Best Single Bed Mattress Brand in India 2024

Posted on: 22 Feb 2024

Buying a mattress can be a difficult task for the beginner. Most often, people focus on the material size, thickness and mattress discount. However, if you want to get sound sleep at night with complete comfort for your body, then it's beneficial to look for a quality mattress while considering your mattress type, body type, sleeping position, etc. Although the upfront price of these luxury mattresses is higher than standard mattresses, they can give you much more value by optimising sleep comfort. 

When you are looking for the best single mattress brands in India, we can present you with an extensive collection of premium quality mattresses integrated with our exclusive sleep technology innovations. Your single-bed sleeping mattress doesn't just improve your quality of sleep; it provides you maximum comfort in the limited space within your budget. Read on to find the best single bed mattress with key factor considerations which make your investment crucial.  


Best Single Bed Mattress

Why must you opt for a single-bed mattress?

It is essential to learn why it's a good investment to choose a single standard mattress before you go on with the single bed mattress buying guide to bring something to your bed that is useful to you. Single-bed mattresses improve your space management and have the ability to accommodate various bed configurations that can improve your space management. These single-bed mattresses are perfect for smaller places, which can include your kid's rooms, or if you live in an open-style studio apartment alone. Here is how your single-bed luxury mattress can improve your health, well-being, and overall quality of life:


Enhance your sleep quality and health.

Quality sleep is what prepares your body for internal healing from a lot of health conditions. However, to encourage your body to a sound sleep, spending on a luxury mattress with superior comfort and support can be the remedy. Our online single-bed mattress is made of excellent quality lab-tested fine materials with innovative sleep technology integrated constructions. Hence, they cause you fewer aches and pains that could disturb your sleep. 

With customised comfort, your bed can even help with alleviating common sleep conditions such as restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, and insomnia. Luxury mattress materials with innovative sleeping technology can encourage you to get calm and relaxed while creating a cosy sleeping environment. 


Get value for money with extensive durability.

Unlike regular mattresses that don't come with any warranty period, luxury mattresses give you the confidence of mattress durability and extensive lifespan that will give you value for money. All our mattresses are backed by a 100-night trial period and warranty period, so you can be sure to own a mattress that matches your needs and requires replacements after years. 

Our memory foam layers for body contouring, gel layers for pressure-relieving and Airvent layers for heat regulations ensure getting you relaxed instantly. The bed will allow your mattress to be customised according to your firmness and support level requirements. As you don't feel discomfort and get into a restful sleep, it reduces your sleep movements. The less you toss and turn, the less chance for mattress wear and tear. So, it can give you an improved sleeping environment for years to come. 

What to look for in your single bed mattress?


Mattress size for your single bed

The size of your mattress matters as you want it to slide smoothly into your single bed frame. 72-inch length and 30-inch breadth are our standard measurements for single bed mattresses. We can customise the size as per your needs. 


Firmness and support

Your reliable mattress should be firm enough to accommodate your weight and sleeping position while providing adequate support to your back, shoulders and neck. Check for the material and its durability to confirm its firmness. 


Motion isolation

Choose a mattress with superior motion isolation if you share a bed with a pet to reduce noise while sleeping. Moreover, mattress material includes temperature regulation to prevent allergens. Our Neem Fresche anti-microbial technology improves the mattress hygiene level. 

Top-rated single bed mattress from our brand to invest into


Ortho Pro Profiled single mattress

If you are in search of the medium firm feel for your single bed mattress, our Ortho Pro Profiled mattress can offer you that with a 12.5 cm thickness. It offers a budgeted mattress price for a single bed while offering improved support, healthy breathability, with improved air circulation. 

It comes with impressions foam and profiled Sleepwell Resitec® foam layers with cool gel-infused technology to snugly contour your body pressure point while keeping you cosy throughout the night without getting hot. The wave zoning design precisely differentiates the firm and support zones to comfort your back the best way. The anti-skid bottom of the mattress guarantees a stable position on the bed no matter how you sleep and move. 


Dual Pro Profiled Mattress

With a reversible design, our Dual Pro Profiled Mattress can offer a dual surface feel. These mattresses come with a 12.5 cm thickness; you can receive its gentle and firm feel with improved air circulation. Your mattress can offer you dual-tone fabric with pressure point zones and support.

This mattress comes with ergonomic profiled Resitec foam to customise the mattress contouring for every unique body shape and weight while enhancing the airflow and balanced bounce level. The PU foam layer on the top will offer you a soft surface to sleep on. 


Ortho Pro Spring Mattress

Our Pro Spring mattress is one of the best single bed mattress options that comes with our exclusive 3-zone pocket springs and wave zoning designs that automatically adjust to your specific pressure points for spinal alignment. 

It comes with our innovative foam layers that improve breathability. Its corner foam wall and anti-skid bottom design improve your safety and security whether sitting or sleeping. 

Summing Up!

Selecting the ideal single-bed mattress is essential for both your general health and quality of sleep. Make sure to follow through with the essential factors to choose a mattress that meets your preferences. If you want to treat yourself to the luxury you deserve, it's time to upgrade to a premium mattress to enjoy a customised sleep experience for your individual needs. 

Our list of top-selling Sleepwell single-size mattresses can provide a premium quality luxury surface to sleep on. We are your reliable brand in India to avail you with a range of comfortable single bed mattresses that will come within your budget for enhancing your sleeping space today and making it more luxurious and relaxing. 


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