Tech and Sleep: How to Create a Digital Detox Before Bed

Posted on: 10 Jun 2024

In a busy and advanced society, the use of gadgets has peaked beyond what we could have imagined. Every day, new gadgets are launched on the market. The hype around gadgets and smart devices is real, as people want to experience the convenience and novelty of new apps and assisting devices. The use of computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets has increased in every household. 

Today, even kids own multiple gadgets, and they use them at night, too. While gadgets and digital screens are very useful in the modern era, one needs to know where to draw the line for gadget usage. If screen time and gadget usage for adults and kids are not limited, they can eat into their sleep time. A digital detox is absolutely necessary on a daily and weekly basis for both kids and adults. 


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Why are screens the problem? 

If you think that screens around you are not affecting the way you sleep, you are wrong. According to some scientific studies, it is found that even as much as two hours of screen time during the evening can lead to disruption in sleep. More screen time reduces the level of melatonin in the body. Therefore, you can face problems floating to sleep if you have a habit of watching shows or using apps before sleep. 

The majority of people are hooked to mobile phones and prefer entertaining themselves before bed with their phone screens. While this seems like a good idea and might feel relaxing, in reality, there is an opposite effect on the mind. If the question is how to get good sleep, then you need to detach from your gadgets and sleep on a comfortable bed. 

Screen time can increase your exposure to blue light, which is a harmful light that you expose yourself to every day. The blue light makes your body think that it is day and disrupts your sleep cycle. High exposure to blue light also has an adverse effect on how you rest and restore your body’s abilities. 

This is especially harsh on kids, as we know that kids need deep sleep for proper development. Both adults and kids need to limit their screen time as the night approaches. Try to keep your phone or tab away from the bed. Moreover, if you are using it, then couple the device with blue light screening apps so that you stop the exposure. 

Ways to digitally detox and disconnect before sleep

When you go to sleep, your body rests, and your mind relaxes. However, there is no particular switch in our body that can just turn the mind off and on. Even before you head to bed, your mind needs to slowly slip into a resting stage so it can sleep easily. To enhance sleep quality, you need to disconnect from the distractions and gadgets around you so that your brain comes down from its hyperactive levels during the day to a relaxed state during the night. 

You should not use gadgets during the nighttime. Instead, keep the gadgets to the side and focus on relaxing your body and mind. Gadgets and screens can be very addictive, so it can be difficult to actually detox from digital screens. Here are some tips to use for a digital detox that helps you sleep better. Keep the gadgets away from your Latex Plus mattress. 


Keep the charging station out of your bedroom 

Charging stations are mostly used at night for the phone or gadget to recharge while you sleep. Most people prefer having the charging point or station close to the bed. This is a wrong practice because it allows you to watch videos and scroll through apps while the phone is charging. If you cannot let go of the gadget while it is charging, this could be a sign of digital addiction. 

Many people also have wireless stations for their gadgets. When charging the device, try to place the charger at a considerable distance from the bed. In fact, you can place the charging point outside the room. This will stop you from getting disturbed in the middle of the night. The focal point should be your bed and our soft Premium mattress


Set a cut-off time 

The first step to reducing screen time is to assign a cut-off time and then follow it with discipline. Keep in mind that you have to put your gadgets on silent and DND when the cut-off time approaches. Even if you have a traditional TV in the bedroom, you need to set a cut-off time for it and shut off the TV at the same time. Try to detach from the gadget sooner and slowly reduce the time you spend on a gadget. 

The cut-off time should be at least 1 or 1 and a half hours before sleeping time. Try to keep away from the devices when you are in bed. Make it a rule to only use devices when you are sitting or working. This will help your mind slip into sleep the moment you lie in bed. Choose a comfort mattress from our Pro Nexa collection, like the Pro Nexa Luxury, and sleep like a baby every night. 


Create a relaxing bedtime routine 

When you set your gadget down, you might not be sleepy and feel like there is nothing to do. Instead of engaging in activities that will rob you of sleep, try to indulge in self-care and relaxation. For example, you can light some scented candles or aroma diffusers to create a relaxing, fragrant atmosphere around you. Scents like lavender and lemongrass are very soothing and sleep-inducing. 

You can also take a nighttime bath and do skin care as it relaxes your skin and helps you sleep. You can also put on some relaxing music while doing these activities so your mind can get ready for sleep. There is no particular answer to the question of how to get quality sleep, as it can differ from person to person. Find out what brings peace to you, and do it before you head to bed. 


Create a  no-tech zone in your bedroom 

Your bedroom is where you sleep and relax. Keep that in mind when designing your bedroom. In the bedroom, only those light fittings and gadgets that will help you relax should be used. In the bedroom, you should create a no-tech zone where you do not use any phone, tablet, TV or other distractions. 

Keep a bedside table where you can put your gadgets securely so you do not see any gadgets in the open. Make a rule that no gadgets will be on the bed at night. Even the lights should be dimmed out or shut off so your mind gets a dark and cool environment to sleep in. 


Try to do breathing exercises 

A natural way of shutting off your mind and reducing stress at night is to practise simple breathing exercises. Try to practise mindfulness and focus on your own breathing pattern. Take deep breaths and do breathing exercises that can help your mind become relaxed and restored. Try to meditate in the evening so that your stress levels are lowered, and you can sleep easily when the time comes. 

Mindfulness is the answer to how to improve sleep quality. You can also practise mindfulness by thinking about the positive things that happened to you in the day. Moreover, you can keep a gratitude journal and write affirmations or thoughts inside before you sleep. This will declutter your mind. 


Limit stimulation of the mind 

During the evening and as bedtime approaches, you should try to limit stimulating and over-stimulating the mind. You should not watch intense or gory TV shows. Try not to watch thrillers or horror films before going to bed. Before you get ready for bed, try to close off all your work tabs and completely disconnect from your work life. Also, practise the shutting off of screens by limiting your gaming time. 

Many people play video games before sleeping. However, video games are visually and mentally stimulating, and it is not advised to play intense video games or violence-based video games before sleeping. If you like gaming, search for relaxing games that are designed specifically to help calm the mind. 


Dim the lights 

When going to bed or designing the bedroom, we often ignore the lighting we have around us. However, exposure to light plays a crucial role in how you sleep at night. Your bedroom should not have direct, harsh lighting as it can create the illusion of day for your mind. 

Try to choose ceiling lights and pendant lights that will diffuse the lighting and not put direct stress on the bed. Place corner lights and motion-sensing lights that will not disturb you when you are sleeping. Install blackout curtains and blinds that will create a dark environment so your body automatically shuts off and sleeps. 


The environment and place you sleep in matter a lot in determining the quality of your sleep. Detaching your mind and body from digital devices is necessary for the mind to relax fully. You cannot completely know how to improve sleep quality if you do not detox digitally. At Sleepwell, we take care of the quality of the mattress so you can create a luxurious bedtime routine. 


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