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Posted on: 01 Jul 2024

The quality of a mattress and the effect it has on your health is the most important factor to consider when picking a mattress for your bed. You need to look at the top features and certifications that the mattress has before you purchase it from the dealer. There are multiple types of mattresses, and the certification that it has assures you the quality of the mattress you choose for yourself. 

The use of a mattress will last for years, so you need to look at all its features and qualities to choose the best one possible. The best-rated mattress brands in India will be able to give you choices of the most useful mattresses. To find the best mattress, you need to look for the most desirable qualities. 

What are the most desirable qualities of a good certified mattress? 


best mattress

The top certifications that mattresses get look at the different qualities and characteristics that people would want to experience. To get the best mattress from good mattress brands in India, all you have to do is look for the following characteristics. 



The mattress that you choose should give excellent support to your body as you sleep. You need a bed that helps you sleep peacefully for long hours so your sleep quota is complete. You have to look for a foam or spring mattress that gives excellent support to your hips, joints and shoulders. 

You need a bed that remains stable and takes away your stress, and this can only happen when you buy a medium-firm, supportive mattress like our Mable Mattress. The mattress should have firm edge support so you do not have the fear of falling from the bed and can do multiple activities on it. 

A supportive mattress will also be useful as it keeps your spine aligned and your joints supported so you sleep in an undisturbed manner. The mattress gives excellent pressure relief and helps you wake up with a fresh mind. 



The mattress needs to be highly comfortable and safe for your use. Multiple certifications are taken to ensure that the mattress is truly comfortable for users and is best for all ages. A comfortable mattress is one on which you sleep without any worry. A good mattress will be soft and gentle to the feel but also have the necessary firmness. 

The mattress should also be very plush and bouncy for utmost comfort. If you are looking for a super comfortable mattress, you should select our Latex Plus mattress. The Latex Plus mattress has our special Latex Plus foam, which is crafted from natural latex and has a bouncy texture. 

A good mattress is one that gives your body relief and comfort when you sleep. You need to choose a mattress that relieves the built-up pressure from your body and helps you relax during sleep. The Latex Plus mattress is also very airy because of the open cell structure of latex. This ensures that your bed remains cool and comfortable in all weather.


 Material of the Mattress

The best mattress in India needs to be one that has the best materials. The certifications that we get for our mattress collection assure you of the quality of the mattress used in creating these. Whether it is a foam mattress or a spring mattress, we create the best quality mattress for your bed with top material certifications. 

The material we use is created with care to ensure that it lasts for years and gives you optimal comfort and support. If you want to get amazing pressure relief and good motion isolation, you can choose our Resitec foam mattresses. Going one step ahead of the generic memory foam mattresses, we create amazing, resilient and restorative mattresses that give you undisturbed long sleep. 

If you are looking for a breathable and supportive mattress, you should look for a spring mattress that has pocket springs for that extra support. One of our recommendations will be the hybrid Ortho Pro Spring mattress that combines orthopaedic foam and pocket springs for pressure relief and support. If you are looking for a natural mattress, choose our mattress with Latex foam. 


Firmness level 

The firmness level of the mattress determines how well you can sleep on it with complete comfort. If you want to sleep properly, you should get a mattress that suits your sleeping position and gives you the right amount of firmness. It is possible that people with back pain and senior citizens will look for a firm mattress like Durafirm 2.0 and opt to sleep on a more stable bed for extra support to the spine. 

However, the best firmness is medium firm or medium soft as it balances firmness with the required softness for comfort. A medium-firm mattress gives you support and also helps your body rest in proper spinal alignment. You will not wake up with any soreness in the body if you use a medium-firm mattress from our collection. 

Best mattress brands in India create a bed mattress that has softness and firmness in a balanced manner. For example, side sleepers will need a mattress that is medium, soft and gentle as the side position exerts more pressure, and your body needs more cushioning. Therefore, we create mattresses and pillows that support your sleeping position and give the right feel for comfortable sleep. While some mattress manufacturers also create extra firm mattresses for their users, the extra firm is too hard for most people.


Temperature Regulation 

Temperature regulation is an important aspect of mattress quality that should not be ignored in a country like India. India has a hot and humid climate in most cases, and the choice of mattress has to be based on the climate. A mattress is what makes the bed, and for a proper sleep cycle, you need to buy a mattress that is highly breathable and can assist in temperature regulation. You should keep your bedroom dim and cool if you want to rest properly at night. 

Apart from this, you should try to use an AC or a cooler to cool down the air and bring the temperature to 20-17 degrees. A cool room and cool bed help you sleep quickly. Creating a cool bed depends on opting for the best airy mattress. We create mattresses with breathable foam and airmesh fabric so there is superior air circulation and you sleep very well on the bed. Our Mattress collection also has a Spinetech Air Luxury mattress that is very breathable and offers excellent support to your spine easily. 

You can also opt for a cooling gel-infused foam mattress that keeps the bed cool in any weather and also takes away body pain as you sleep. You can also opt for one of our mattresses from the Pro Nexa collection, as Pro Nexa foam allows quick heat dissipation and is very cool to sleep on. When buying mattresses from top-rated mattress brands in India, make sure you pick a mattress that is humidity-resistant and remains dry throughout the night.



You will be using your bed every day of your life, so the choice of mattress should be one that stays in place for years. The certification should also assure you of the durability and longevity of the mattress and its best quality. Even after repeated use, the mattress should remain in a new-like condition. 

As all our mattresses are created with an anti-sagging feature, you can surely opt for any one of our affordable mattresses. When taken proper care of, the mattress should last more than a decade. With anti-sagging and anti-skid features, you can remain assured that our mattresses will create a reliable bed for you on which you can rest for years. 

The durability factor means that you can sleep on it as much as you like, and it will remain with you through all the phases of your life. The high quality and certified materials that we use in the construction and the precautions we take while testing the mattress ensure that you can use the mattress for a long time. Thus, the purchase choice of our mattresses is an investment choice that pays off well. 



Our mattresses are tested by medical experts and sleep scientists to know if they are dust-proof and hypoallergenic. 

We create mattresses with the best quality hypoallergenic materials, so you and your family can rest on the bed without the risk of infections and allergies. 
You can welcome a newborn member of your family with our hypoallergenic mattresses. From our Latex Plus foam to our Neem Fresche technology, there are multiple steps we take to ensure your good health. 



At Sleepwell, we understand the therapeutic benefits that sleep can have for people. We help create beds that are supportive, comfortable and safe for you. We understand that our users might have different expectations from the mattresses, so we have an extensive collection of sleeping mattresses. 



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