Best mattresses for different sleeping positions

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024

Sleeping is your body’s way of resting, and it is an important bodily function. This function needs the best mattress as it supports undisturbed patterns. It is very rare to find undisturbed sleep patterns in people these days. The quality of sleep, in general, is degrading, and this could be due to many reasons. The quality of your sleep depends on many factors, and this comes forth in your mattress quality, the type of pillows you are using, your sleeping posture, and your nighttime routine. 

In general, people usually face a lot of pressure during the day, and this stress often disrupts their sleeping patterns. To improve your sleeping pattern, you need to correct your sleeping posture and also choose a good mattress. Identify what is the most common sleeping position you choose and how you like to sleep. Based on your sleeping posture, we suggest mattresses for your bed.


Best Sleepwell Mattress

The most common sleeping postures 

Here are some of the most common sleeping positions for your body. You might be sleeping in these positions. The comfort of a position for a person is determined by his choice and his body type. No matter what type of sleeping posture you have, we help you sleep better with the perfect mattress for your bed. 


Side sleeping

Side sleeping is very commonly found in adults as people tend to sleep while putting pressure on one side or the other. Side sleeping is a form that might expose your pressure points. If you do not find the right kind of mattress for your posture, it can lead to an accumulation of stress in your body. 

The side sleepers should have a good quality mattress that has features for pressure point relief so that their vulnerable parts are well supported. Side sleeping needs memory foam or gel-infused mattresses. Natural latex sleeping mattresses are also good for side sleepers as these mould to the shape of the body and give good support to the person when sleeping. 


Back sleeping 

Many people put pressure on their backs when they sleep. They sleep on their back, and this can improve the person's spine alignment. However, if you keep tossing and turning or you always remain stressed, then you need a mattress that gives more support to your spine and keeps your body stable. 

Our mattress collection has special ortho mattresses and Spinetech Air Luxury mattresses, which give you comfort and superior spinal support. Spinal support can improve your posture and the quality of your sleep so you wake up feeling very fresh in the morning. Our mattresses are sturdy and durable. These characteristics ensure that the spine of the person remains straight while they sleep on their back. 


Front sleeping 

Many people prefer to sleep while putting more pressure on their front body. However, front sleeping is usually not recommended by physiologists. People who sleep on their front have the risk of overarching their spine so that the natural curve of the spine is compromised. For front sleepers, there needs to be a special type of mattress that helps them sleep better. The front sleeping people need extra care in choosing their mattress as it can affect their health and spinal alignment. 

We have mattresses that provide your body support in any position, including for those who practice front sleeping. Mattresses with pocket springs are more stable and give an even distribution of the weight. This is best for people who sleep with their front. Mattresses that have a hybrid structure with springs and foam can also be great for front sleepers. We specialise in customised mattresses and hybrid mattresses that help you sleep properly even if you choose the front sleeping position. 

Mattress choice for different types of sleepers 

More on-side sleeping and the mattress that suits them the best side sleeping is a practice that many people do, and sometimes, it is done in an unconscious state. Sleeping on the side can be good for a pregnant woman or someone who has gut health issues or digestive issues. On the other hand, side sleeping can also lead to soreness if you keep tossing and turning.

To reduce the chances of soreness and sleeping problems, it is best to go for mattresses that are specifically designed for side sleepers. Side sleeping exposes many pressure points on your body. So, you need a mattress that supports the side sleeping posture. One of the choices that you can make is sleeping on a pocket spring mattress. 

We have mattresses that have multiple layers of foam combined with pocket springs. Pocket springs give extra stability and pressure point relief to your body so that you can relax and sleep on the side. For extra comfort, you can also use body pillows so the side muscles are supported completely. 

Our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress is good for people who sleep on their sides and might have muscle pain localised in certain parts. This mattress has tri-zoned pocket springs that are very stable and take away the pressure from your side. This is a mattress that moulds to your sleeping posture and anatomy to help you sleep better. The mattress combines springs and memory foam for better sleep quality. A hybrid foam mattress is great for side sleepers as they need extra support. 


Back sleepers 

Back sleeping is where you are putting a lot of pressure on the spine. Back sleeping is good for maintaining the spinal alignment and correcting the posture. However, this can only happen when you are relaxed and your spine is in one straight line. The best mattress type for back pain sleeping is the orthopaedic mattress. 

Our Ortho collection has great mattresses for people who have a habit of sleeping on their back. Ortho mattresses have contouring and layers that support the back and reduce alignment issues during sleep. When you are sleeping on your back, the midsection of your body needs the most support. From our Ortho collection, we offer the best mattress for all sleeping positions. 

This can be done with the help of a mattress that has pocket springs. The Ortho Pro Pocket Spring Mattress is great for back sleepers as it provides body support in all areas. You need a firm to medium firm mattress for your sleeping posture, and we have just that in our collection. Our Orthopaedic mattresses have a medium firm feel so that you can experience both support and comfort on the bed. Our orthopaedic mattresses also have a euro top finish on the mattress, which is made of premium fabric. The quilting and fabric top gives your body great comfort. 

Our orthopaedic mattresses, like the Ortho Pro Profiled mattress, have great breathability so that your back does not feel sweaty and stuffed during long hours of sleep. Therefore, orthopaedic mattresses are the best mattresses for back sleepers. Sometimes, people do not realise that they should change their sleeping position. 

For example, someone sleeping on the side might be suffering from back pain. Such a person needs to change to an orthopaedic mattress as it is the best mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain. In our orthopaedic collection, you can find the best mattress for side sleepers without any problem. Our sleep specialists can also help you choose the mattress for side sleepers very easily. 


Front or stomach sleeping 

People who sleep on their stomach or front are the ones who are the most at risk for body pain and pressure. Usually, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended. However, if you do have a stubborn habit of sleeping on your stomach, you need to choose a comfortable mattress that suits your posture. 

A good mattress for stomach sleepers can be a memory foam or a latex mattress. The natural latex mattress is good for your body and can give enough support to your vital organs when you sleep. We have the Latex Plus mattress, which is a combination of natural latex and memory foam. This is the most comfortable mattress for a stomach sleeper. 

This mattress has multiple layers of foam and latex, which remove the pain from your body. This mattress helps you reduce neck pain and back pain that can happen due to stomach sleeping. For stomach sleepers, a medium-firm mattress is the best choice. Our Latex Plus mattress has a soft feel but a medium firm texture, which will help you sleep safely for longer hours. 


A person's sleeping position can vary from time to time. There are many people who constantly keep changing their sleeping positions. However, it is important to choose a mattress that will maintain its support and not sag under differing pressure. At Sleepwell, we create the best mattress for all positions so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

With the help of our extensive mattress collection, you can choose the best mattress for your sleeping habits. Along with a good mattress, you should also start developing good sleep habits and a relaxing nighttime routine. This will help you sleep for a longer time and get the most benefits from your sleep.


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