A Handbook for Buying a Mattress Online: Tips and Tricks

Posted on: 19 Dec 2023

Choosing a mattress carefully should be crucial if you know how important it is for you and your family to sleep restfully to maintain good health. Sleepwell, one of the best online mattress brands, brings to you some of the best collections with varying technologies, price ranges, comfort quotients, firmness levels, and other properties. 

Picking the mattress that offers benefits that align with your requirements is essential. Therefore, you must be able to distinguish between the mattresses that fit the bill. This article is like a handbook for online mattress shopping. We've shared the pointers that could help you find the best mattress that offers optimum support and comfort, helping you sleep better.

Explore some of these tips and tricks to ensure you don't make a mistake while spending money on buying a mattress online. 

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Tips & Tricks on What to Consider While Buying a New Mattress Online

At Sleepwell, we cater to the varied requirements of our customers. Be it optimum back support or motion isolation, we offer these features in our mattresses. But, with our abundance of options across the store, people tend to find themselves confused whenever they land on the site. Eventually, they decide on the mattress by considering pricing as the primary differentiator. 

But that shouldn't be the case! Each Sleepwell mattress available online is made with modern technologies to ensure comfort. But your body type, sleeping position, firmness preference, and other factors will affect the level of comfort that you need from your mattress. 

Therefore, to help you pick the best mattress from our range of options, you must take note of the following:

1) Understand the Efficacies of Different Material Types

When buying a new mattress online, you must first consider the type of core material used in it. Three different kinds of materials are mainly used: innerspring, latex, and memory foam. 

Innerspring mattresses use coils or pocket springs, which add a traditional bouncy feel to the sleeping surface and render strong support. Secondly, the latex mattress is made of organic material, making the surface more active and highly responsive than its innerspring counterpart. Moreover, latex mattresses have better breathability and do not generate heat.

Memory foam mattresses are the most preferable options, designed ideally for contouring your body, leading you to attain pressure relief. Hybrid mattress options are available, combining two materials to provide the best perks on multiple comfort factors. 

Depending on what seems perfect for your sleep habits, choose the ideal material you want to go with. Sleepwell offers you mattresses of all types, offering you the versatility of selecting the right one for your comfort needs. 

2) Determine Your Sleeping Position

The following vital tip to count on is your sleeping position. As you know, the firmness levels of the mattresses are significant to give you the expected comfort and body support. But to decide what level of firmness is right for you, consider your sleeping position the priority. 

If you are a side sleeper, it is best recommended for you to go with medium-to-soft firmness levels. It will ensure you get the required level of plushness under your shoulders and hips, providing ample support to the joints. The softer the mattress, the better the pressure relief effect will be. 

If you are a stomach or back sleeper, you will need a medium-to-firm mattress to keep your back from sagging deeper into the bed. Thus, you will get optimal spinal alignment. The orthopaedic mattress range of Sleepwell boasts such firmness levels to help you achieve a perfect sleeping posture with healthy alignment. Thus, it makes the mattresses ideal for stomach or back sleepers. 

Combination sleepers, who frequently change their postures at night, must seek a medium-firm mattress to ensure they get the right balance. Such mattresses will be soft enough for the sleepers when they lay down on their sides while also giving them enough support when they toss & turn to their stomach or back. 

3) Do Consider the Body Type Mandatorily

Apart from your sleep position and the mattress type, you must recognize that your body type will also play a significant role in deciding if the mattress is right for you. All sleepers who weigh more than 100 can consider buying a hybrid mattress. This is because hybrid mattresses mostly combine innerspring and memory foam mattresses. 

So, your body will get support through the steel coil combinations, and the memory foam will provide the contouring effect and spinal alignment that your body demands. All sleepers weighing less than 100 kg can consider foam mattresses to attain the desired comfort and support. 

4) Budget is the Ultimate Consideration

As stated earlier, without the right idea of choosing the best mattress online, people often look out for pricing as their ultimate deciding factor. But now that you are aware of all the factors to consider when narrowing down your ideal mattress options, let's keep pricing as the final deciding aspect. 

Single, queen, king, and custom-size mattress options are available under all categories. The price ranges will vary accordingly. There is literally a mattress for all budgets, considering what type of material, comfort technology, and other parameters you choose. 

Explore the Sleepwell store, and we assure you that budget issues won't be why you leave the store without making a purchase. 



You can buy the best mattress online if you understand different mattress materials, determine ideal firmness based on sleeping position and body type, and consider budget without compromising quality.

This guide empowers you to make an informed decision while shopping for a comfortable and supportive mattress. Happy shopping!


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