A Guide on How to Choose the Best Single Bed Mattress Online

Posted on: 15 Feb 2024

When discussing mattresses, the internet is full of articles that talk about double-bed, king or queen-size mattresses. There are very few options that are discussed on the single-bed mattresses. 

You must know that even single mattresses are considered ideal for some individuals' sleeping needs. Whether you are a bachelor, a teen, or a hotelier, you will need a good single bed mattress to attain a comfortable sleep. 

As you don't have anyone to share your bed with, it is better to have an affordable and high-quality single bed mattress, which won't compromise your comfort and will provide you ample space to find a comfortable sleeping spot for yourself. 

At Sleepwell, we bring to you a single-bed mattress option with all our collections available at the store. Whether you go with the cheapest or the most expensive mattress in our store, you will find a single bed purchase option for them all. This is the amount of versatility that we have to offer with our products for you all to attain. 

But, as there is an abundance of single bed options at our online store, how to choose a mattress that will go well with your preferences? Don't worry, as we have prepared this guide to help you gain insight into the factors to consider when choosing the best single mattress in India


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What are the Crucial Things to Consider Before Buying Your Single Bed Mattress?

Here are some of the things that you must take note of while deciding which is the best single mattress for your sleeping needs:


1) Research & Compare:

While you are searching through the cosmos of our Sleepwell store for the best single mattress for your peaceful sleep at night, you ought to do your bit of research. All our mattresses are backed with special technologies, such as Neem Fresch, pocket springs, contouring, and others. 

So, you ought to research the benefits of such technologies to be able to determine what works well for your comfort needs. This way, choosing the right mattress will be easier for you while you are in our Sleepwell store. 


2) Prioritise Your Sleeping Preferences:

As you know, sleeping preferences are never the same! Considering that, it's expected you have your unique sleeping preference with respect to health issues, preferred posture, or comfort needs. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, you will need a single mattress that comes with great cushioning for hips and shoulders. 

On the other hand, the back sleepers might need a mattress that comes with a firmer surface to ensure a seamless spinal alignment. Not just that, but if you prefer to make a lot of movement while sleeping in bed or like to spread your legs out often to attain a comfortable sleep, consider these parameters, too. 


3) Understand the Different Mattress Types:

As we are providing you with an abundance of single-bed mattresses, with every option that's listed on our site, there are different material types for you to count on. Again, you must do your bit of research on the type of material that seems good for your sleep comfort. 

At Sleepwell, we have latex, memory foam, pocket springs, and other such materials available to help you give the required variation on demand. Whether you want the single-bed Sleepwell Nexa memory foam mattress or a Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring pocket-spring mattress, the choice will be yours. 


4) Plan a Budget:

We offer single-bed mattresses with all our collections! It is up to you to decide on the budget based on which you can set the search filters. This way, you will be shown only the single-bed mattresses that align with your budget. Remember, the lowest prices that are displayed on our site are for single-bed mattresses by default. 

Therefore, once you have set the filter, you will see the most affordable or the most expensive range of our single-bed Sleepwell mattresses. There is no option you see on your computer screen that isn't of great quality. So, go ahead and make your choice on the single bed mattress you think is best for your comfort needs. 


5) Check the Customer Reviews

You can now check the customer reviews for our Sleepwell mattress that you shortlisted from a lot of options. Either on the website or on other eCommerce marketplaces, you will see more satisfied customers leaving their reviews by praising the comfortable sleep they attain every night. 

Even though the reviews might be for the double-bed or king/queen-size mattresses we sell on our site, you can consider them for the single-bed mattress as well. It is because we use the same material, layers, and construction quality for all sizes of a specific mattress. 


6) Do Try the Mattress

Well, this consideration factor might stun some of you, as buying a single-bed orthopaedic mattress online and testing it might not be news that's too common in the respective market. But at Sleepwell, we offer you a 100-night free trial to test the comfort quotient of the good single-bed mattress you bought from us. 

If you feel like the comfort isn't the same as promised, do request a return at our website, and our team shall pick it up from your doorstep. You will get a complete refund on demand! Not only that, but you won't have to pay anything as a return expense, as we bear the entire cost for the inconvenience you caused. 

Parting Words

These are the things that you must count on while choosing a single-bed mattress from our wide range of collections. At Sleepwell, our intention isn't to confuse you but to provide you with ample options suitable for your unique sleeping style and preferences. In case you need any help, you can always connect with us, and we shall explain to you the additional services that we provide along with our quality single-bed mattresses. 


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