Check Out the Best Nexa Mattresses for a Luxurious Sleep at Home

Posted on: 15 Feb 2024

If there’s an epitome of sleep comfort, the title should go to Sleepwell Nexa mattresses, as we have made it with the finest of materials and technologies, ensuring you don’t miss out on the comfort quotient for even a minute while you are resting on them. 

Well, just like always, you will find yourself overwhelmed seeing the best-in-class Nexa mattresses listed on our site. You might be in a dilemma of which mattress to opt for and whether or not it’s the perfect Nexa investment for you to count on. 

No worries, as we are here with a detailed elaboration on all our Sleepwell Nexa mattresses listed on our site for you to get a clear understanding of what can be the best for your comfort needs. 


Best mattress


1) Nexa Mattress

The standard Sleepwell Nexa mattress by our brand is probably the first that was listed as the finest in the collection. Our intention in bringing it up for the consumers was to offer them unparalleled luxury and plush comfort every time they lay flat on this mattress. If you have been planning on attaining complete luxury for your room, this is the mattress you must count on. 

Starting with the premium European fabric knitting on the mattress, we offer you luxurious softness backed by international aesthetics. This imported fabric offers a smooth texture and high strength, which adds to the plush feeling. Following that, the USP of our Nexa mattress is the patented smart recovery memory foam that we use to add responsiveness to the mattress and enhance the contouring effects. 

Not only that, but our foam also comes with a special cell structure meant to enhance airflow, comfort, and breathability. There’s a layer of soft Resitec foam as well, which further adds that gentle bounce and soft cushiony comfort to your mattress, backed by a gentle bounce. It is the most expensive mattress in our Nexa range for you to count on! 

We are one of the best luxury mattress brands, with Nexa being one of the top picks in the category across the entire mattress market. And this mattress is probably the first yet most loved product in this range. 


2) Pro Nexa Classic Mattress

If you want a Nexa mattress but don’t want to spend too much, you should consider the Pro Nexa Classic alternative. It is made up of the patented Pro Nexa foam, but the quilting is done with the Quiltec foam, which is also unique to our brand. The use of this foam blend offers a luxurious as well as responsive surface feel. 

You also get a Resitec foam with this mattress that’s backed with an acuprofile supportive layer, empowered by the ContourPro+ technology. It adds an exceptional contouring effect with the 3-zone profiling system using the resitec foam. Due to this, you can expect even weight distribution, outstanding body support, and enhanced ventilation. 

All of it that we offer with our Sleepwell Pro Nexa Classic Mattress will collectively assist you with improved ventilation for a rejuvenating and restful sleep comfort at night. Not just that, but the Air-O-Fresh foam will also ensure optimal firmness for ensuring outstanding body support. The unique cell structure will promote optimal air circulation. 

This way, you will be able to attain dry comfort even when the weather is humid on the outside. In the end, you are provided with the anti-skid fabric, which ensures that your mattress will be fixed at a specific position without causing any kind of discomfort during your sleep duration. 


3) Pro Nexa Premium Mattress

If you want to scale the comfort quotient a bit more than that of the Classic counterpart and want to acquire better body movement or responsiveness, the Pro Nexa Premium Mattress is the best pick for you to count on. With this mattress, you will get a gentle feel and plush top for added comfort.

 It is constructed with European fabric knittings, which ensures luxurious softness. The top layer comfort will most likely be the same as that of the prime Nexa mattress, and the foam layering is the same as that of the Pro Nexa Classic counterpart, which is a blend of Pro Nexa and Quilted foam. There is no compromise on the luxurious and responsive feel of the mattress. 

With the Pro Nexa technology embedded with this mattress, you can expect to acquire easy movement of your body while you sleep on the bed. Following that, you will also be able to experience a good night’s sleep, with around 27% faster dissipation of heat and 67% better body conformance. 

Not only that but the pressure relief quotient is also higher than that of the Pro Nexa Premium Mattress. We have enhanced the durability quotient of this mattress by adding engineered side-wall technology and an 8-layered construction. This way, if you want to buy a luxurious mattress that lasts longer but should be affordable, this is the one you must count on. 


4) Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress

Pro Nexa Luxury, as the name suggests, is the most luxurious option among all the Pro Nexa options listed in this article. It comes with a Euro finish on the top and has a European fabric knitting at the bottom layer. Your luxurious softness is based on the combination of Pro Nexa, Quiltec, Resitec, Acuprofile support, and Air-O-Fresh foam layers. 

If you are willing to buy a mattress online but don’t have a budget to go with the Nexa mattress, it is better to go with the Pro Nexa Luxury mattress, as it offers a similar level of comfort but at a reasonable price. It is obvious that it won’t match the resilience and responsiveness of the Nexa mattress, but it will still adhere to your comfort needs. 

You get a plush and gentle feel on the top, backed with superior support and air circulation properties. The luxurious plushness that you feel right from the moment you lay flat on the bed is what is considered the USP of this mattress. Not just that, but the 3-zoned contour cutting on the Resitec foam adds more comfort quotient to the mattress. 


There are a lot of things that go into choosing the best mattress, but when it is our Sleepwell Nexa range, every option is the perfect option for you to count on. The only thing you need to consider is the budget you have in mind and the select technologies that you intend to have! 

Irrespective of what you opt for, go ahead and choose the right size of the mattress as per your bed frame, and place your order on our official site. Keep in mind that our Sleepwell Nexa mattress price will vary depending on the size you choose! Once done, you just have to wait for the epitome of comfort to be delivered to your doorstep!


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