A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Orthopedic Mattress for Your Sleep Needs

Posted on: 15 Sep 2023

People, especially elderly residents, who experience frequent back aches and body aches every morning, desperately need a mattress change. Getting an ortho mattress online will considerably be a smart decision for you. The design and quality of such mattresses extend support to joint pain and back pain problems.

But almost all mattresses online claim to be orthopedic today, but most of them aren't genuine at all. So, how to determine that you are buying the genuine & best orthopedic mattress for back pain and stiff joints and not a fake one? 
Well, this is the complete guide to help make you aware of the important considerations for choosing the best orthopedic mattress online.

Things to Consider while Choosing the Orthopedic Mattresses

Stiff joints, chronic back aches, and other problems can ruin your peaceful, sleepy nights. It is frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night to crack your back or massage your joints, which literally disturbs your sleep routine.

But not anymore! A high-quality, affordable orthopedic mattress can do wonders in soothing the painful areas of your body. Thus, it will allow you to sleep peacefully, as your troubling backache and stiff joints won't be bothering you at night anymore. Following that, you will also be waking up fresh, fit, and pain-free!

Here are a few of the important consideration factors for you to choose the best orthopedic mattress online:

1.  Acuprofile Technology for Ergonomic Comfort

Our Acuprofile technology allows us to provide the optimal solution to varied problems faced by different consumers. 
Developed in our advanced R&D labs, the profiling design can be customized for various life stage needs or special need segments like elders, athletes, babies, etc to address the various ergonomic needs of the human body. 
Consumer benefits to varied pressure points of the body.
1.Muscular stress and pain relief 
2.Spinal comfort 
3.Lower and upper back pain relief 

 Level of Firmness

A genuine and high-quality orthopedic mattress offers cradling as well as support features. You need to determine the right level of firmness, which is one of the major USPs of specifically designed orthopedic mattresses. If a claimed ortho mattress is too firm, it might just tense the muscles, disturb the spinal alignment and aggravate the pressure points.

On the other hand, mattresses that are too soft cannot offer you enough support and will put immense pressure on the lower back. The genuine and quality orthopedic mattresses are just slightly firmer. There's a varying firmness level that one can choose, depending on their sleep position and body type.

People with back or joint problems who weigh less can go for slight firmness to enjoy the contouring. But people who are heavyweight will need an even more firm option for acquiring lumbar support. If you prefer sleeping on your side, then a slightly softer mattress would reduce pressure build-up. People who sleep on their stomachs or back should always look for firmer orthopedic mattresses.

 Price of the Product

An ortho mattress price might be higher than usual models in the market. The evident reason is the perfectly balanced design, which offers spinal support and pressure relief. There's a need for high-end materials and special features for making such mattresses. Thus, a higher price tag is unavoidable. 
But, there are many companies that are making fake ortho mattresses and selling them at a fairly low price. If you have surveyed the market for an average price of true orthopedic mattresses, you shouldn't fall for such cheap pricing traps. Therefore, you should always rely on trustworthy and industry-leading brands.

Sleepwell offers you quality ortho mattresses at various price ranges. You can put your trust in Sleepwell, as we have been in this industry for quite a long time. Almost every house in India uses a Sleepwell mattress, and we believe in delivering quality and affordability with our products.

A Sleepwell orthopedic mattress price starts from Rs. 6437 for a single bed and has no upper limit. You have the liberty to get a custom ortho mattress online from Sleepwell based on your bed's measurements.

best orthopedic mattress

 Pressure Relief Effect

The relief experienced at the pressure points is achieved when the mattress takes the shape of your body and then redistributes the weight evenly. Hence, this reduces the pressure across the heavier and wider body parts. And this is how you can ensure a perfect spinal alignment and immense comfort in your joints.

If you have bought an ortho mattress with optimal firmness level, then the pressure relief will definitely be great in it. When you buy an orthopedic mattress online, you are open to flexibly returning the product if you feel like the promises aren't. So, even after you get the mattress delivered, if you feel like it isn't comforting your back or joints or is not contouring your body, you can raise a return request.

Different companies offer varying return policies, whereas some are quite complex and tricky to confuse customers. Sleepwell, being a reputed brand, is clear on its free delivery and return services for enhanced customer experience.

orthopedic mattress

Better Edge Support

Edge support is defined as the resistance offered across the perimeter of your mattresses. A good edge support helps maintain the shape of the bed for a long time. Apart from that, it is also a very crucial component for people who prefer sitting or sleeping on one of the sides of the bed.

Following that, elderly people who suffer from joint and back pain often struggle to stand or get up from a lowered position. Therefore, an ortho mattress should have good edge support for added comfort for people in need. Irrespective of the pain problems, if you are an active sleeper and usually toss or turn at night, a strong edge support is ideal for keeping you from falling off the bed.  

Check for Quality Materials

When you are spending a great lot of money on an orthopedic mattress online, you ought to expect it to be made up of quality materials. When the materials used are of good quality, you can expect your mattress to continue giving you comfort for a long time to come. Orthopedic mattresses are mostly made up of polyurethane, latex, or memory foam.

Depending on the comfort and firmness preferences you have, choose the right material for your ortho mattress. The construct and design, with the use of these materials, should provide pressure relief across the shoulders, hips, back, and other areas of the body.


There is no mandate for only patients or elderly people with chronic back or joint pain problems to get ortho mattresses. Healthy youngsters can also buy them to ensure that they are sleeping comfortably, with their bodies being contoured by the mattress. Thus, it will ensure that your body doesn't experience any such chronic pain conditions due to improper sleeping.

So, make sure you choose the right set of orthopedic mattresses online. And, if you want to end your search by trusting a home-like brand, then Sleepwell is here to help you with an abundance of quality options. 


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