A Guide to Choosing the Best Type and Brand of Mattress to Buy in India

Posted on: 22 Mar 2024

Selecting the ideal mattress is essential for restful sleep, and the Indian market provides a wide range of choices. Hence, it's essential to understand different types of mattresses for the selection factors in the context of those mattresses to simplify the process. At Sleepwell, we offer a high-quality mattress that promotes healthy spine alignment, restful sleep, body support, and alleviation of neck and back discomfort. 

Mattresses can be one of the significant investments in your life. Hence, you need to make careful decisions when choosing the product that gives you value for money. Here’s our ultimate best brand of mattress guide covering the factors you need to consider before buying your preferred mattress type. 


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A step-by-step guide to choosing high-quality mattress in India


Consider body weight

The first factor to consider when choosing the best mattress in India is your personal aspects, such as your body weight. Different mattresses provide comfort and support for varying weight ranges. People on the heavier weight side should use firmer mattresses, while the lighter customers should use softer mattresses with adequate pressure release and cushioning. 

It's essential to consider the body weight because it should not exceed the mattress's capacity. People with unhealthy body weights or above-average won't find the softer, firm-level mattresses supportive as they provide comfort and hug body curves. 


Body ache and pain points

While selecting the best brand of mattress in India, take into account any specific body parts where you frequently experience pain or discomfort. Choosing the right supportive mattress can give comfort to your sleeping positions and support your shoulders, hips, and lower backs to keep the spinal alignment correct. 

If you experience sore joints and muscles, then our best memory foam mattress can offer superior pressure relief and pain-targeted support. Customers with medical issues can particularly gain value from orthopaedic mattresses to alleviate body pain, stiffness and aches. They can become chronic and cause injuries if not addressed through an adequate sleeping environment. 

If you already have sustained injuries and want to invest in a mattress that promotes healing by boosting blood circulation, choose the firmness that your doctor recommended. The medium-firm and high-density quality mattresses are the best fit for a broad range of sleeping preferences requirements that are not too hard or not too soft. 


Preference for firmness and softness

Take your sleeping posture and comfort preferences into account while selecting various kinds of mattresses based on firmness level. While some people like a gentle and soft sensation on their sleeping surface, others want more firmness and support. 

The best choice would be striking the ideal balance by choosing from the various levels of stiffness from the soft to medium firm support range. While the body gets support from the core or bottom support layers of the mattress, the top layers will determine the softness level.


Heat dissipation feature

It is essential for the mattress to regulate the temperature to not cause any uncomfortable situation, especially in the hot or humid locations of India’s climates. If you suffer from hot flashes or heat built up, then invest in mattresses with features like gel-infused memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses that encourage ventilation and dissipate heat effectively. Moreover, look for mattresses with cooling pads and breathable quilt coverings. 


Motion Isolation feature

If you share a bed with your partner, sibling, or pet, motion isolation is crucial to reduce disturbances during your sleep. It's best to look for mattresses with latex or memory foam that have motion-isolation qualities. 

These types of mattresses absorb movement and stop it from transmitting over to the other side of the bed where the sleeping person is lying. Such innovative performance enables you to sleep through the night even though there is sleep movement on the other side of the bed. The mattress doesn’t just absorb weight but also the motion, so you can’t feel any shifting or movement on your sleeping surface. 


Durability of the mattress

It's essential to select a high-quality mattress that can give you long-term value and comfort. The quality of the materials used in the best mattress is essential, which affects its durability. Therefore, learn what material is used in every layer of the mattress thickness. 

Most thick mattresses don’t get saggy as they are more durable than denser mattresses. Latex core mattresses are more long-lasting than spring mattresses.  

Our inventory makes it easier to learn the mattress quality with detailed mattress layer discussion, so you know what mattress technology goes into which layer. We gave mattresses with resilient support cores, high-density foams, and Sleepwell Latex Plus® foam that keeps the form without getting saggy even with regular use. The durability also depends on the mattress's density, structure and thickness. Custcustomizese dimensions with us so your mattress can last for a long time. 


Anti-microbial feature

Mattresses can easily be the storage space for indoor air particulates that mostly include pollutants such as bust mites, bugs, and other allergens. They can cause infections and affect your respiratory health in more than one way. Choosing a mattress with anti-microbial qualities helps reduce exposure to these components, which may cause asthma or allergies. Therefore, look for mattresses that use hypoallergenic mattress features to ensure your safety. Our Sleepwell Neem Fresche® anti-microbial technology is used in every other mattress to lower the risk of allergies and breathing disorders. 


Choosing a mattress under your budget that gives value

As you are prioritizing comfort and support features, make sure you have enough money to purchase. It can greatly enhance both general well-being and the quality of sleep. Therefore, consider its comfort, durability and warranty coverage so the price tag can give you value for money rather than sticking to a cheap mattress. There is always the customer to make changes with the foam layers and other core mattresses in the mattress that suit your budget range.

Different types of mattresses available in our inventory:


Memory foam mattress

Among all the different kinds of mattresses we avail ourselves of, memory foam mattress technology is one of our popular specialties. These mattresses can give you customized positive support and pressure reduction as they conform to the contour of your body. 

This mattress range is perfect for people with joint problems or if you enjoy a plush feel on the sleeping surface, as it is made of viscoelastic foam. It can effectively react to your body heat and distribute the temperature on the surface evenly. These mattresses are also great for motion isolation to reduce disturbances during your sleep. 


Orthopedic mattress

We offer a range of orthopedic mattresses that can meet your sleeping needs, from easing your back discomfort to encouraging proper spinal alignment. From our Ortho Spring to Ortho Pro Profiled, every mattress has a firm core that targets support with foam or cushioning material technology such as Impressions® foam quilting, Resitec® foam, Quiltec® foam, etc. They alleviate pressure and address chronic back pain conditions for better sleep support. 


Latex foam mattress

While on the lookout for the best mattress brands in India, you can’t miss out on our latex foam mattress. With resilient material and innovative layers, these mattresses are breathable and long-lasting while offering superior support levels. People who tend to get hot while sleeping can use these mattresses as latex provides maximum airflow to make the sleep environment pleasant and relieve pressure with adequate contouring technology. 


Spring mattress

Spring mattresses, often referred to as innerspring mattresses, are ideal for people who want a conventional feel with responsive support because of their steel coil support core, which offers superior support and ventilation. We offer an Ortho Pro Spring mattress that gives complete spinal support with triple-zone technology that adapts to your pressure points and body curves instantly to ensure spinal alignment with edge support. 


Dual comfort mattress

You might be one of those customers who have different levels of firmness preferences on both sides of the mattress. The dual comfort mattresses. These cater to diverse sleeping experiences that adapt to your changing comfort requirements over time. Therefore, these mattresses are perfect for couples with varied sleeping habits and looking for adaptability. 

Our Sleepwell Dual Pro Profiled mattress offers a gentle and firm feel with reversible surfaces. The soft PU foam top improves mattress resilience, and Resitec foam layers support different pressure points. The dual-tone fabric layer highlights which ones are support and pressure zones. 

Summing Up!

Now you have the complete guide on how to choose the best-branded mattress that promotes quality sleep, reduces back pain and improves spine alignment along with other comfort causes. So, take all the factors mentioned above into account, choose wisely for a peaceful night, and review the vital information that best fits your sleep preferences while improving your health. 

Browse through our mattress types integrated with exclusive innovative Sleepwell technology to choose the ideal product for adequate sleep health, and take the chance on our 100-night trial option before committing to your purchase.


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