Choosing the Best Ortho Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain Relief

Posted on: 12 Mar 2024

Are you dealing with a back pain problem that gets worse during the night? It's high time to change your mattress. One of the most common reasons for back pain is an inadequate sleeping environment. When you have a mattress that does not give you the right support, it will lead to muscle stiffness. Further, it may result in spinal misalignment, leading to chronic back pain, which is a major concern in the country among all age groups. 

Keep in mind that not all mattresses are made of similar quality, comfort, and support. And you have to find the one that is suitable for you. The mattress type that works for back pain is the orthopaedic mattress. So, invest in this mattress type to get relief from back pain while sleeping.

At Sleepwell, we have a great collection of memory foam and orthopedic mattresses that offer excellent back support and relieve pain. The ortho-care mattresses are tailored specifically for spinal alignment and have the right firmness. 

In this blog post, we have brought the best Sleepwell ortho mattresses available under different price ranges to meet the requirements of every customer. But, before we go through the list let's understand orthopedic mattresses. 


Best orthopedic mattresses

Overview of Orthopedic Mattress With Its Benefits

Orthopaedic mattresses have become one of the popular choices in the mattress world, not only for those who want to get rid of body and back pain but also for anyone who feels that sleep is the ultimate comfort. Orthopaedic bed for back pain is designed to provide a firmer bedding surface that offers targeted support for your back and joints in order to maintain your spine health. 

This mattress type was first developed in the 1950s when the manufacturers discovered its orthopaedic support. We have a wide range of orthopedic mattresses that promise to offer great spine alignment and back support. Let's go through the best ortho mattresses from our store.


Sleepwell Ortho Mattress

It is one of our budget-friendly ortho mattresses that is equipped with orthopaedic technology. The mattress will greatly align in every position. The major features of the mattress are Orthopedic Technology, 12.5 cm thickness, snug comfort with impression foam, and pressure point relief. The mattress is made of luxury knitted fabric, which requires low maintenance. 

The impression of foam is the reason behind the plush surface feel. While the high-resilience foam offers great flexibility for optimal body support, PU foam retains the resilience, and the Sleepwell Quiltec foam will improve the airflow and heat dissipation to prevent humidity. The mattress is also stitched with Airmesh smart fabric that gives you an airy night's sleep. The mattress is available in single, queen, king, and custom sizes. It starts at a price range of ₹5,049.00 with five years of manufacturing warranty.


Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress

Experience a pain-free sleep with the Ortho Pro Profiled mattress. The mattress fabric has a wave zoning design, which comes with great firm and support zones for back comfort. It is also equipped with memory foam that has the ability to naturally conform to specific body contours. You will experience comfort on both hot and cold days. 

The Sleepwell Resitec foam of the mattress has higher resilience and offers better flexibility. In addition, it also gives comfort to pressure points. Overall, the mattress will give optimal body support and gentle bounce with a medium-firm feel. This ortho mattress starts at ₹6,839.00, which will vary based on size preference. We also offer a 5-year warranty with this mattress. 


Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress

Get ready to get the three-zone advantage with our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress. Its speciality is it is designed to align the spine to the natural state. The mattress stands out with its three-zone pocket springs, which offer great spinal alignment and posture support because of its anatomical design. The specifically designed engineered zoned pocket springs will provide relief to your body curves and pressure points. 

Moreover, its fabric wave zoning design will offer great firm support zones for extreme back comfort. It is also incorporated with impression form, which is Next Gen memory foam. This makes it one of our ortho memory foam mattresses that offers soft, even pressure distribution and snug contour hugging. The mattress also comes with corner foam wall support that results in superior side and corner support. It starts with a price range of ₹8,766.00 and a 5-year manufacturing warranty. 


Sleepwell Spintech Mattress

This ortho mattress comes with 3 zoned resilience and great back support. You will no longer feel the niggling pains while sleeping. It will offer you exceptional spine support with a great massage feel. The mattress is made with premium fabric that offers a great aesthetic finish which offers smooth texture and high-quality strength. In addition, the fabric is known for its plush feel, tear-resistant, and effortless maintenance. 

The mattress is also added with an extra layer of comfort to enhance plushness. It is incorporated with profiled Impressions and Quiltec foam that offers a luxurious cushioning effect for plush comfort. Ingenious new 3-zone configuration with special contouring to distribute pressure evenly and improve ventilation. 

It has 3D spacer fabric knitted for better airflow. Also, the rebonding technology forms layers of foam that increase firmness and body support. The spintech air mattress starts at ₹17,001.00 with 5 years of warranty. 


Sleepwell Spintech Air Luxury Mattress

This luxury ortho mattress from our ortho category will offer you plushness with 3-zoned resilience. It has perfect spine support but an enhanced plush feel when you lie on it. The major highlights are complete spinal adaptation, healthy breathability, contour hugging, superior air circulation, anti-skid bottom fabric, and a plush top feel. 

The mattress is equipped with Nexa foam, which is a smart recovery memory foam. This type of foam is able to respond and adapt to the contours of your body and help your body move easily. It has a unique cellular structure that improves air circulation and promotes comfort and breathability. 

It will offer not only a comfortable sleeping space but also a luxurious feel. Also, the mattress has better air circulation capability and heat dissipation to prevent moisture and offer a great lift in comparison to other quilting foams. Therefore, this orthopaedic mattress for back pain will be your ultimate ortho-care. The mattress price starts at ₹ 22,560.00 with 7 years manufacturing warranty. 

Benefits of Our Orthopedic Memory Mattresses

There are several benefits of our orthopaedic mattress, which you will witness in all the mattresses we have discussed above.


No More Painful Sleep

Our orthopedic mattresses are medium-firm mattresses that are specifically designed to eliminate pressure on pressure points and joints. Technological innovations with memory foam, contouring foam, and other foam types integrated with our ortho mattresses will help you get relief from discomfort, aches, and pains. It will also prevent spine misalignment while sleeping.


Get Rid of Mattress Sagging

Usually in mattresses, your body will cause sagging or depression over time. And, this will be uncomfortable both for you and for the person sharing your bed. However, the orthopedic mattresses will not sag or create any depression that might bother other sleepers. It will offer you the best sleeping experience for years to come.


Maximum Support and Even Weight Distribution

The medium firm surface of our orthopaedic mattress will offer your back maximum support. It will offer an ideal push-back for your sleeping position. Also, it will reduce tossing and turning and let you make you feel refreshed every morning. Another benefit of the mattress is its even weight distribution. It will evenly spread the body weight to help you get rid of the build-up of pressure points, particularly at your specific body parts such as the neck, back, and hips.


Right Spine Alignment and Healthy Posture

Orthopaedic memory form mattresses will offer proper spinal alignment to relieve pressure and stress on the spine and reduce back pain. It will help you to achieve the correct sleeping position that will promote healthier blood circulation throughout the night.


Keeps Your Body Cool

One of the major benefits of orthopaedic memory foam mattresses is that they do not retain heat, keeping your body cool. The technology used in our mattress will offer you several health benefits and prevent microbes. The foam alignment of our orthopaedic back pain relief mattress on the topmost layer will help your body stay cool and will allow air to always pass through. Overall, you will get a cooling experience.


Lasts Longer Compared To Regular Mattress

Our orthopaedic foam mattress comes with great longevity. Unlike standard mattresses, these mattresses have a longer lifespan. In addition, it is not susceptible to impact, wear and tear, frequent use, etc. Furthermore, the mattresses will last for a long time. The functional features will also support you for several years. Also, the mattress won't sag over time and is designed to maintain your back health.

Final Thoughts

This is your comprehensive guide to choosing our best orthopaedic bed mattress. The above mattresses listed are our top-preferred ortho care mattresses, and they turned out to be our customers' favourites. Visit our store and invest in our ortho mattress that comes under your budget and get relief from back pain.


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