A Memory Foam Mattress will Help You Sleep Better!

Posted on: 17 Nov 2023

Nothing can match the joy of collapsing into a cozy bed after a hard day’s work. You are transported to a different world for the next couple of hours. You get up fresh and zestful the next day.

But there is a big IF to enjoying this simple & precious gift of life.

A wrong mattress can ruin your night and wreck your day. Poor sleep quality is an invitation to several physical & mental health issues. Your body & mind cannot function properly without sound sleep.

It is important to identify the warning signs of a bad mattress at the earliest.

One of the best solutions to sleep blissfully is to get a good & comfortable mattress. Sleeping on memory foam mattresses can be a pleasurable experience for its myriad benefits. Here’s a quick primer on memory foam mattresses.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam was developed by NASA in the 1960s for airplane seats. It is made using a substance called viscoelastic polyfoam.

Here ‘visco’ means viscosity or being thick & sticky. The material can return to its original shape, size, and form due to elasticity.

Memory foam mattresses are made using memory materials. These materials can relieve pressure points by distributing the body weight equally. The material responds to pressure and heat together. It can regain its original shape if you remove the pressure.

Memory foam mattresses easily conform to your body shape and make you feel very comfy. Shop for a memory foam mattress if you want to enjoy this snuggle feeling!

Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

There are three main types of memory foam mattresses. They are:

1) Traditional Memory Foam: This is the first memory foam mattress made and remains popular to date. The close cell structure makes it more sensitive to heat and pressure. It can relieve pain and pressure points in your body.

But it has high density and tends to retain body heat. So the traditional memory foam mattress is good for people who want an affordable product with a cozy feel.

2) Gel Memory Foam: The common complaint against foam mattresses is that they retain body heat. This makes the sleeper feel uncomfortable, especially in a hot climate. The best solution is to use a gel-based foam mattress.  

A gel memory foam mattress is one of the best foam mattresses. The infusion of gel beads in the mattress acts as a conductor. It drives heat away from the body and keeps it cool. The mattress can retain its shape for long periods.

Buy a memory foam mattress online (gel-based) for the right support & comfort. It is ideal for people who are overweight and suffer from chronic back pains.

3) Plant-Based Memory Foam: This is an eco-friendly choice for people who are conscious about the environment. The mattress uses coconut derivatives and other plant materials. There is minimal use of chemicals and artificial products.

The free airflow helps to regulate the temperature and offers higher breathability. Cooling gels can be added to enhance the comfort levels of sleepers.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

There are several benefits of memory foam mattresses. Here are the top reasons why you should buy one.

1) Pain Relief: A memory foam mattress is best suited for people with chronic body pains. Memory foam can relieve pressure points in the body. The use of viscoelastic foam helps to alleviate pain & discomfort.

High-density memory foam mattresses are widely used for medical reasons. It contours your body better than other mattress types.

2) Unique Support: A wide variety of memory foam mattresses are available. The older ones are soft and have a hot feel. This makes you sweat during sleep.

But the latest models are firm with better airflow & personalized support. Temper ingredients can enhance the support level in a mattress.

3) Good Pressure Relief: People find it tough to get sound sleep if the body is under immense pressure. Pressure points develop across your back & shoulders if the mattress is bad.

The use of viscose materials relieves these pressure points. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress distributes the body weight evenly across its surface. You feel great relaxation during sleep.

4) Ideal for All Sleepers: A memory foam mattress can easily adapt to your body and evenly distribute the body weight. This makes it suitable for all sleeping positions. It protects the health of your spine.

The spinal alignment will be perfect for stomach sleepers. The mattress equally supports the posture of back and side sleepers.

5) Hypo-Allergenic: A memory foam mattress is the right choice for people who are prone to allergies. The polyurethane foam is resistant to dust. It does not allow the buildup of mold & mildew.

6) Motion Absorption: The benefits of memory foam mattresses are immense for couples. The mattress can take the shape of your body and easily absorb energy.

It also reduces the effects of movement during sleep. So you will not feel disturbed if your partner tosses and turns frequently.

7) Temperature Sensitive: A memory foam mattress is sensitive to temperature. But the material responds to your body heat & weight. Gel memory foam is a good option if you tend to get hot during sleep.

8) Comfort & Durability: A memory foam mattress has a cushion feel. This provides a great degree of comfort to the sleeper. It produces minimal noise, such as squeaks and squeals. The material is sag-free and doesn’t sink.

The mattress is resilient and long-lasting. A good memory foam mattress should last for at least 7-10 years without much damage.

It may be slightly more expensive. But the memory foam mattress price offers perfect value for money. It is a smart investment with great health returns.


Sleep may be a subjective experience. But what you sleep on does affect the quality of your sleep.

Several people who struggled to get a few winks of sleep have successfully tamed this challenge. They decided to invest in a good mattress.

A memory foam mattress conforms to your body shape. It protects you from body pain, stress, and allergies. It promotes proper spinal alignment and improves your sleep quality. The mattress is also resilient & durable.

But the key to deriving all these benefits is to select the mattress brand Check out the Sleepwell memory foam mattress. It is a premium product that is a gold standard in quality!



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