Are Queen Size Mattress Dimensions Adequate for Accommodating Two Individuals?

Posted on: 01 Feb 2024

The quality of sleep has a major influence on the physical and mental health of an individual. How did you feel after a night of continuous interruptions in your sleep? You are likely to experience problems with sleep due to different factors, such as hot flashes, noise, temperature or lighting. Another important factor which determines the quality of sleep is the size of the mattress.

Therefore, people who want a comfortable night’s sleep with the element of luxury prefer a queen-size bed mattress to enjoy the benefit of additional space. However, many people still wonder whether queen-size mattresses can accommodate two individuals. Let us find the answers to such concerns and find information about some of the best queen-size mattresses that you must have in your bedroom.


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What is the reason for choosing queen-size mattresses?

People who want to buy a queen-size mattress must have some doubts about choosing one in the first place. For example, the queen-size mattress price might be one of the concerns of buyers as you would have to pay a premium price for queen-size mattresses. Therefore, it is important to look at the notable value benefits of buying a queen-size mattress to ensure that you get the right value for your money.

One of the first reasons to buy a queen-size mattress is the relationship between sleeping space and quality of sleep. A queen-size mattress lets you move around freely on the bed during sleep without any constraints on body movements. As a result, you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up completely refreshed.

The emphasis on queen-size mattress size dimensions also draws attention to the psychological benefits of additional space during sleeping. Queen-size mattresses are the ideal choice for couples as they can share the bed with their own personal space. Investing in a large queen-size mattress ensures that couples can sleep peacefully at night without disturbing each other.

Which Queen-size Mattresses are the best picks for couples?

Queen-size mattresses are effective choices for accommodating two individuals in sleep. However, it is important to invest your money carefully in a queen-size mattress that offers advanced features for better comfort and support. The best option to buy queen-size mattresses online is Sleepwell's online store. Here are some of the top queen-size mattresses that you can find in the online store of one of the biggest mattress manufacturers in India.

Mable Mattress

The first edition of cosy and snug queen-size mattresses is the Mable mattress. You can check the queen mattress dimensions in cm and the price of the Mable mattress directly in the product description. It offers the benefit of premium knitted fabric with a Euro top finish that offers a smooth texture, appealing aesthetics and enhanced durability. The proprietary Quiltec foam quilting can not only ensure a plush surface feel but also offers better heat dissipation and airflow.

The 3-zoned contouring system in the mattress also guarantees uniform pressure distribution, better ventilation and exceptional support. Mable mattresses also include individual pocket springs that offer enhanced spinal support and motion isolation. In addition, the foam wall technology in the mattress offers better durability alongside support for side seating.

Premia Mattress

Your search for a comfortable queen-size mattress could end up with the right solution with the Premia mattress. It is the ideal queen-size bed mattress for couples who need extra space alongside medium-level firmness and responsive body support. The pillow top finish with the premium knitted fabric in the Premia mattress makes it feel like a luxurious mattress. It is durable and offers easier maintenance, which can enhance the plushness of the mattress.

The Premia mattress combines memory foam and proprietary Quiltec foam that guarantees soft and cushy comfort. You can also notice that the individual pocket springs in the queen-size mattress can offer responsive body support. With the gentle, bouncy feel on the mattress and zero disturbance, the Premia mattress is the best queen-size mattress for two individuals.

Ortho Pro Spring Mattress

The Ortho Pro Spring Mattress is another queen-size mattress that would be the perfect pick for couples. A review of queen mattress dimensions in cm for the Ortho Pro Spring mattress shows that it has been built for the extra space required to sleep comfortably. The Ortho Pro Spring mattress also brings some advanced features for buyers that can offer effective orthopaedic support. First of all, it includes air vent impressions, which can adapt effectively to the shape of your body during sleep. In addition, air vent technology helps in heat dissipation and ensures better breathability.

Another interesting feature of the Ortho Pro Spring queen-size mattress is the laboratory-tested PU foam to ensure resilience. The 3-zone pocket springs in the design of the mattress can adapt to the pressure points in your body and offer enhanced relief. Furthermore, the wave zoning design in the mattress offers the assurance of better back comfort.

Dual Pro Profiled Mattress

If you are looking for a cost-effective option to buy a queen-size mattress, then the Dual Pro Profiled mattress might be the best option for you. The soft PU foam has been through comprehensive testing to offer a blend of softness and resilience. Apart from the queen-size mattress size dimensions of the Dual Pro Profiled mattress, you can also find the benefits of profiling in the foam. The profiling ensures the advantages of pressure relief and better airflow.

The Dual Pro Profiled mattress has earned its distinct name for the dual-tone fabric. With the dual-tone fabric, you can identify the pressure point and support zones in the mattress. On top of that, the mattress also offers better ease of maintenance with a washable zipper cover.


Final Words

The availability of multiple queen-size mattresses in the market can be quite confusing for people. However, the Sleepwell queen-size mattress range stands out from the crowd with some exclusive products. Each queen-size mattress by Sleepwell not only offers additional space but also the assurance of innovative features. Navigate through their product portfolio and take your best pick from the different queen-size mattresses right now.


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