All the information you need to know about gel mattresses

Posted on: 07 Feb 2024

The traditional approach for manufacturing mattresses focused only on creating a surface for sleeping. Generally, people used natural materials such as cotton and wool for manufacturing mattresses. The types of mattresses have evolved, and different brands have come up with innovative technologies to create new mattress variants.

One of the most promising examples of innovative materials used in mattresses draws attention towards gel mattresses. We have been achieving new milestones throughout our journey of serving customers with the best mattresses to improve the quality of sleep. Let us show you some interesting insights on gel mattresses, their advantages and the popular gel-based mattresses we have to offer.


Uncovering the Importance of Gel Mattresses

Gel mattresses are special types of mattresses which infuse gel-based components in their layers. In some cases, the gel is not a part of the separate layers and is infused within the memory foam. Before you choose a mattress, you must know about the benefits of gel mattresses and how they can enhance the quality of your sleep. You might wonder about the reasons why a gel mattress can be the best addition to your bedroom.

Gel mattresses are useful for dissipating body heat, thereby offering a cooler sleeping surface. You can also use the memory foam and gel mattress combination to protect your joints and muscles. Apart from enjoying comfortable sleep at night, gel mattresses can also ensure that you stay safe from health issues. Gel mattresses are the perfect pick for people who want to sleep without consistent sweating at night and hot flashes. On top of that, gel mattresses are different from memory foam mattresses in that they ensure better air circulation that helps you stay cool in all seasons.

Best Mattresses that Offer the Same Benefits as Gel Mattresses

Your search for the best gel mattresses may lead you to different options by popular brands. We are one of the top names in the market for creating mattresses that leverage innovative advancements for consistently delivering quality products to our customers. Here are some of the most popular mattresses in our product portfolio that could offer exclusive advantages, like gel mattresses.


Naturalle 1.0 Mattress

The Naturalle 1.0 mattress is a trusted pick among our gel memory foam mattress variants that have been made of natural latex. It offers better breathability and freedom from moisture, which helps you sleep comfortably throughout the night. Apart from the assurance of cool sleep, the Naturalle 1.0 mattress offers an even distribution of body weight. Our efficiency in tailoring the foam mattress to offer a plush feel gives you a product that you would love.


Mable Mattress

Our Mable mattress is also a top choice for customers seeking the benefits of gel mattresses. It brings you an exclusive combination of memory foam and gel mattress features with our Quiltec foam quilting. We offer the benefits of the ingenious foam that not only offers a plush surface but also improves airflow and heat dissipation. As a result, you can enjoy a cool sleeping experience without the trouble of waking up frequently at night due to sweating.


Premia Mattress

If you have doubts regarding the effectiveness of gel mattresses, then you must choose our Premia mattress. It is an ideal alternative to the best gel mattresses, with the advantage of individual pocket springs for offering responsive spinal support. Our Premia mattress also includes bottom airmesh fabric, offering the same advantage as gel mattresses. The airmesh fabric ensures better breathability and offers good-quality of sleep.


Esteem Mattress

As the name implies, our Esteem mattress is one of the most luxurious mattress variants that you can buy from us. It features the benefits of the innovative Nexa foam that not only offers the benefits of memory foam but also the same value as gel mattresses. In addition, our Esteem mattress also provides the advantages of individual pocket springs and foam wall technology for the best experience for all types of sleepers.


Revital 4.0 Mattress

The Revital 4.0 mattress is the best addition among the different types of mattresses in our store and has the same advantage as gel mattresses. It stands out for the facility of ContourPro+ technology alongside the assurance of higher resilience. With our innovative ContourPro+ technology, the Revital 4.0 mattress not only offers effective pressure distribution and better support but also guarantees enhanced ventilation.

Final Words

The list of our mattresses with the same features as the best gel mattresses in the market shows that you can rely on us for better and healthier sleep. Over the years, we have emerged as the top choice for our customers to purchase mattresses that enhance the quality of their sleep. Apart from the innovative features in our mattresses, we offer a commitment to quality and address the requirements of our customers. Go through the details of our latest mattress collection and find the best choices to enjoy the benefits of gel mattresses right away.


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