Best mattresses for pregnancy

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024

A mattress and bed is made especially to meet the physical needs of the sleeper. With time, people’s bodies change, and so should their bed mattresses. A child might need a mattress different from an adult-sized mattress. Elderly people and those who suffer from ailments might need mattresses from our Ortho Collection. Depending on how your body reacts, you need a different mattress with time. 

When the time comes, do not step back from changing your old mattress to the best mattress for your body. When it comes to pregnancy, women need the most care. To give them the care they deserve when sleeping, we create special mattresses that are extremely supportive of their pregnant body and their precious child. You can also choose the best pregnancy mattresses From our collection. In this article, you will learn about what makes an online mattress best for the pregnancy phase. 

Sleep precautions for pregnant women 

Apart from choosing the best mattress for pregnancy, like our Pro Nexa Comfort mattress, you and your partner should also understand the changes needed for safe and deep sleep during pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your body and the child inside are constantly developing. During your pregnancy, you have to realise that your body acts as a giant incubator for the child. Therefore, extra precautions need to be taken when sleeping so that the child or the mother is not harmed. 


Best comfort mattress


Sleeping position 

When sleeping on a maternity mattress like the Utsav 1.0 mattress, make sure that you are sleeping on your side, especially during the second and third trimesters. As the baby grows and puts pressure on your lower body, it is crucial to choose a safe sleeping position. You should sleep on your side so that your spine is not pressured. 

Sleeping on the left side can improve the blood flow to your vital organs and to the foetus so that you are healthy and the baby grows very safely. Apart from the best mattress for pregnant women, you should also buy maternity and full-body pillows so that the foetus is cushioned.


The room temperature

When preparing a bedroom for a pregnant woman, you also need to take care of the temperature in the room. The room should be cool so that the pregnant woman does not feel stressed by the heat. You need to fit an air conditioner in the room so that the room's cool temperature is maintained. This is especially necessary when the person is sleeping. 

Cool temperatures are necessary because otherwise, the heat can lead to a drastic change in the mother's hormonal levels. The heat is not good for the mother or the baby. If you do not want an AC to run all the time, you can open up the windows at night and let the fan run at high speed. The cool temperature will allow the mother to enjoy undisturbed sleep, which is necessary for foetal development. 


Use the pillows generously 

When a woman is pregnant, her body requires extra support in bed. The body and the baby it carries are fragile. Therefore, you have to keep multiple pillows on the bed. Apart from buying the best mattress for pregnant women, you also have to choose the best maternity pillows and cushions that will cushion the mother when she is sleeping. You can select the best natural latex pillows from our collection to ensure that the mother is sleeping soundly. Just like the mattress, the pillows also matter a lot in determining the sleep quality of the mother. 

The pillows should be strategically placed between the knees to give the pelvic floor enough support. You should select a supportive mattress like our Esteem mattress and then pair it with soft pillows. The mother might also need extra pillows near the abdomen and behind her back to be able to sleep better. The best investment can be a full-body pillow that hugs the mother’s body. Without a supportive mattress and pillows, the mother will feel pain when she wakes up. 


Keep the bedroom quiet and dark 

At night, the mother needs deep sleep. To ensure that the mother and baby get enough rest, you need to make changes in the bedroom. The bedroom should be quiet or have light instrumental music on during the night so that the mother is completely relaxed. Loud music, fights or disturbing noises can have a bad impact on the developing baby. 

The aim should be to remove stress factors and distractions from the bedroom so that the expecting mother can completely focus on resting deeply. The lights in the bedroom should be dimmed and diffused so that harsh light does not disrupt the sleep cycle. You should also install blinds on the windows so that light from outside does not disturb the mother. 


Manage your hydration level and time 

Hydration is very important for the mother and child. To keep your body hydrated, you should drink enough water during the day. Drink at regular intervals so that your organs and the baby get enough water. However, drinking water can make you go to the toilet very often because the baby will already put pressure on your bladder. 

Therefore, you should not drink a lot of water before going to bed at night. Of course, you should drink water after dinner but do not drink a lot of water since it will only push you to go to the toilet at night. You will not be able to sleep undisturbed if you keep drinking too much water at night. 


Avoid heavy meals as dinner 

A general rule for everyone is that the dinner should be light and easy to digest. This is because after dinner, your body will rest, and during rest, the body will not be able to digest heavy meals and oily food. This is especially important for pregnant women. Pregnant women should eat light meals and more nutritious meals than eating heavy and spicy meals. Heavy and spicy meals can cause indigestion and heartburn in the mother. 

This can keep the mother up at night due to discomfort, and then she will not be able to sleep for longer hours. Along with spicy and oily foods, it is also important to cut back on caffeine consumption. Caffeine, in the form of coffee and other drinks, can disrupt the mother's sleep cycle and prevent her from sleeping restfully. The mother should not drink coffee in the late evening or at night. Caffeine as a compound is not good for the body and should be reduced in intake altogether. 


Meditate and practice breathing 

Breathing exercises are the best friend of pregnant women as control over breathing helps them during the delivery phase. A pregnant woman should be relaxed well before bedtime. This can be achieved through guided meditation techniques and breathing exercises. Meditation before sleep reduces stress from the mother’s body and relaxes the foetus too. 

The breathing exercises also increase the supply of blood and oxygen to the baby so it can grow healthily inside the womb. Breathing exercises and meditation also help the mother be more conscious of her growing child and establish better maternal contact between them. 


Monitor leg cramps 

A concern that most expecting mothers have when sleeping or lying in bed for a long time is leg cramps. As their lower body faces more pressure due to the developing foetus, the mothers experience leg cramps. The legs might also swell, which is normal during pregnancy. 

Our Revital 3.0 mattress is a great mattress for pregnancy as it gives enhanced body support and also hugs the contours of the body to reduce pressure from the legs and other organs. If you want to reduce leg cramps, then choose supportive pillows for knees as these can elevate the legs and increase blood circulation. To reduce leg cramps while you sleep, you need to stretch the calf muscles and do moderate exercise. You can also walk around the house or lawn to exercise your legs. A diet rich in calcium and magnesium can also improve blood circulation, reducing the pain you feel in your legs. 


Take medical advice 

It is possible that the mother suffers from sleep problems that do not go away easily. In a high-stress environment, trying to juggle a busy lifestyle can create sleep disorders for the mother. In case of insomnia and sleep disorders, the mother should seek medical help. 

You should talk to your gynaecologist or family doctor before choosing the best mattress and bed set for the pregnancy phase. Talk about your sleep concerns at length and know how the doctor can help you improve your sleeping conditions. 

End Note 

Pregnancy is a crucial and precarious phase of life when a woman supports another new life inside her body. During this time, all the aspects of her life need support and care. Her sleeping cycle also needs correction, and the best mattress for pregnancy is needed. She needs deep sleep and timely rest to be able to help the child develop in her womb. With the advice of sleep specialists at Sleepwell, you can choose a good mattress for the pregnancy phase so the time goes smoothly. 


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