have good edge support to prevent sagging along the edges.

The motion isolation feature in a mattress ensures that the partner is not disturbed if the pregnant woman wakes up frequently. Look for this feature when you buy a pregnancy mattress online. This helps to absorb the body's movements to provide uninterrupted sleep to the other partner.

#5: Company/ Brand
It is important to choose a mattress brand with a reputation for making high-quality products. Do your own research. Compare the features and pricing of different mattresses available in the market. Check the online reviews to know what their existing customers have to say.

The mattress should be free of toxic materials and certified to be safe. Check the mattress warranty and the provision of a trial period. It should be easy to return the mattress if you find it unsuitable for your needs. Consult professionals to purchase a pregnancy mattress if you have any specific health issues.

Sleeping Better During Pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with its own set of physiological and psychological challenges. You witness a lot of changes at each stage. Here are some specific sleep tips for every trimester.

First Trimester

  • You may experience sleeplessness at night and feel tired during the day. Make sure you grab some sleep during the daytime.
  • The body may get a bit heated up, and you may experience night sweats. Keep the bedroom cool and choose the best air mattress for pregnancy.
  •  Any sleep position is fine. Yoga and light exercises should help to ease your sleep issues.


air mattress for pregnancy

Second Trimester

  • Leg cramps and heartburn are quite common during this phase. Gentle stretches can relieve the cramps. Avoid spicy food and sleep on your left side to ease heartburn.
  • Start sleeping on your left side. Use pregnancy pillows to ease the pressure on your back and stomach.

Third Trimester

  • Weight gain can increase your muscle and joint pain. Lower back pain can trouble you too
  • Sleeping on your left side is more comfortable and ensures proper blood flow to the uterus
  • Using additional pillows for support and a heat pack can ease your back pain


Pregnancy and motherhood are sublime experiences for a woman with almost no parallels. You relish this experience every single moment. But a few issues can nag you during this period. Get your sleep cycle right. You will now be ready to take up any challenge for the pure joy of motherhood. Get the best mattress for pregnancy, and you are good to go!




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