What Is the Best Temperature for Sleep? Expert Tips and Research Findings

Posted on: 25 Jun 2024

It is understood that as human beings and organisms, we need a specific temperature range for everything. Even within the body, the temperature can be different in different regions. The body temperature has an average but it fluctuates depending on the metabolic activity of the body and the immediate needs. When it comes to sleeping, the human body is also sensitive to temperature. There is an optimal temperature of sleep for humans, especially according to their age and health condition. 

For proper sleep, you need good sleeping habits and the right temperature in your bedroom. The bed should also be well maintained and cool enough for you to wind down and sleep well. We create bed mattresses that are designed to keep the bedroom and the bed cool so you can sleep peacefully. 


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What are expert tips you need to know? 

Expert advice on the right temperature to sleep at is always lesser than room temperature. Your body needs to relax and this can only happen when the bed is cooler than the room conditions. A cool bed relaxes your muscles and helps you sleep better. The ideal temperature for sleeping is 15.6-19.4°C. 

This temperature is considerably lower than the temperature that we see in India and tropical areas. Therefore, it is best to choose a mattress that remains cool and has an airy feeling. 

Moreover, it is also advisable to turn on the AC before you go to sleep so that the bed and the bedroom cool down. This way when you head to bed, the bedroom will be ready for your sleeping time. However, to avoid health issues and other problems, you can also turn off the ac after some time and switch the fan. 

How does cooler temperature aid your sleep? 

Cooler temperature can improve the way and time you sleep. Just changing the temperature of the room and making the room cooler can improve your sleep quality. This is possible by the following ways. 


Body temperature regulation 

Body temperature is a crucial factor in determining how well you sleep. You sleep well when the body temperature reduces and the core temperature is cooler. This is also why people who suffer from fever are not able to sleep easily. The temperature of your body decreases naturally when your body starts to rest and sleep. 

A cooler environment and a cool bed can quicken this process so you sleep easily and for long hours. The cooling down of the room and use of AC or a cool gel infused foam mattress can regulate the body temperature so that you sleep very peacefully and there are no changes in your sound sleep pattern. 


Better sleep quality 

Cooler temperatures are the proper temperature for sleeping because a cool room can improve the sleep quality. Sleeping on an airy, breathable and cool bed can help you sleep deeply and get the full benefits of a restorative sleep cycle. People who are very busy and want to sleep for limited hours but get good quality sleep need a cool gel infused natural foam mattress like Latex Plus mattress that cools down and keeps the bed cool under any condition. 

A cool bed allows the body to rest completely and improves the body repair process which improves the overall quality of sleep you get. Athletes and professionals should always go for a bed mattress that remains cool and allows them to relax on bed. 


Hormonal effects 

A cool and bouncy bed is a positive factor for sleep as it helps in regulating sleep and stress hormones to a great extent. The sleep hormone is called Melatonin and it is usually secreted by the body when the body is resting at a cooler temperature. To naturally improve melatonin production, what you need is a cool mattress that regulates the bed and body temperature. 

You need to sleep on an airy, moisture wicking mattress and make the room pleasantly cold for melatonin production to increase. This step will improve your sleep quality by manifold and is completely safe as compared to the intake of melatonin and sleep inducing gummies that might be ineffective or habit forming. Sleeping on a bed and a bedroom with good sleep temperature reduces stress and helps you sleep very soundly. 


Sleep latency 

Sleep latency is a factor that contributes to sleep quality to a great extent. For example, sleep latency means the time taken to drift off to sleep. People who are stressed might find it difficult to sleep easily and their sleep latency is higher. When we say stress, it can be any factor. It can be mental stress, or physical stress. One of the reasons that the person is stressed and not able to go to sleep is the bed and bedroom temperature. 

People who have warm or hot beds- a concern in India, often struggle to sleep. Such people might toss and turn a lot. Sleep latency increases when you choose  a low quality mattress to sleep on. Low quality mattresses absorb a lot of heat and keep radiating it at night. Sleep latency decreases when you choose a good mattress like our Naturalle 1.0. This mattress is not just hypoallergenic but also very cool to sleep on. 


Deep Sleep stages 

Knowing the best temp for sleeping also helps you understand sleep science. There are multiple stages of sleep and deep sleep stages are the ones where your body actually repairs and resets for the next day. In order to experience deep sleep stages and prolong them, you need to create a cool bed. A cool surface to sleep on is linked to a great extent with the completion of all sleep stages. Therefore, the cool temperature of your bed is linked very strongly to the way you sleep and rest during the night. 

A conscious decision of changing the mattress to something that remains cool can help you sleep better and with more rest. When you wake up in the morning, you will feel more active and fresh because your deep sleep stages will be naturally complete and you sleep without any disturbance. If you are struggling with insomnia, there is a huge need to change your surroundings and your habits so that you can sleep better. 

Changing the mattress and buy mattress online can help you combat sleeplessness. You get more rest and relaxation when you choose a cool mattress like Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress from our collection. 

What are some tips to get a cooler bed?

Some changes and positive modifications can create a cooler bed. A cooler bed can help you sleep better in an overall manner. Here are some simple tips to use for your bedroom. 


Use a breathable mattress-  

From a mattress buying guide choose a mattress that is airy to feel and has breathable layers on top and middle. A breathable mattress is a must for tropical and humid areas as it helps in air circulation and a drying effect so that you feel cooler. You need to choose a mattress that helps in keeping the bed cool. You can choose a breathable mattress like the Cellergeise mattress from our collection. 


Keep the room very open and ventilated 

Of course, you need to create a safe and secure home. However, when you sleep at night, keep the windows open and the fan blowing if you do not have a AC. This will keep the room ventilated and cool during the night so that you can sleep very easily. On the other hand, if you are keeping the room cool by opening the windows, then install grills on the outer side so that you are safe inside the room, even if you are keeping the windows open for ventilation. 


Adjust the thermostat 

If you have a central AC or an AC in the room, you need to adjust the thermostat so that the AC is at the perfect temperature that you need for the night. Different people have different needs from their AC systems and the best way to deal with it is to know what temperature range is good for your body. Keeping the right temperature helps you rest properly and this way your bed is very comfortable. If you are sleeping with a partner, you will need to come to an agreement about the temperature that is agreeable to both of you. 


Sleeping is a science that acts as a refresh session for our body. Your body has an internal temperature that needs regulation and proper care. Before you go to sleep, you need to make your room cooler so that you can sleep better and your sleep quality improves. 

At Sleepwell, we create mattresses that are amazing in quality and very safe to sleep on. Such mattresses also form cool beds that help you sleep very comfortably for long hours. Sleeping can be improved if you have a supportive and comfortable mattress on your bed. Apart from this, you need to change the environment in which you sleep so your environment is more relaxing and safe to sleep in. 


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