Are you Suffering from Constant Back Pain? Pocket-Spring Mattresses could be your Saviour!

Posted on: 19 Dec 2023

Backaches afflict a large part of the population. As per a report published by the WHO, in 2020, approximately 619 million individuals worldwide experienced the impact of low back pain (LBP). Projections suggest that this number is expected to rise significantly, reaching an estimated 843 million cases by 2050.

Lower back pain (LBP) is a condition that can manifest at any point in life, affecting individuals across various age groups. It is a common occurrence, with most people encountering LBP at least once during their lifetime.

Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle with a balanced diet and physical exercise to overcome certain health conditions, including backaches, could help you. Another significant part of ensuring you don't end up aggravating your back pain or avoiding it altogether is sleeping on a well-built mattress that optimally supports your spine and posture.

If you didn't know the efficacy of an excellent mattress in healing your back pain problems, you were probably leading yourself to a poor lifestyle. Well, there is always time to realise and do things correctly. Sleeping on the proper mattresses will help contour your body and comfort your muscles by easing the strain. The pocket spring construction is the most beneficial among the various mattress types in dealing with pain.

Let's understand the construction of pocket spring mattresses and how they help relieve back pain and other body aches due to poor sleeping conditions and posture. 

How Do Pocket Spring Mattresses Differ from Other Types?

The key differentiating factor for the pocket spring mattress is that it comprises individual coils or springs and is also referred to as the wrapped coil mattress. Every coil is enclosed in a pocket made of non-woven material.

All these pocketed coils have been engineered to give your body enhanced comfort independently. This way, you can expect your mattress to respond to the localised weight and pressure distribution. 

Upon getting the pocket spring mattress for comforting your body, you can expect it will conform to the shape of your body and deliver targeted muscle support to ease the strain on your back. 

Sleepwell brings you some of the best pocket spring mattresses in India that are made with top-quality materials and embedded with modern-day technologies to offer add-on benefits. 


How Can Pocket Spring Mattresses Help Aid Your Back Pain Condition?

Pocket spring mattresses are considered the lifeline for people experiencing back pain problems. You will get a tailored combination of comfort & support and an engineering innovation. 

Thus, your spinal health experiences an improvement, and the discomfort levels deteriorate. The effectiveness of the pocket spring mattresses relies upon the independent coils being used to construct them. Every pocket will respond independently and uniquely to the different parts of your contoured body when you sleep over the mattress. 

Back pain is a condition that often triggers specific pressure points that experience strain due to your hectic work schedule throughout the day. The pocket spring mattresses are ideally relevant for addressing the issue by distributing your body weight evenly across all the pocket springs. Thus, the strain or pressure grasping the lower back or hip portion will be minimised, helping you feel the back pain being released. Various firmness options are associated with the pocket spring mattresses to align with your specific intensity of back pain ailments. 

best pocket spring mattress

Sleepwell brings you some of the best pocket spring mattresses with varying firmness quotients, allowing you to choose the one that fits your body preferences. One of our most popular products is the Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress. It has distinct 3-zone pocket springs, each featuring varying firmness levels, designed to support the body's spinal alignment and posture through their anatomically engineered structure. These specialised zoned pocket springs conform to a person's pressure points and body contours, improving pressure relief while adapting to the body's unique curves.


What are Some Other Benefits Associated with the Use of Pocket Spring Mattresses?

Here is an insight into some of the other benefits of pocket spring mattresses for you to understand how they can help improve your overall health and good night's sleep:

Hypoallergenic Properties
The pocket spring mattresses are manufactured with a breathable design and have individual pocket springs. With this property, the accumulation rate of allergens, such as dust mites or bacteria, will be less. Thus, it is one of the best properties to help you repel allergies that develop upon sleeping on poor-quality mattresses. With Neem Fresche (anti-microbial) technology in Sleepwell mattresses, dust mites or growth of allergens or microbes is even lower.

Motion Isolation
Motion isolation is the next best thing you would experience upon buying the pocket spring mattresses. It means if you are sleeping with your partner on the bed, your movements at night won't disturb the peaceful sleep of your partner, or vice versa. Every coil acts independently in this mattress, preventing motion from one side to the other. Sleepwell mattresses feature this technology as the 'zero partner disturbance'.

Supports All Shapes & Sizes
Pocket spring mattress options offer brilliant adaptability or support for accommodating all body sizes and shapes. Irrespective of your body weight or type, the independent spring coils will conform precisely to the body's curves, offering enhanced personalised support. People with different body types might have varying comfort requirements, for which pocket spring is the best mattress for back pain and other body ache conditions.

Custom Tension Preferences
You can choose pocket spring mattresses with varying firmness levels, depending on what suits you the best. At Sleepwell, we bring a range of pocket spring mattresses with varying firmness or tension levels specified. Go ahead and pick yours right away! 


Enhancing your sleep quality is the ultimate pathway to alleviate your back pain, alongside adopting good lifestyle habits. After you have worked throughout the day and are done with your deadlines, you want to come back home and ease that strain on your back by laying down flat on your bed. But, if your mattress isn't supportive enough to contour your body and release the stress on your muscles, the condition will only worsen. So, it is time to upgrade your mattress, as a good night's sleep is essential to prevent significant health adversities. 

So, let's not compromise on it; get the best pocket spring mattress for unmatched comfort. 

To give you the best deals for the money you spend, Sleepwell works hard to bring you high-quality products that are built to offer durability and comfort. Explore our online or offline store to find the best sleeping accessories for your back problems! 


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