Buying the Best Mattress: 4 Things to Consider Before Selecting Nexa Mattress for Your Bedroom

Posted on: 27 Dec 2023

Sleepwell, the epitome of peaceful sleep, brings you some of the best mattresses that are comfortable to sleep on and nourish your overall health. But, in the abundance of options out there, it becomes important for you to choose the one that perfectly aligns with your definition of comfort. 

The collection of Nexa mattresses from Sleepwell has gained immense popularity over the others. The Pro Nexa technology embedded in the Sleepwell mattresses intends to drive enhanced recovery for your body and give you a good experience. 

If you are willing to buy mattresses online, and Sleepwell is your preferred brand for you, we have just the right pick to meet your desirable needs. Our Pro Nexa mattresses are the best in the range and offer impeccable comfort, affordability and longevity. And these attributes make a perfect combination that everyone expects from a mattress. 

Let’s not delay any further and help you with a few things to consider before you place your orders for our Nexa mattress online. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing Sleepwell Nexa Mattress


Sleepwell Nexa Mattress


Sleepwell undoubtedly makes the best mattresses in India. However, some innovations and technology upgrades have encouraged us to bring in some advanced mattress options that align with people’s luxury and astounding comfort demands. So, if you have been considering Nexa mattresses from our store, here are some of the things that you must take note of before placing the order:

  • Understand the Foam Quality

    If you want to buy a Nexa mattress online, you must first understand the foam quality and how it responds to your sleeping habits. For all our mattresses in this collection, we combine Pro Nexa & Quilt foam to provide you with a luxurious and responsive surface feel. Moreover, the Pro Nexa technology adds an innovative recovery feature to the foam, allowing your body to move easily. 

    This will allow you to experience a peaceful sleep at all times. Moreover, the heat dissipation is around 27% faster and body conformance is 67% better at almost all room temperatures. The pressure relief quotient upon sleeping over the Pro Nexa foam mattresses is 32% higher than the other mattresses. So, if you have decided for Nexa technology, be assured you are buying the best mattress from our store. 
  • Have Clear Expectations of Softness

    The Pro Nexa technology embedded in the Sleepwell mattresses provides luxurious softness and international aesthetics. We use imported fabrics to ensure that the top of the mattress boasts high strength as well as smooth texture. The fabrics are tear-resistant and add to your plush feel. We pick Euro tops for Nexa mattresses, which adds extra comfort layers for them. 

    Due to this, you can expect to attain an intelligent aesthetic from the mattress and enhanced comfort with the use of premium European fabric. We have also used the Resitec foam as one of the prime layers of the Nexa mattress, enabling better flexibility and offering more pressure point comfort. This foam is why you will find a medium-firm feel from the mattress. This leads you to acquire optimal support for the body with a comfortable bounce.
  • Get Insight into the Engineering of Nexa Technology

    Anti-microbial technology is infused with the Nexa mattresses, just like all other Sleepwell products, to protect you from allergies, breathing issues or dust mites during sleep. Beyond that, an Air-O-Fresh foam layer is also added to the Nexa mattresses to ensure a uniform level of firmness to provide your body with optimal support. It comes with a unique cell structure, promoting better circulation of air. 

    This ensures you will attain dry comfort during the humid weather. Beyond that, you also get specially engineered side-wall technology with the Pro Nexa mattresses. This inclusion isn’t just for enhancing the aesthetic appeal but also for enhancing the durability quotient. Edge sitting is quite comfortable with this level of engineering, and you can also expect contour hugging. The side-wall technology of Nexa mattresses also scales the pressure distribution proficiency, which helps you and your partner attain a good night’s sleep.
  • Check the Availability of Desirable Sizes

    Sleepwell has always intended to provide its customers with all-round mattress solutions. Therefore, even for our Pro Nexa mattress collection, we have all sizes or sub-sizes available. Whether you want a single, queen, king or custom-sized Pro Nexa mattress, we can help provide you with the needful. All you have to do is refer to the size guide and check the detailed dimensions of our available size options. See if those standard dimensions meet your bed measurements or not. 

    Don’t worry; you can always give your custom dimensions by selecting the tab over the product page. And Sleepwell shall create your perfect epitome of a good night’s sleep and get it delivered to you within the estimated date. The technology perks specified for the Pro Nexa mattresses are available in all the sizes of this range. May it be a single bed or king-size option, you will get all perks unhindered.


So, this is a clear explanation of the few things that one must keep in mind while buying the Sleepwell Nexa mattresses. There is no flaw in its comfort, and the Sleepwell Nexa mattress price is also reasonable as it justifies the features offered. As you see a plethora of mattress options in our store, you might ask the question, ‘Why Pro Nexa?’! 

Every Sleepwell mattress has its own perks, and the categorization is done based on various factors such as budget of people, preferred comfort levels and others. But Nexa mattresses are a combination of everything that we have put across so far. It comes with top-notch foam layers, along with side-wall engineering and a European top. 

It provides an unmatched comfort and an immense feel of luxury. So, if you are convinced that you will be attaining great peace during your sleep with the Nexa mattress, place your order right away! 


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