Back Pain Relief: Why Nexa Foam Mattresses Reign Supreme for a Relaxing Sleep

Posted on: 23 Feb 2024

With changing lifestyles and hours of work, back pain has become a common health condition. According to a recent study, there are over 87.5 million lower back pain cases currently in India.  

Apart from therapies and medications, sleeping on the right mattress will give the best relief to your body. Also, after a busy, tiring day, a person will always crave a relaxing and peaceful sleep. To meet both the requirements at Sleepwell, we have launched the Nexa mattress collection. This category is specifically engineered for back pain relief. Incorporated with innovative technology and memory foam, this will be your ultimate choice.

This blog will help you understand in detail the top-selling Nexa Foam Mattresses for Back Pain Relief. Let's explore the luxury mattress.


Sleepwell Nexa Mattress

Exclusive Reasons Behind The Back Pain Relief And Restful Sleep From Nexa Mattress

There are multiple reasons behind the Nexa mattress's supremacy among other collections. The mattress offers high relief from back pain with a comfortable sleep the whole night. Check out the reasons behind it.


Sleepwell Ingenious Nexa Foam – Smart Recovery Memory Foam

Sleepwell Nexa Foam comes with a smart recovery mode made from memory foam. It is defined as a responsive foam that holds the ability to adapt to the contours of any body type. With this response, it eases your body movement while you are sleeping. The foam has a truly unique cell structure that enhances airflow and improves breathability. When you use the mattress in quilting, it will give you a plush feel of driving comfort. 


Soft Sleepwell Resitec Foam and Profiled Foam 

The Resitec foam layer is used in the production of the second layer of our Nexa mattress. Soft Resitec foam in the Nexa Mattress gives super soft and extreme comfort with a gentle bounce. The contouring feature of the foam is engineered using advanced contouring technology with the help of cutting-edge CNC machines. The machines work to result in a wide variety of shapes through smart contour cutting in order to create a profiled foam. Overall, you will find that your body is lying on a soft surface that is firm enough to support your body. 

In addition, the mattress gives a slight bounce, which is necessary to ensure you do not get stiff while sleeping on the Nexa mattress all night. This is the reason behind the comfort you get from the mattress.  


Engineered Sidewall Technology 

This Engineered Sidewall Technology is the major reason behind the durable nature of our Nexa mattress. Moreover, it also offers an aesthetic appeal to your entire bedding environment. Besides, it will offer great side support. The technology promises comfortable edge sitting. Our mattress has undergone specialised treatments to add great strength and support. It further enhances the durability factor of the mattress. So, you won't only enjoy sleeping comfortably but also sitting with the necessary support. 


Air-O-Fresh Foam

The Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress is designed with Sleepwell Air-O-Fresh foam that provides uniform firmness to offer ideal body support. The cell structure inside the matter is uniformly designed to promote air circulation, which will give you dry comfort even in humid weather. The foam enhances contour hugging and evenly distributes the pressure distribution. This is why it promises to support your back well and give you relief from pain with sound sleep. Moreover, the mattress offers a superior level of comfort in every season, independent of the ambient temperature. 

The above technological benefits show Why Nexa Foam Mattresses are Best for Back Pain Relief.

Benefits of Sleepwell Nexa Mattress In Providing Back Pain Relief

Here are the benefits of the Best Mattresses for Relaxing Sleep and providing great pain relief.


Greater Support With Extreme Pressure Relief

The Nexa mattress will keep your spine well-supported by aiding you in maintaining the right posture. It will evenly distribute your body weight across the mattress without giving you any feeling of discomfort. The mattress will enhance support and give you great pressure relief. The Pro Nexa foam is engineered to provide higher pressure relief by up to 32%. So, you will witness a pain-free sleep. 


Witness Responsive Contour Hugging With Enhanced Comfort

The highly responsive contour hugging enables the Nexa mattress to adjust its surface accordingly to different body weights and shapes. So, it does not matter how heavy or lean your body is; the mattress will offer comfort to your back, irrespective of your overall physique. This is why it is one of the best-rated mattress brands for Relaxing Sleep. With 67 % higher body conformance, the comfort of the mattress is unbeatable in order to get a restful sleep. 


Enhanced Spinal Alignment To Reduce Back Pain Issues

Our Nexa mattress not only offers great support and contour hugging but is also known for better spine alignment. The mattress will align your spine perfectly without causing any discomfort. It will reduce all your back pain issues, such as joint and neck pain issues. So you won't be waking up with a painful back. Every morning will be refreshing and healthy.  


Improved Sleep Quality To Give A Sound Sleep 

As already discussed, a memory foam mattress will offer you improved sleep quality to give you restful sleep. It will give you the supreme level of contouring effect. It will be conformed to your body shape and offer you curated cushioning support and comfort. This will result in giving you a great level of relaxation when you are sleeping.


Gives Great Pressure Point Relief

Pressure points usually develop in different parts of your body, such as the shoulders, back, knees, and hips, when these parts get pressed against the mattress. By using the Sleepwell Nexa mattress, the pressure points across your body will be reduced and offer great relief. It will ensure that you do not feel discomfort when you are asleep.

Final Thoughts 

The above information proves how the Nexa mattresses give great back pain relief with restful sleep. The technology used in the mattress is exceptional and unmatchable. If you are looking to bring home the right mattress for your back support, check out the Nexa mattress price. Explore all mattresses under our Nexa category to find the one that meets your needs. 


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