Back Pain Relief: Choosing The Right Mattress

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024

Back pain is common these days, especially lower back pain among the Gen-Z and Millenials. Whether due to ageing or a bad lifestyle, lower back pain is a common but dangerous thing you may consider. Among all the reasons, sleeping on a bad mattress is one of the reasons for back pain for many people. So, it’s time to buy the best mattress for the back pain.

However, with several mattresses available for your back pain relief, choosing the right one will keep you relaxed at night and prevent you from developing future back pain complications. We at Sleepwell will help you find the perfect back pain relief mattress from various ranges of options.


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Factors To Consider While Looking For Buying A Back Support Mattress:

Well, it sounds casual to find a mattress for your back support.  However, it is not like selecting your beautiful dress and adding it to your cart and paying for the dress, and it is being delivered to your house. Choosing mattresses for back pain relief depends on many factors, such as firmness, thickness, material, and many more.

Let’s find out these must-have factors to buy your perfect back support mattress.


Access Your Personal Preference:

Before choosing a mattress for your back support, you should consider what you like the most about your sleeping methods, apart from the doctor’s advice about what type of mattress you should buy for yourself. 

Suppose you do not like stiff mattresses, but many others suggest you buy one of those stiff mattresses for your back support. So, in this situation, you can go for a medium soft mattress that will fit your style and give you perfect support for your back, spine, and shoulder. 

You can try our Spinetech Air Luxury mattress, which has a medium soft feel that enhances firmness and perfectly carries all your body parts along with your back. It also has a superior push feel for a healthy sleep at night.


Know The  Components:

Another major thing you may consider is knowing the components of the mattress to choose the best mattress for back pain. There are various materials available on back pain support mattresses, such as pocket springs, memory foam, coir, natural latex, Hi-tech, and many more.

Each material is different in its thickness, arrangement of coils, depth, and other factors. So, choosing among one of these materials is purely based on your sleeping comfort and choice. 

We suggest you try our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, which comes with resitec foam, gives you a medium-firm feel, has good air circulation, enhances your back support, and comes with complete spinal alignment for your back.


Get An Idea About The Firmness:

Traditionally, people believed that only firm mattresses can support your back in a good way. But, before coming to a conclusion, one should know what firmness is. Firmness means the soft touch or firm feel of a mattress. 

A support mattress for back pain refers to how beautifully it supports your body posture to further remove complications and perfect spine alignment features that help you find a sound sleep and be free from the pain when you wake up in the morning. So, firmness and support are both different terms and have separate meanings.

A recent data study found that most users prefer medium-firm mattresses for their back support. Our Cellergise Mattress comes with a medium-firm feel, responsive body support and perfect spine alignment features to give you an ultra-luxurious feel and firm edge support for your healthy sleep pattern.


Know Your Body Weight:

Your body weight plays a major role in choosing the best bed mattress for back pain because your body weight decides which firm mattress will support your entire body posture and perfectly support your back.

If your body mass is on the heavier side, then you may require a firmer mattress to align your body. Suppose you are in the light to medium weight category, and a soft-feel mattress will help reduce the sinking while sleeping on it. 

So, always decide on a balance between your liking and what is actually needed for your health purpose. Without gaining proper knowledge about the logic between weight and firmness, you may be trapped into buying the wrong or sometimes expensive mattress, which may not support your back and cause constant pain.


Understand Your Sleeping Position:

While searching for an orthopaedic mattress or back support mattress, people often ignore their sleeping position. They have no idea how sleeping position helps find the perfect spine support mattress.

Suppose you are sleeping on your stomach; then sleeping on a medium-firm mattress along with a flat pillow should be placed under your stomach or hip, which will give you perfect back support. If you are a back sleeper, a firmer mattress will act best for extra support to elevate your upper body. A pillow under your knee area will give you a comfortable sleep.

Many people prefer a side sleeping position. So, for them, slightly softer mattresses are best suited with the help of a cushion or pillow under their hip area, which keeps their body aligned in a balanced manner. Our Fitrest Premium mattress comes with a gentle, soft feel, better air pressure relief features, and perfect body posture support, which help you find your good night's sleep without any pain and can be great for any sleeping position.


Understanding Lower Back pain:

Today, many people are suffering from lower back pain. If you are suffering from pain in the lower back area and looking for the best mattress for back pain, then you should consider how the mattress will keep your body aligned in the right way, apart from sleeping habits.

You can go for a bouncy mattress or medium soft mattress that will support your lower back and other areas like your hip and shoulder to give you a perfect healthy sleep at night. 

If you are confused about which one to choose, then go to our Sleepwell Shop nearby and try out our back-support mattress ranges. Then, decide which one you feel more comfortable with and purchase your favourite back support mattress. 



If you are searching for the best bed mattress for back pain within an affordable price range, then you should look for a mattress that will provide you with good back support within your set budget.

You can consider other factors: your budget mattress should have a warranty or trial period, quality of the material, firmness, etc. Many customers who are money-constrained often fall into the trap of cheap buying options but do not get any profit from the mattress.

However, at Sleepwell, you can find a wide range of back support mattresses at affordable prices and with all other benefits. You can try our Durafirm 1.0 mattress, which gives you a firm feel, comfort, and perfect back support. It comes with rebonded foam for extra firmness for your perfect, healthy sleep, starting from 5000 INR only.

These are the seven most important factors to consider when buying the best mattress for back pain. We hope the above factors will help you find your perfect back support mattress and provide you with a healthy and sound sleep at night so that the next morning will be more productive and painless.


Some Additional Tips For Back Support Mattress:

After considering all the factors above, you can easily get your perfect body and back support mattress. But with these additional tips, you can be more precise in making a balance between your choice and support.

If you are more lenient towards a comfortable mattress, then choose a mattress which has comfortable layers such as memory foam or latex and good air pressure relief points without compromising on the spinal alignment.
Look for a mattress which is purely based on supporting your body alignment and not for those that will provide you only comfortable and cosy sleep rather than healthy back support.

How To Maintain Your Back Support Mattress?

Only buying a mattress for the back pain is not a permanent solution. Maintaining the mattress plays a major role in longevity as well as in perfect back alignment support to your body. Some maintenance tips are:

Use mattress covers for extra support and durability.
Regularly clean your mattress so that it can keep you away from dust, mists, and other allergen particles.
Rotate your mattress every six months for better results to support your back.


Buy Your Back Support Mattress Now!

If you are searching for mattresses for back pain relief, then at the Sleepwell store, you can find a wide range of back pain relief mattresses of different materials, firmness, and proper spinal alignment features within an affordable price range. 

If you are interested in trying out mattresses, then visit our offline or online store, where you can get your favourite back support mattress, which not only provides you with support in back pain but also gives you a comfortable sleep at night for a healthy morning the next day. So, buy your mattress now with us!


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