Understanding the Top Reasons Why Your Child Struggles With Sleep

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

Your child needs complete rest at night and might even feel sleepy during the day. He will have different needs than you when it comes to sleep and rest. Children might need 9 to 10 hours of sleep because their body is developing. The rest they take is not just for repairing the already formed body parts but also for forming new parts and for rapid cell generation.

Since this is an intensive process, a child will need more hours of sleep than an adult. Since sleep is so important for a child, it is your responsibility as an adult to get the best mattress for kids so that your kids can sleep peacefully every night. 

Apart from the responsibility to pick the best mattress, you also have the task of setting up a relaxing and well-maintained bedroom for the child so that he or she can enjoy the time spent in the room. Sleep plays a great role in the mental health and physical development of a child. 

A child that does not get enough rest will be fearful and have anxiety that manifests in different forms. If you want to bring up a well balanced individual from your child, then you need to invest in a good quality mattress. In this article, we will discuss the problems that kids face in maintaining a proper sleep schedule these days and how to change it. 


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The most common problems that kids face during sleep 

For an amazing sleep experience and consistent sleep schedule that your kid follows, you need to identify the potential issues that might threaten her sleep pattern. In the modern era, there are many problems, but you can solve them with a bit of effort. Buy a children's mattress like the Latex Plus mattress to resolve these issues and give your child the boon of safe and sound sleep. 


Inconsistent sleep schedule 

An inconsistent sleep schedule is one that follows no pattern and fluctuates very often. Adults usually have such a sleep schedule, but it is also possible that kids of the modern world have such habits. Let us understand that a kid today faces a lot of pressure and expectations, which can leave him stressed during the day. 

The human body has an internal clock, and what you need the most for your child is to follow a routine so that he can let go of the day and be ready for sleep at the right time. A consistent routine allows the child to regulate his internal body clock so that the child develops healthy habits and goes to sleep on time for the rest of his life. By regulating the circadian rhythm with a set sleep routine, you help your child regulate his or her growth hormones so they can grow fast. When a small child lacks sleep, he expresses it in fear and anxious movements. As the child grows and goes to school, the lack of sleep can manifest as lack of concentration and focus, irritability and the inability to make social connections. This also affects the pace of growth in kids. You need to find a concrete solution to improve sleep quality for kids because it is a very real problem. 

The solution is to create a consistent bedtime routine and set a time window in which he or she should go to sleep. The best way to create this routine in their lives is to be firm with them and strict when the need arises. You should also make bedtime fun so that the child has something to look forward to when night approaches. Once the child develops the habit, you will have to put less effort into consciously maintaining the habit. 


Limit the screen time 

A lot of kids today suffer from fatigue and stress because they are exposed to screens for a long time during the day. Whether it is for entertainment or for education, kids these days are exposed to a lot of screens throughout the day. Even the smallest of kids use an iPad or a tablet to keep themselves entertained, and parents support this habit because they are busy. 

However, screen time in excess can lead to bad eyesight, high stress, and impaired cognitive development. High screen time at a young age can lead to permanent damage later. Kids below the age of eight should not be exposed to screens altogether. They can watch TV with you, but do not give them gadgets that can be addictive. The blue light that comes from these gadgets can disrupt a child’s sleep cycle to a great extent. 

On the other hand, the habit of using a gadget and mimicking adults can also affect their sleep. You should make the child’s bedroom a safe haven with no distractions so that she can sleep peacefully. Choose our Basic Achiever Pocket spring mattress and give your child a stable bed to sleep on. 


Diet and nutrition 

As much as the mattress choice decides the sleep experience for your child, the quality of sleep is also dependent on what he or she eats. When the child's nutrition and nourishment are on track, he does not face any sleep impairment. His body does not experience major physical or mental setbacks, so he can sleep deeply. 

Along with choosing our Pro Nexa Premium mattress in single bed size for your child, you also need to choose the most beneficial foods for his age. Along with choosing to feed them green and leafy vegetables, you should also choose to exclude some particular items from their diet. For example, caffeine and high-sugar foods are not good for the child in general. Caffeine intake should be minimal for the child, or he or she will remain hyperactive even at night. 

You should also avoid high-sugar foods like cold beverages and candies so that the child does not become restless during his sleep time. Your child will not be able to handle the caffeine or sugar high, and this will also make it difficult for him to sleep. You should also develop the habit of eating a light dinner so that they can sleep easily. 



In the present era, people often notice kids also suffering from anxiety and stress due to their busy school schedule, peer pressure and high expectations. In a time when kids are exposed to social media, different lifestyles and school stress at an early age, the risk of anxiety goes up. A child might face stress because of bullying, or because of poor performance in school or from parental expectations. An anxious mind will not be able to sleep, and so children often lose sleep. You can no longer ignore insomnia in kids because it is found out through studies that nearly 25 to 50 percent of children lack sleep at night. A lot of these kids might not be able to sleep because of anxiety. 

Mostly, pre-teens and teens face stress and anxiety from different areas of their lives. Stress can be a major disruptor of the sleep cycle, and you need to find ways of reducing that stress from your child’s mind. If the stress continues to stay and makes the child anxious, it will start to affect his studies, focus levels , and overall development in a negative way. Therefore, parental intervention is much needed to correct sleep habits and promote good sleep. The best way to do so is to find time to talk to the child and discuss his worries in a friendly way. 

Inside the house, be your child’s best friend and safe house so he can come to you with his fears openly. Reassure him and help him develop techniques for calming down so he can regulate his emotions. Before they head to sleep, try to incorporate deep breath exercises and other actions that can help them relax. 


Lack of physical activity

The lack of physical activity is a major concern among kids of today. Kids spend a lot of time sitting down and learning or in front of screens and are less interested in physical activities like games and sports. Physical activities are necessary for kids as these help develop their physical capabilities and help them relax. 

Sports and physical activities like jogging exercise help the child channel his energy in a fruitful manner so that by the time the day ends, he is ready to retire to bed. When the body has had physical exercise, the sleep quality automatically improves. 

Optimal physical activity helps in quick muscle growth and also keeps the mind sharp. You should develop a sports hobby for your child. Let him pick the physical activity that he likes. It can be something like dance, too, if he is more creatively inclined. Apart from that, you should also start exercising with him so he learns and inculcates by example.


Sleep disorders 

Some kids suffer from sleep disorders that might be because of their bad habits and no sleep monitoring, or it can be genetic. If you see signs of sleep disorders like sleepwalking or sleep apnea, then you need to go to a doctor with your child. 

A sleep disorder can be resolved to an extent with the best mattress for children, But this will not be easy without the advice of a doctor. Causes of insomnia in the child need to be resolved with natural remedies and also with medical advice. 

Usually, sleep disorders can be avoided in children if you are mindful of the habits they are developing. You need to monitor your child’s sleep so that you know where to intervene and take positive steps to help them sleep.


The use of a mattress that is best for kids should be done with a stable bed frame and a good bedroom environment. To keep your child away from types of sleeping disorders, you need to take a proactive approach towards their sleep schedule and habits. At Sleepwell, we create mattresses like Ortho Pro Spring Mattress for kids and single rooms. You can pick the best mattress for your child from our single-bed mattress collection. 


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