Stress Sleep: Choosing the Most Comfortable Mattress for Stress-Free Sleep Solutions

Posted on: 11 May 2024

Sleeping is a habit that rests our body and restores its capabilities during the night. Sleep requirements differ with age and the level of stress you face. The best way to combat stress from the day is to sleep comfortably. In our daily lives, we face some level of stress through the work we do and the experiences we have. 

However, some people might experience stress more than others because of their genetics and lifestyle. Sometimes, people get so stressed that they are unable to sleep. Sleep often evades an anxiety-ridden mind. When the mind is too ridden with worry and fear, it will not rest, and you can have stress-induced insomnia. While stress-induced sleeplessness is triggered by a number of reasons, it can be worsened by a bad mattress. 

Sometimes, even the most expensive mattress in the world might not be comfortable and could cause you more stress. Before buying a mattress online, always look for its features and then choose one that is most comfortable for you. In this article, we will talk about the effect of stress on sleep and how your mattress might be aggravating it further. 


What is stress insomnia, and how does it manifest? 

Stress insomnia, or the inability to sleep because you are stressed beyond your limits, is a problem that everyone faces at least once in their lifetime. Some people are constantly stressed, so they cannot sleep for long hours. Some people are stressed, and so they experience disturbed sleep patterns, which is a sign of stress insomnia.  

If you are suffering from sleep stress, you need to change your lifestyle and make some major decisions to reduce stress from life. One of the changes that you need to make is changing the mattress of your bed. Here are some of the signs of stress insomnia that will help you know if you are facing uncontrolled stress and sleeplessness. 



Tiredness is a common sign of sleeplessness and your body not getting enough sleep. Fatigue and constant feeling tired are problems that you should fix by trying to identify which tasks are a bit too much for you. You should also find the top-most comfortable mattresses and switch to one so your body rests well and you do not feel pent-up fatigue. 


Sleep anxiety 

There are different kinds of anxiety, and one of them is sleep anxiety. Sleep anxiety is a tricky paradox because you will feel like you want to sleep, but you cannot sleep because you are stressed about sleeping. If you are worried about not feeling asleep or have an ingrained fear that even though you go to bed, you will not be able to rest, it is sleep anxiety. This shows that you have been in such a constant state of stress and worry that you are afraid about going to sleep. This constant cycle of stress keeps you up, and you do not get rest. If you buy a premium mattress, you will, of course, ease the anxiety, but it is a psychological problem that might need a doctor's consultation. 


Daytime sleepiness

Your fatigue and built-up stress can tire you out constantly, and it can even show up as daytime drowsiness or the inability to be productive during the day.  Of course, catching a few winks and taking a nap during the day for an hour or so is healthy, but if you feel more tired after the nap and the feeling of fatigue does not go away, it is a problem. The problem could be in your mattress, too, as a bad mattress makes your muscles sore and increases the pressure. 


Irritated mind 

When you are tired, you will feel irritated by even the slightest sound or disturbance. High irritability is just a reflex action of a completely stressed and burdened mind. You might not even notice this irritation before it is too late. The irritation comes out at the most unexpected time, and it often hurts your friends and family. If you see yourself getting irritated at the smallest of changes or problems, then you are very stressed and might not be getting enough sleep. When you lack sleep, your mind turns into a tantrum-throwing toddler. 


Poor productivity 

If you have slept for the night but you feel like not getting out of bed and have no self-motivation, then your mind is still stressed. You might have experienced disturbed sleep, which makes your body less productive during the day. Your actions will be slow and drawn out because your muscles have not rested enough. Your mind will be in a negative space, and you will lose motivation with every waking minute. To avoid this problem, you need to find the best-rated mattress brands and choose a comfortable and supportive mattress to sleep on. 

These are some of the signs of stress-induced insomnia. If the thought of the day ahead itself is filling you up with dread, it is time to change your lifestyle. Identify the factors in your life that are causing you stress and change them gradually. This change might be difficult because of your long-drawn habits, but making the change is important. One of these changes can be changing the mattress. It is also possible that you are sleeping on a sagging and old mattress, which is causing you more stress. You need to browse the Luxury mattress price and choose one that takes away all the stress. 

How can a bad mattress affect you? 

Do you think that your old bed is fine and you do not need to change the mattress? You should take care of the mattress you are sleeping on and choose to dry the mattress in sunlight to keep it clean. However, if your mattresses and pillows are sagging and losing their shape, then it is a major warning sign. When your mattress does not fit your sleeping needs, it can cause a lot of problems. We will give you good reasons to change your old mattress now. 


Back pain 

Back pain is one of the major signs of you sleeping on a bad mattress. When looking for a comfortable mattress, you need to look at the spinal support it gives. An ideal mattress supports your back and neck so your entire spine remains stable when you sleep. Your back needs to rest and release the built-up pressure so your body can work properly. If you experience back pain when you wake up or during sleep, you need to change your mattress as soon as possible. All the top brands for mattresses take care of the support they provide for your back. 


Joint pain 

Apart from back pain, you might also experience pain in your hip and knee joints because your body is not comfortable on the mattress. When the mattress sags at certain places, some of your body joints, like your limbs, do not recover properly, which causes pain and fatigue. If you feel like you are getting old or your joints are burning, your mattress is old, and you should throw it away. To get rid of joint pain, you need special orthopaedic mattresses like Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress from our brand. These mattresses offer superior support and recovery to your body. 



 A bad mattress will be a low-quality mattress that does not take care of your health and lacks safe and clean materials. You need a safe and hypoallergenic mattress that has anti-microbial properties. A bad and dirty mattress will trigger breathing issues and allergies in your body. If your mattress is old, it will have dust and debris built up on it, which will cause health issues. Therefore, it is best to choose a hypoallergenic and clean new mattress. Each of our mattresses comes with a soft and knitted fabric top, which is kind to your body and remains dustproof. The Neem Fresche technology we have used in the creation of our mattresses helps our clients avoid infections. 


Increased stress

This is a point that we cannot emphasise enough. The increased stress levels of your body during the day will only shoot up if you retire to an old and sagging mattress. You need a comfortable bed to sleep on to let go of all the stress from your body. Therefore, it is important to change an old mattress and test new mattresses before finding the most comfortable one to sleep on. If you do not get the best mattress for your individual needs, then you will remain in a constant state of stress and insomnia. You can also talk to our team about the options to customise your mattress choice. 


At Sleepwell, we offer a wide range of comfortable and snug mattresses if you are going to buy mattresses online. You can also go to your nearest mattress store and test out our durable mattresses before choosing a new one for your bed. Our mattresses will help you relax and relieve stress after a long day. 


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