The Physiotherapist's Guide to Choosing a Mattress for Pain Relief

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

Pain in the body arises from stress and physical strain. Because people today live stressful and busy lives, consistent pain and strain are normalised in today’s society. People often ignore their pain or take short-term medication to suppress the pain instead of treating the root cause. A lot of people prefer to go for painkillers and pain relief creams. While these formulations are useful, they are only used to mask the pain and not treat it. 

Physiotherapy is a much more feasible and long-term solution to back pain. Back pain can often migrate to other parts of the body, such as the neck or head. This is because the nerves of our body are connected with each other, so the pain could be relayed. One of the simple changes that you can make in your life is to get a mattress that helps reduce back pain. We create ortho mattresses that support your back and reduce back pain. 


Best orthopaedic mattresses

What causes back pain in your body?

Before opting for a mattress that reduces your back pain and addresses your back health issues, you need to know what causes your back to behave badly. Back muscles and the spine can suffer from stress for many reasons, and this can lead to severe pain. If you are feeling even a bit of pain, it is important to assess the causes and improve your bedroom environment. You spend at least half a day in bed on a normal day. Since a lot of time is spent in bed these days, it is important to choose the best ortho mattress in India. 


Slipped discs 

People who are ageing or have bad posture often suffer from slipped discs. Slipped discs happen when there is an accident that affects the spine or people have injuries because of bad posture. When there is a slipped disc, the soft tissue of the vertebrae comes out, and this presses the nerves of the spine between the discs. 

The pressed nerves send out severe pain signals. Pain caused by a slipped disc is not easy to treat because it needs internal surgery or correction. However, a mattress that is meant for back support, like the Spinetech Air mattress, can reduce back pain from slipped discs. A bed mattress for back pain is a great investment for slipped-disc patients.


Degenerating discs 

The discs of the vertebrae are the cushions that absorb shock and pain from the outer stimuli. A young person will have healthy discs, and thus, the chances of suffering from back pain are reduced. However, as people grow older, their internal parts start degenerating. The vertebral column and inner discs start to degenerate to a great extent as people age. The wear and tear to the vertebrae and the spinal discs can cause recurrent back pain. 

Senior citizens and people with severe back pain need the best mattress for back pain in India. Our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress is the best orthopaedic mattress as it combines the goodness of memory foam and the stability of pocket springs. This ortho mattress offers complete spinal support, which is great for people suffering from spinal health issues. Degenerative discs are very common among the elderly. People approaching their 40s can also start eating joint and bone supplements for better spinal health. 


Inflammation of the tailbone joint  

The inflammation of the place where the tailbone and pelvis join can also lead to lower back pain. The inflammation of this small joint can cause a huge amount of pain to the patient. This inflammation can happen due to old age and increased pressure on the tailbone when sitting or pregnant. It can also happen when you have a spinal injury or infection. This inflammation manifests as swelling and pain. The inflammation of the spinal column and the lower joint needs to be addressed by a doctor. You should also switch to a mattress that provides responsive body support to reduce back pain. 

According to us, the best mattress for back pain is the Cellergise mattress, as it adapts to your entire body and responds to your pressure points. This mattress will reduce the pressure on the lower pelvic joint, so the pain is reduced to a great extent. The Cellergise mattress has an ultra-luxurious feel and responsive body support that hugs your body and reduces pain from different points. You can slowly see a reduction in pain level and wake up in a better mood. 



Arthritis is a joint disease that can affect most of the elderly people. Arthritis is also seen in young people who put a lot of physical stress on their bodies and lack proper nutrition. Arthritis usually affects the knee joint and the legs, but it can also affect the spine and nervous system. 

If you are suffering from arthritis, you need to consult your doctor and manage the pain. A big step in managing the pain is to choose a bed mattress that offers back support. Our orthopaedic mattresses and medium-firm mattresses offer great back support, so the pain related to arthritis is reduced. 


Vertebral strain or fracture

 Strain to the vertebral column can happen when your back faces some physical trauma. You might fall on your back, sit down very roughly or hit a wall very strongly. All of these factors are linked with vertebral strain and fracture. Sometimes, people lack enough nutrients to maintain bone health. This can also create a condition called osteoporosis, which makes the spinal bones brittle. 

People suffering from osteoporosis might suffer from vertebral strain or fracture, which creates chronic pain in the back. A mattress back pain relief feature is found in all the orthopaedic mattresses we have designed. However, you need comfort with support for fractured, sensitive areas. This comfort comes with the Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress. 


Sprains and spasms 

Sometimes, instead of the bone, the muscles of your back are sprained or suffer from spasms. This happens when you have a bad posture for hours or do some physical activity incorrectly. In case of sprain and spasms, there is no reason to worry, as muscles are very resilient. As long as it is not a ligament or tendon tear, you will not have any permanent problem. 

When you feel that your back is sprained or spasmed, you need to sleep on a mattress that has contour hugging and back support so that your muscles are relieved of pressure. This allows your muscles to decompress and reduces the pain. In the morning, you will wake up with less pain and soreness. If the pain levels have not gone down, you can go to a physiotherapist for a correction session. 

Which type of mattresses are best for back pain relief? 


Type of mattress layers 

With your wish to find the best mattress for back pain, you might consider an orthopaedic mattress that gives enhanced back support or go for a customised mattress that is made specifically to target your back pain concerns. We also create customised mattresses for our individual customers after understanding their sleep needs and health concerns. 

Apart from the best ortho collection of mattresses that relieve joint pain, we also offer a range of medium-firm mattresses that effectively cure back pain. Our Utsav 1.0 Mattress has a medium firm feel and gives a balance of comfort and support to your body for recuperation. You need a mixture of pressure and pain relief as well as back support for complete back pain relief. 


Back support 

Back support mattresses that help improve spinal alignment are great for you if you suffer from spinal health issues. Supportive mattresses that give complete spinal adaptation are best for back pain relief. Back support mattresses also correct your sleeping posture so that your body experiences zero stress when sleeping. 

For better back support, you should choose mattresses that have memory foam layers and Latex layers in them. The natural latex adapts to your body shape and offers superior support irrespective of the body weight. The bouncy texture of latex gives your body complete pressure relief. You can opt for our Latex Plus mattress for back pain relief. 


A Stable bed base 

For superior support to the spine, you need a stable mattress that does not budge from the bed. All our mattresses come with a firm base and anti-skid features so that you do not face accidents when sleeping. Many elderly patients might have the fear of falling from the bed. 

However, our premium mattresses do not sag, skid or move. We have mattresses that have good edge support so that even if you are close to the edge, you do not fall and get a back injury. Mattresses with improved edge support are best for children as well as elderly people. 


Back pain is a major health concern among stressed and ageing individuals. Back pain can happen at any age, and it is best to opt for a mattress that reduces your chances of getting bad back pain. At Sleepwell, we create the best orthopaedic mattresses for your bed so you do not have to suffer chronic pain.


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