Choosing Luxury: How to Find Sleepwell's Best Mattress's Key Features

Posted on: 25 Jan 2024

Sleeping healthy every night is possible! But only if you adopt the proper habits and keep your stress away. But is that it? Are these things enough to get you a good sleep every night? Well, not exactly!

It is because the Mattress you sleep on will decide whether you sleep well at night or stay awake till late! A luxurious sleep is essential for almost everyone to attain good health; buying the right Mattress is the key to achieving that.

According to the CDC, adults who sleep for less than 7 hours within the day's cycle are more likely to wake up physically inactive compared to people who get the specified amount of sleep in a day.

So, if you want to make no compromises regarding healthy and restful sleep, all you have to do is consider the right factors to choose your ideal Sleepwell mattress from the abundance of options.

This article is just about to help you with an insight into several factors and features you must look for while you buy luxury mattress from Sleepwell.

What Features Must You Consider for Buying the Best Sleepwell Mattress?

In this mattress buying guide, some of the features that you must count on before you decide to buy a Sleepwell mattress online are:


1. The Material of the Mattress

We offer various mattress options made of multiple materials to address your unique comfort requirements. It would be the first consideration for you before deciding on which Mattress is suitable for your needs. The materials available for you to count on are:

Memory Foam

There is no better option than memory mattresses for enhanced body support and comfort during sleep. These are highly responsive to your body shape and size, are long-lasting, and provide impeccable relief.

Spring Mattresses

If you are among the people who intend to look for a cushioning or bouncy feel while sleeping in bed, spring mattresses can be the best bet for you to count on. Such mattresses are encased spring and coil mattresses, which need low maintenance and are highly supportive and durable for the body's comfort.

Hybrid Mattresses

All sleepers who intend to attain classic versatility and comfort features can consider our hybrid mattresses. Our range of hybrid mattress options is a blend of two high-end materials, and the combinations might vary. For instance, you can attain a hybrid mattress of latex & innerspring or memory foam & gel-infused material. Remember, mattresses are softer, durable, more relaxed, comfortable, and supportive.

Latex Mattresses

If you are looking for 100% organic mattresses to sleep on, latex is the best material for you to count on. These mattresses are good in terms of quality, have proper ventilation, and are hypoallergenic. Hygiene and comfort are the USPs of our latex mattresses.


2. Quality of the Mattress

The second significant consideration for buying the best Sleepwell mattress is the quality of the products. Buying a mattress is considered a significant investment, for which you must assess the quality on priority. At Sleepwell, we use popular mattress manufacturing technologies to ensure our customers' sleep quality improves. Multiple layers are embedded in all our mattress types, and the comfort quotient is guaranteed across all of them, from top to bottom.

The quality of the Mattress can be determined by considering some of the following factors which include:

  • Use of high-quality fabric as the top layer.
  • The breathability quotient should be high.
  • The contouring effect should be optimal concerning the firmness levels.
  • Engineered edges for proper sitting comfort.
  • Anti-skid fabric at the bottom.
  • Use of high-quality foam, etc.

Sleepwell uses these parameters as a checklist to approve any mattress to be listed for sale to the customers. Every piece of Mattress you buy from us will replicate certified quality and guarantee longevity.


3. Mattress Construction

The structure and design of the Mattress are also considerable options when deciding on the best mattresses for quality sleep. It would help if you looked out for the right softness or firmness of the Mattress to determine if it's the ideal pick for you.

All our high-quality and luxury mattresses are denser and thicker and are available in layers, which intends to provide you with a brilliant contouring and comfort experience. But not everyone's body demands to sleep in a soft and dense mattress, while some might need a more firm option.

We have the best options at varying prices to complement your desired mattress construction needs.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is one of the most essential comfort features that you must look for in a mattress. When you sleep on your Mattress overnight, your body should not warm up, as that's not a healthy sign. Instead, your body should sleep cool overnight with proper elasticity and ventilation.

Sleepwell is one of the best India mattress brands that bring you luxury options, using dedicated materials and processes to provide better airflow within the Mattress.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position also decides on what would be the best Mattress for your comfort needs. You must pick the Sleepwell mattress that can support your sleeping position for proper spine alignment.

The back sleepers are requested to get a medium-firm mattress, side sleepers should buy ortho mattresses to get ample support for the body, and the stomach sleepers should go for the options that are highly supportive and cushioned. 


The last yet most important consideration is the budget! The Sleepwell mattress price varies depending on the type of material, technologies, features, and size of Mattress you opt for. However, every consumer has a specific budget for which Sleepwell has introduced quality mattress options in all ranges.

Now, you must set your budget filters and scroll through the options to find your best picks out of all quality mattresses.



The mattress industry has seen a significant boost in the utilisation of technologies for improving manufacturing efficacies. At Sleepwell, we have adapted to these revolutions and have introduced multiple quality options for you to count on. Additionally, some of our patented foam and manufacturing technologies add exceptional comfort and body support benefits to the mattresses.



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