Teen Sleep And Development: Why A Quality Mattress Matters For Growing Bodies?

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

Good quality sleep is essential for every age group, including growing children. During the growing stage, lots of changes occur in their body and brain, so sound and healthy sleep is necessary for their overall development to bring stability to their physical and mental imbalances.

At Sleepwell, we have a wide range of collections for the best mattresses for kids that will provide them with a perfect good night's sleep in their growing stage.

In this blog, we will discuss the relationship between a quality mattress and sleep for a growing body and other relevant attributes that will guide parents to buy a perfect mattress for their children.


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Understanding The Relationship Between Teen Sleep and a Mattress:

Teenage sleeping patterns become completely disturbing when they attain puberty. Their regular sleeping pattern changes from early to bed and early rise too late to bed and late wake-up call every morning. 

Today’s lifestyle and parents’ sleeping patterns probably affect the sleeping patterns of teenage people. Another reason may be that the pressure on teenagers to score well in academic qualifications leads to spending more time on their syllabus during the nighttime, and sleeping very late has become common these days.

So, to improve their sleeping habits, a good quality mattress plays a significant role in helping them sleep nicely, even after late-night sleep, to increase their health and productivity the next day.


The Science Behind The Teen Sleep:

In traditional Teen sleep patterns, Teenagers feel more sleepy during night time, and in the morning, they feel refreshed. However, teen sleep has already been compromised by digital socialisation and screen time. 

Today, only a few percent of teenagers are sleeping 7 hours at night time and are achieving top scores in their academic qualifications. So, those who are not sleeping at a standard time need quality sleep in less time. 

To help those children, we have the best mattresses for kids, featuring comfortable materials and modern technologies to help them sleep nicely, even during short nighttime sleep.

What Is Considered To Be The Most Disturbing Element That Affects The Teenager’s Sleeping Pattern?

Among all the factors that affect the sleeping patterns of teenagers, puberty may be the main cause of disturbing the sleeping patterns of teenagers. After puberty, most changes occur in Circadian Rhythm, which leads to body discomfort and unhealthy sleeping patterns.

Due to these biological changes, many teenagers do not feel sleepy before 10 pm at night compared to younger children who feel tired after 8 pm. The sudden shift in sleeping time creates an unhealthy sleeping time among teenagers, which is known as “Sleep phase delay”, according to child psychology.

So, at Sleepwell, we provide you with the best mattress in India for your growing teenagers that will give your child a perfect healthy sleep at night, considering your teenagers' needs.

Now, let’s find out how you can gift your child a perfect bedding mattress to maintain their healthy sleep routine in their growing phase.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Mattress For Your Growing Teenager:

Choosing a mattress for your adolescent child can be challenging. So, we will guide you on how you can buy a perfect mattress for your teenage child that will provide your child with a healthy sleep at night.


Consider Their Sleeping Position:

Before buying a mattress for your child, you should consider whether they are a side, back, or stomach sleeper. Knowing their sleeping position helps you determine which type of comfortable mattress is required to support their body alignment during sleeping. Sleeping position also determines the support mattress for their spine and shoulder alignment to give them painless sleep at night. If your child is a back sleeper, then do not go for a softer mattress. Go for a medium-firm mattress, which will give a perfect posture alignment for your child while sleeping. For Side sleepers, choose a mattress that will support your shoulder and hip area. So, a softer mattress, along with a pillow under your hip, will be perfect for your side-sleeping child.

Stomach sleepers are at high risk for back and neck pain in the future. If your child is sleeping in this position, then speak with your child about changing his or her position or buying a comfortable mattress that supports his or her spine alignment and avoids back and neck pain in the future. Try our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, which comes with a medium-firm feel, perfectly aligns your spine, provides you with good air pressure release and anti-skid formula, keeps your child free from allergens and helps you sleep comfortably.



Teenagers are active sleepers, so they toss and turn while sleeping. So, choose a mattress that should be durable enough that it can’t deteriorate or torn easily. So, investing in a good quality mattress will have a long-lasting effect on you in the future.

In general, Natural Latex and memory foam mattresses are known for their longevity and durability. Try our Latex Plus Mattress, which provides your child with a gentle feel and super bouncy sleep for even air distribution and super cosy sleep.


Understanding Mattress Types:

Several types of inner materials are used in the mattress, providing individual comfort to your sleepy child. For instance, Memory foam mattresses are super comfortable, while Latex mattresses are super durable. Similarly, hi-tech mattresses provide you with both the features of natural latex and memory foam.

So, choose a mattress that fits your child’s body type, sleeping position, and comfort demand. After deciding on all of these factors, opt to buy the perfect mattress for your child.



If you are searching for the best mattress for kids in a cost-effective way, then investing in an expensive mattress will help you achieve your goal in the long term. You may wonder how investing in an expensive mattress can be cost-effective. An expensive mattress may seem costly in the initial stage; however, in the long term, investing in a high-quality mattress such as a Latex mattress is known for its longevity.

So, a good quality mattress cannot be torn or deteriorated easily, and it can last a long time to save money in the future. Try our Dual mattress, which comes in the range under 6000 INR only, which is a cost-effective option and provides you with a comfortable sleep for your child.

How To Create A Peaceful Sleep Environment For Your Teenage Child?

Only buying a comfortable mattress, considering the above factors, is not a solution to make your child sleep at night. Creating a sleeping environment plays a significant role in giving your child a nice and healthy sleep at night.

We will guide you on how you can make a perfect teenager-friendly, sleepy atmosphere for that cosy sleep.


Choosing The Right Pillow And Bedding:

The mattress is one part that gives your child a perfect sleeping surface. However, the combination of pillows improves air pressure under your head and supports your spine. Similarly, perfect bedding maintains the mattress temperature and provides a cool and cosy atmosphere for a healthy sleep pattern.


Room Temperature: 

Room temperature plays an important role in creating a sleepy environment. Children mostly like cool rooms for a comfortable sleep. To avoid a temperature rise in your child's room, always paint the room with a light colour such as off-white, light yellow, etc., as these colours make the room cool. Another factor that may affect the room temperature is lightning. Avoiding bright light before bedtime provides a cool and comfortable atmosphere for a healthy sleep.


Set A Bedtime Routine:

Setting up a consistent bedtime routine signals your child’s mind to sleep during that particular sleep time. When setting a particular time, you can read some books and play calm music to make your child sleep peacefully during that time.


Choose A Calmer Bedroom:

Apart from children's mattresses, selecting a cosy bedroom plays a pivotal role in your growing child’s sleeping patterns. Select a part of your house that is free from external sounds, has natural ventilation, and has good air circulation that keeps your teenage child free from any outer disturbances, and they can sleep nicely in their room.

We hope the above tips will help you build a perfect sleeping environment for your growing child. Apart from mattresses, a comfortable environment plays a major role in deciding your child’s sleeping habits.

Buy Your Favourite Teen Sleep Mattress Now!

Everyone deserves quality sleep as teenagers. A healthy sleep decides their academic performance, overall health, and productivity, allowing them to live a longer and more balanced life, avoiding future chronic health diseases.

Buy our Best Mattress in India for your growing child. It comes with different materials and comfort levels to provide a perfect sound sleep at night. You can purchase your mattress from our online store or visit our physical stores, which are present in major cities across the country.

We will deliver your product and respective services every time you purchase from our shop. We are always ready to provide you with services at your doorstep.


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