Analyzing the Relationship between Sleep and Weight: How Your Mattress Plays a Critical Role

Posted on: 30 Mar 2024

Sleep is a factor in our health across different parameters. Through multiple examples, we cannot stress enough the importance of sleep. If you are someone who wants to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight limit, you will need to sleep properly every day. People take up diet fads, exercises and other methods to stay lean and healthy. However, the easiest way to stay healthy is to sleep for long hours. 

When you sleep for optimal hours, your body rests well, and it does not create any toxins. The metabolic cycle of your body also works well when your sleep pattern is right. Your sleep patterns should be on point if you have to recover from your stressful lifestyle. Your sleeplessness causes weight gain if you do not address your insomnia properly. If you are trying to lose weight, you cannot ignore your daily dose of healthy sleeping. 

The link between Sleep and a Healthy Weight 

Every person should weigh within his BMI index. Otherwise, he will become obese. Obesity is a major health concern today among children as well as adults. Being overweight not only ruins your body frame but also triggers a lot of internal health problems. Weight gain is linked with a lot of hormonal and metabolic issues that can be precursors to lifestyle diseases like diabetes. To keep yourself completely healthy, you need to stay within your doctor-recommended health bracket. 

When trying to lose weight or keep a healthy weight, there are three major aspects to pay attention to. One is your diet, your exercise regime and your sleep schedule. You have to root out the trouble sleeping causes and address them with a good mattress like Revital 4.0 from our collection. Your diet should be healthy and balanced with veggies and fruits. You should also cut back on sugary foods and dishes. You should also try to eat protein-rich foods like lean meat and fish and other dishes made of legumes. 

You should also take up exercises that help you tone your body muscles and tendons. Exercise will help you get rid of excess fats that are deposited in your body. The exercises should be balanced well with rest and sleep. You should choose a good mattress from our collection, like Mable Mattress, so that you can sleep after a good day of exercise and activity. This will help condition your cells and keep your muscles toned for the best physique you can have. You can get a naturally healthy body if you are able to maintain a good sleeping schedule. Choose the best mattress for your health and keep track of your health goals. 

How does sleep disturbance cause obesity? 

Now, let us look at the negative side of this sleep weight link. When you do not sleep properly at night, your body creates a lot of toxins and releases hormones that cause your weight to go up the scale. The lack of melatonin hormone in the body causes a hormonal imbalance, which can affect your metabolic activity and cause health problems, including obesity.  

Due to lack of sleep, you can also gain more weight because of overeating as you feel more irritated and hungry. As you feel more hungry and get hunger pangs, you lose control over what you eat and turn into a glutton. Your gluttony can quickly shoot your weight and sugar levels up. 

When you are sleep deprived because of reasons for sleeplessness, you also create a growth hormone deficiency and also raise your cortisol levels. High cortisol is a sign that your body is always stressed and is in survival mode. Your body thus creates more fats instead of burning the fat for a leaner look. 

You then become overweight and lose your body shape. One of the best ways to ensure proper development and reduced cortisol levels is to sleep for longer hours and rest at night. If you are a proud night owl and your schedule is irregular, your circadian rhythm is topsy turvy, and you will face a lot of mattress health issues. 

You can choose a mattress good for your health from our collection, like the Premia Mattress, and ensure that your body has low stress levels and ample growth hormone levels so fat burning happens properly. 

The loss of sleep and irregular sleeping patterns can also cause weight gain by altering your habits. For example, you can get more hunger pangs and choose high-calorie foods to eat if you are sleep-deprived. If you do not have ample sleep, you will feel sharp hunger tendencies. You will then select to eat fast food and sugary foods to fulfill your hunger at the moment. However, the healthier habit is to eat more fibrous foods that fill your stomach for longer hours. 

On the other hand, if you are facing sleep deprivation issues, you will also be less active during the day. You will have more of a tendency to sleep or take a nap during the day than stay active. If you are a patient with insomnia, you might even feel chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is a condition that makes you lazy and gives you low energy, so you will not feel like exercising. Not exercising for a longer period of time can lead to weight gain and obesity. 

By choosing the best quality mattress from our brand, you can give your body the rest it deserves after a long day of activity. Therefore, our mattresses go a long way in providing rest and relaxation to your body so that your daytime activity is higher than usual. 

Sleep issues and being obese 

Sleep issues and obesity are linked with each other so well that people who suffer from sleep disorders are often overweight. In the same way, those who are obese are less healthy and also face sleep issues. By choosing a quality mattress from our Pro Comfort collection, you can address all these concerns and keep your vitals in check. Know about the sleep and other health issues that you will face if you are facing obesity risk. 

Sleep apnea 

Sleep apnea is an obstructive disorder where the patient has a partially or fully obstructed airway when sleeping. Sleep apnea can happen in overweight patients, and it can lead to further breathing problems and disturbed sleep at night. In severe cases, the patient can also pass away. The most common sign of sleep apnea can be loud snoring. 

Snoring is very normal in society, and a lot of people never go to the doctor to have their condition checked. However, if you have recently become overweight or started snoring, you should go to the doctor and treat the sleep apnea condition. Your weight is deeply connected with the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea as you increase the risk of getting it when you gain weight and also increase the severity of the symptoms of this condition. 



GERD is a disorder which can cause severe heartburn. It is a disease that is mostly seen in obese people and those who do not keep their diet under control. GERD can be a sign of a disturbed sleep pattern. 

People who have GERD are not able to sleep at night as they constantly suffer from a burning sensation in their chest. The symptoms of GERD can worsen when you are lying down. 


Depression and sleep disruption can be each other’s signs and causes. You will face depression and anxiety if you do not sleep for the recommended hours. This is because your brain will not be able to rest and restore its functions if you do not sleep in a healthy way. Over time, your brain will become overburdened and tired. You will then slowly slip into anxiety and depression. On the other hand, if you are depressed, you will not be able to sleep, and insomnia could be a common sign of depression. You will also start adopting unhealthy eating habits, which can ruin your body and health. Therefore, depression, obesity and sleeplessness are intertwined with each other. 

Moreover, people who are obese face higher levels of depression and mental health issues because they suffer from body image issues and could be mocked by society. Therefore, depression and insomnia are a vicious cycle for obese people. 

These are some of the major problems and health issues that you will face if you are not sleeping properly, and also have a higher risk of obesity. Striking a balance between diet, exercise, and sleep is crucial for staying healthy physically and mentally. 


When choosing a new mattress at Sleepwell, you should get one that offers excellent support and provides you comfort from a day’s stress. Buy a mattress that fits your bed and helps you sleep for longer hours. Sleeping for enough hours every day and maintaining the sleep cycle can protect your body from physical and mental health issues. Once you start losing sleep and gaining weight, it can be a downward slide for your health vitals. You need to develop a proper sleep cycle from the beginning for your complete well-being. 


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