Choosing the Best Mattress Material for the Maximum Comfort of Your Body

Posted on: 08 Feb 2024

Comfortable sleep is something that everyone wishes for. After a busy, long day, people wish for a peaceful sleep. But do you know the comfort you want on your bed depends on your mattress choice? Yes, it is a fact that a good mattress will offer you a comfortable sleeping experience for a longer time, giving you a refreshing morning the next day. With the rising demand, we have introduced an exclusive, top-most comfortable mattress collection. We have specialised collections, such as Pro Comfort, Ortho Comfort, etc, under this category to meet every individual’s needs.

In order to purchase a mattress to meet your comfort, there are several major considerations that must be taken into account. Let’s discuss them in detail.


Best comfort mattress

Role of Sleeping Position In Your Mattress Selection Process

The sleeping position is one of the major determinants in choosing your new mattress. You need to decide how firm it should be to offer you comfort. If your sleeping position is based on any type of acute or chronic pain or injury, it is another reason to check your mattress type. You can go for our mattress, which offers both comfort and support to relieve pain and spine alignment.

Remember that the sleeping position issue is not very important in young adults or children who have a healthy BMI. But, it can be a problem for older people. So, based on your side sleeping, back sleeping, or abdominal position, you should choose your new mattress.

Body Pain Considerations For Your New Mattress

Body pains are the major cause of both psychological and physiological stress, which can last longer or for a lifetime.  Apart from lifestyle changes and exercising, you can avoid this by adjusting your sleeping environment. You can do this by choosing the right mattress material types. A sedentary lifestyle, such as age, being overweight, injury, and other physiological factors, can lead to chronic pain and health conditions that need long-term care. So, if you want to take care of your body with different lifestyle changes, you have to choose the most suitable mattresses that will help you get rid of any pain.

If you have chronic pain like back pain issues, a medium soft or medium firm mattress is an ideal choice. You can check out our Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress that comes with Airvent Gel Impressions. It will help adapt to your body curves, which offers both pressure and pain relief. The mattress will also be suitable for injury-related disorders.

Consider The Body Type and Composition

Every individual has a different body type, which is why a single mattress type does not fit everyone. The body weight factor has its influence, along with body type and weight distribution, which also play a major role. The body type usually varies based on age, genetics, fitness, and fat distribution. People are categorised as Ectomorphs, Endomorphs, and Mesomorphs.

Ectomorphs are naturally slim in nature with a leaner body type. These people can go for a soft or medium-soft mattress for a comfortable sleep.

Endomorphs are people who have larger bodies and can easily gain muscle and fat. They can go for Orthopaedic innerspring mattresses with medium-firm or ultra-firm. You can check out the memory foam mattress prices that are best for Endomorphs.

Mesomorphs are people who are muscular and can gain and lose weight easily. These people need a healthy balance of comfort and support while sleeping. Therefore, a latex foam mattress will be an ideal solution. Our Latex Plus Mattress with ingenious Latex Plus foam will be a great choice. It offers plush comfort with a bouncy surface feel as well as pressure point relief.

Body Weight And Fat Distribution

Body weight and fat distribution only contribute to the softness and support your mattress needs.  Balancing comfort and support for your body is essential to ensuring high-quality sleep for years to come. This is why being underweight and overweight are important factors in choosing the right mattress. Combined with the distribution and type of fat in your body, choosing your mattress can get complicated.

For an underweight person, a softer or medium-firm mattress will be good. The best configurations they can get in a dual-comfort mattress. On the other hand, overweight people need a decent support level for proper spinal alignment. So, a firmer mattress will offer an overall full-body support. And, if you are dealing with chronic pain and are overweight, ortho mattresses will be an excellent choice.

Considering The Suitable Mattress Material Type

How to choose a mattress based on the material type is another major consideration to achieve the right comfort. There are different types of mattress materials that suit different body requirements and personal preferences. But keep in mind that every type has its own pros and cons, and the budget varies with it. Here are the material types;



Latex mattresses offer super-balanced comfort and support among all mattress types due to the material properties of latex. The bouncier surface, overall neutral temperature, and hypoallergenic properties make latex mattresses the best pick.


Memory foam

Memory Foam is considered a wonderfully plush material that relieves pressure and allows your body to “flow” to a certain extent based on your density and support. It also provides a slightly warmer sleeping experience, is hypoallergenic, and is a great choice for those looking to relieve muscle pain and injuries.



There are many different types of internal spring systems, and the two most widely used options are pocket springs and Bonnell springs. Spring mattresses also have the option of using different foam materials, providing excellent support and a longer lifespan in comparison to foam mattresses. You can get this type from the best quality mattress brands.

Final Thoughts

So, if you wish for a comfortable sleep every night for 8 hours, it’s time to shop for a new mattress that meets your body type, preferences, and other necessary considerations. Make sure to keep in mind the above factors to pick the best mattress for your body to get maximum comfort. Have a look at our premium luxury comfort mattress collection that will definitely meet your needs.


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