Best Kids Mattresses to Promote Healthy Sleep for Kids of Any Age

Posted on: 01 Mar 2024

Every parent wants their kid to have a sound sleep to improve their physical and mental well-being. A healthy sleep schedule and sleeping position are as important as your kid's nutrition plan. Proper sleep is very important for children for their overall well-being. It will improve their memory, concentration, physical health, and emotional well-being. So, if you want your kids to live a healthy lifestyle with better sleep, invest in the best kids' mattresses for healthy sleep. At Sleepwell, we have a specific mattress collection for kids to fit well with their sleeping needs. 

In order to find the right mattress for your kids, you will get plenty of options here. However, to simplify your purchase, we have brought a comprehensive Kids Mattresses Buying Guide to this blog. Go through the guide and find a suitable mattress for your kid.


Best Kid Mattresses

Going For A Mattress Size Fitting Well To Your Kids

Based on your kid's age, you have to consider choosing a mattress size that fits well. We have different mattresses for different age groups. For infants, we recommend a crib mattress, and for toddlers and teenagers, you must go for a bigger mattress. Measure the crib size to purchase a crib-type mattress. 

Compare the measurements of the mattresses and invest in the right size. Toddler beds come in similar sizes as the cribs, but there may be some variations. But both of them give the same comfort for a healthy sleep. Further, you can upgrade the crib size to a full-sized bed as your kid starts growing. 

You can check out our children's mattresses available at our site. You will get diverse options that will support your child's health and will give them a comfortable sleep. Go through our spring mattress category, which includes Ortho Pro Spring Mattress and Pocket Spring-Basic (Achiever). Also, our Revital 4.0 Mattress, Latex Plus Mattress, Esteem Mattress, Mable Mattress, and Premia Mattress are exclusive kids' mattress collections.

Types of Mattress Best For Kids of Any Age 

When you are exploring best Kids Mattresses for Healthy Sleep online, you will come across a wide variety of types available at our site. With multiple options, it is difficult to go for the right one. So, here we bring you some of the best mattress types for kids and their benefits.


Pocket Spring Kids Mattress 

A pocket spring mattress will be a long-lasting option and the best choice for your growing kid. The pocket spring is usually engineered to give spine support and evenly distribute the body weight throughout the mattress to provide a comfortable sleep. Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress comes with 3 Zone pocket springs. The spring gives enhanced support for better spinal alignment and posture management. 

The major highlight is the anatomical design, which will give great back support to your spine. The zoned pocket springs have the ability to adapt to specific body curves and pressure points of your kid. Pocket spring is more responsive than other spring types. Overall, the mattress will be a long-lasting investment and will offer a high level of support. 


Memory Foam or Impressions Foam Kids Mattress

Memory foam mattress is one of the best mattresses for kids. It will help your child achieve the right posture, and the foam will also cope with the sleeper's shape. Therefore, it is an extremely comfortable option. Memory foam will be excellent for growing kids and teenagers. You can check out our Premia Mattress, which is equipped with a high-value spring mattress incorporated with memory foam. It will give the perfect movement support for kids of any age. 

You can also check out our Esteem Mattress collection for kids, which is made from Sleepwell's ingenious Nexa foam. It is a memory foam with smart recovery mode. This is also known as a highly responsive foam, which has the ability to adapt to the contours of your kid's body. Moreover, the foam is engineered to ease body movement. With its unique cellular structure, the air circulation will improve, and eventually, it will promote breathability and comfort. Overall, the mattress will offer a cosy and plush feel.


Latex Mattress

Latex mattress is another excellent comfort choice for kids. It offers great pressure relief and comes with natural breathability. Latex mattress also provides responsive support to the kid’s body. Moreover, it has hypoallergenic properties and is highly resistant to mould and dust mites. Besides, the mattress is known for its temperature regulation property. 

Our Latex Plus Mattress is categorised under the kids' collection which offers plush comfort. It is highly resilient and gives a bouncier surface feel that gives enhanced flexibility. Overall, it will improve overall ideal body support and pressure distribution.

Determine The Firmness Of Your Kid's Mattress 

Whether you are looking for a baby mattress or a growing kid mattress online, the foremost thing you need to look for is firmness. Once your child is nearly two years old, a firm mattress is necessary for his/her body development and safety. Our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress for kids comes with medium firmness. 

Mattresses with medium firmness are always ideal for children. This is because it supports the child's spinal alignment during their growth periods. A medium-firm mattress will offer constant support as the kid transitions from one sleeping position to another throughout the night to give a peaceful sleep. 

So, if you are looking forward to offering Quality Sleep for Kids with Top Mattresses, go for our medium-firm collection. It will improve overall sleep quality sleep at night and let your kid wake up refreshed the next day. Our kid's mattress collection is completely firm with the right proportions. There are many ideal options available under the medium firm category for kids.

Final Thoughts

The above information will be helpful in Choosing Kids' Mattresses for Quality Sleep. Do not forget about the firmness, size and types to invest in the right one. We have an exclusive collection of kid mattresses at our site, which are specifically made for kids of every age. With the mattresses discussed above, you will definitely find the one that comes under your budget. 


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