Beat Mattress Heaven: Learn About the Ideal Balance of Comfort and Firmness in the Fall

Posted on: 22 Apr 2024

When selecting the perfect mattress for sleeping, one must pay attention to a lot of factors and characteristics of the mattress. A bed and mattress combination is specifically made for you to rest well and sleep for long hours. The bed is the most important element of the bedroom, which is why we spend so much time and research perfecting our mattress collection. Our mattresses have varying thickness and firmness to suit different kinds of sleepers.

One of the factors that we always take care of when creating a new mattress is firmness. A firm mattress is important for all sleepers because firm surfaces give your body stability while sleeping. The firmness of a mattress decides the comfort level that you experience when sleeping on it. When selecting a mattress for your bed, you should shortlist the top most comfortable mattresses and check their levels of firmness before selecting one.


Why is the firmness of the mattress so important?

In the process of how to choose a mattress, the firmness factor matters a lot. Why does it really hold value? Try to understand it further with us. The firmness of the mattress is responsible for creating a surface on which you can lie comfortably. When you choose a mattress that has the best-suited firmness for your body, you are able to maintain your lying position during the night.

 The firmness adds support to the body when you sleep and helps your body rest in a proper posture. You can rest for long hours without worrying about an awkward position or soreness when you wake up. The mattress you choose should not be too hard or too soft. In other words, we are advising you to choose a gentle but firm mattress. You can select any of our firm or medium firm mattresses for your bed.

When checking for the firmness of the mattress, you should see how your back and spine react. You should try different mattresses within the return period before choosing the best mattress for sleeping in India. You should also have a deep understanding of the orthopaedic and spinal health issues that you face before choosing the mattress that suits your body shape and weight the best. If your spine remains straight and supported even when you change sides on the bed, then you have chosen the right mattress.

When you are unable to sleep on the right firmness level, certain parts of your body might sink further into the mattress. This can cause soreness and pain in the body when you wake up. This can lead to spine and back issues in the long term. You need a mattress that supports your shoulders and hips properly.

One of the safest mattress choices will be a medium-firm mattress, which allows you to balance comfort and support. You might have to search a lot before finalising the perfect firm mattress for your body. However, the benefits of a medium-firm mattress are all worth the search.

Benefits of sleeping on a medium-firm mattress

In the Best Medium Firm Mattresses Guide, we will help you understand why you need a balanced level of firmness in the mattress. Here are some of the benefits of a medium-firm mattress that will help you sleep properly. 


Superior spinal support

Your spine is like the cable centre that manages the entire body as a machine. Therefore, keeping your spine straight and without injury is a very essential task. Often, people hurt their spine and its alignment by choosing the wrong kind of mattress.

Your mattress can give superior spinal support if it is medium firm in strength. A medium firm mattress is able to support your neck and back properly so you do not face any spinal issues. The medium-firm mattress maintains your sleeping posture and protects your back.


Eases pressure from the body

Every day, your body goes through a lot of physical and mental pressure. There are many pressure points in the body that need to be treated and rested for pressure relief. All the Top Mattresses for Pressure Relief are either firm or medium firm in firmness. A medium firm mattress gives comfort to your body and even pressure relief by targeting the pressure points of your body.

A medium-firm mattress from our collection evenly distributes the pressure from your body on the bed and gives you a good surface on which to sleep. This also ensures that you sleep without any pain or stress on the bed. The medium firm mattress eases the pressure points so that the stress does not build up or lead to soreness.


Reduces back pain

By offering even pressure distribution and support to your hips and shoulders, the medium-firm mattresses from our collection also help reduce back pain. If you have chosen the wrong mattress in the past and develop chronic back pain, you need to upgrade to a medium firm or firm mattress. A medium-firm mattress provides you with enough comfort to sleep for long hours.

It also supports your vertebrae and neck so you do not develop neuromuscular problems. You will see a lot of reduction in back pain if you regularly sleep on a medium-firm mattress. Your back will straighten out and relax as you sleep on a mattress that offers you adequate support. A medium-firm mattress will give you a soft surface to sleep on without letting your body frame sink.


Long-lasting and anti-sagging

All the mattresses we make are durable because of the high-quality material we use. Our medium-firm mattresses last for years and do not sag even if you have a heavy build. You and your partner can sleep peacefully on the medium-firm mattresses from our brand without worrying about damage to the mattress. The mattresses are made of layers of strong foam and quilting, which protects its structural integrity.

With the anti-sagging and anti-skid features, you can have a stable bed in which to sleep. The med firm mattress will help you maintain your sleeping posture and not give you a sinking or falling feeling even when you are sleeping near the edge. With all these features, our medium-firm mattresses ensure that you will sleep comfortably every night.


Reduce allergic exposure

A firm or medium firm mattress has a closed cell structure up close and is made of high-density foam. We use the best quality foam to make the mattress of your choice. Because of the closed cell structure and the hypoallergenic cover on the top, our mattresses do not accumulate much dust or allergen.

Our mattresses also come with anti-microbial technology, which protects you from infection while you sleep. Thus, the medium firm mattress from our collection helps you sleep a restful and protected sleep every night. If you have a lot of allergies, specifically dust allergies, you should choose our mattresses to sleep on.

These are some of the benefits of the best comfortable mattress in India from our collection. You can find the best mattress for your bed and get the most comfortable sleep of your life from our medium-firm mattress collection.

Best mattresses with medium firm level

Here are some of our best medium-firm mattresses, out of which you can choose the best for your bed.


Ortho Pro Profiled

Our Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress has a wave zoning design and soft top feel with European quilting on top. It gives you superior support and a soft surface to lie on. If you are facing some orthopaedic issues or neural pain, then this mattress from our collection is the best choice. It has highly resilient Resitec foam, which gives you firm support and adapts to the contours of your body. On top of the Resitec Foam is the Impressions foam, which we designed to hug your body and allow you to sleep for hours without disturbance. The mattress is 5 inches thick and gives an optimal height to sleep on. When paired with memory foam pillows, it will give you a great bed to sleep on painlessly.


Spinetech Air Mattress

This 6 inches thick mattress gives you an airy and cool feeling when you sleep. It has a medium firm level with enhanced firmness, which gives you a lot of support during your sleep. It is specifically designed to help you deal with spine health issues. Senior citizens and ageing people with back pain issues should choose this foam mattress. It offers comfortable back support for your body to recover from pain and soreness.


Ortho Spring Mattress

If you are looking for a combination of foam and spring mattress, you can buy our Ortho Spring Mattress, which completely adapts to your spine and helps your back relax. It is a mattress that remains airy but also firm, so you can sleep perfectly and wake up without any back pain. 


At Sleepwell, you will find the best medium-firm mattresses to take home and sleep on. With our firm and medium firm orthopaedic mattresses, we aim to improve sleeping posture and quality for our customers. We help you get the best mattress for sleeping so you have no health or posture complaints. You can try our mattresses at a store or choose one online at your convenience.


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