Solutions for Sleep Problems and the Crucial Role of Choosing the Best Mattress

Posted on: 30 Apr 2024

Getting good sleep is necessary for maintaining overall health. Do you have any difficulties falling asleep at night? Well, if you are in the initial stage, it’s time to take the necessary approaches. Adults require 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night daily, and this can vary based on various factors. When your body doesn’t get enough rest, it can either affect concentration power, heart disease, depression, obesity, etc. Well, most of the time, experts suggest changing the mattress for sleeping problem solutions. 

A good quality mattress not only offers night-time comfort but also gives better back support & prevents sleep disorders. Sustainable, high-quality mattresses are the key to a healthy and productive life. If you are wondering which mattress is best for sleeping, Explore the Best Online Mattresses at Sleepwell; we have quality comfort mattress options for restful sleep.

In this post, we will focus on the solutions to sleeping problems & selecting the best mattress for sleeping.

Best Indian mattress

What are the solutions to sleeping problems?


Change your mattress & pillow

Do you also wonder why you sleep better in a hotel? Well, it’s because of the comfortable mattress and bed quality. A good mattress plays a crucial role in improving your back pain, shoulder pain, back stiffness and sleeping quality. Having a relaxing environment is also necessary. Upgrade your mattress at least once in 5 to 8 years. At Sleepwell, we have the latest and best Mattresses Online in India that give you a restful & peaceful sleep.


Customise your routine

Customization in your daily routine can help you to sleep better at night. You should set a consistent time for getting onto your bed & time of waking up. Ensure your bedroom should be dark, quiet and relaxing. If possible, remove all the electronic devices like computers and TVs from your bedroom. It can be an effective solution for your sleep problems treatment.


Set your sleeping limits

Lying on the bed and scrolling on the phone can become a habit that leads to poor sleep. If you can’t fall asleep within 20 minutes, then get up and do some work. Go back to your bed when you feel sleepy. Don’t change your wakeup time; otherwise, it will make you more tired.


Changing lifestyle

Change the habits that lead to sleeping problems like drinking, smoking, consuming caffeine late at night, etc. Avoid heavy meals at night. Do regular physical activities to get a better sleep. Being active physically during the day helps you to fall asleep easily at night. 


Set your bedroom temperature

Your bedroom and your body temperature can affect your sleeping quality. You may have experienced that in summer or hot areas, it is tough to sleep. A study found that the temperature of your bedroom can affect your sleeping quality more than the external noise. Set the temperature of your bedroom to around 70°F (20°C).


Take a shower & relaxing bath

A relaxing shower and hot water bath can give you a better sleep. Studies found that relaxing showers improve overall sleeping quality, especially among older adults. Taking a 90-minute hot bath gives people a deep sleep and relaxes their bodies.


Approach for relaxing techniques

Adopt relaxing techniques like meditation, visualisation & muscle relaxation in your daily habit. Do it before going to bed and see the results. It will calm your mind and body.


Don’t consume liquids before going to bed

Excessive urination can also affect your sleeping quality. Drinking a larger amount of liquids before bed can lead to frequent urination. However, being hydrated is necessary for your health, and it’s a wise decision to reduce your water intake in the evening. 

How is choosing the best mattress crucial for good sleep?


The firmness level of the mattress

Mattresses are significantly described as soft, medium and firm. Medium & firm mattresses are in high demand because they suit various requirements. When considering the firmness level, it’s necessary to know your sleeping position & body type. Decide whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, back sleeper or combinational sleeper before looking for Top Online Mattresses in India. 

For example, the Sleepwell Pro Nexa Premium mattress has a soft to medium firmness level since it helps to keep your spine aligned. It is equipped with the Pro Nexa technology and provides comfort to individuals in all sleeping positions. Its advanced features allow you to comfortably move around at night. This mattress relieves the pressure points and eliminates the risk of joint pain & discomfort. It ensures a deeper and uninterrupted sleep and fosters mental and physical health. 


Cool temperature

Body temperature is the crucial factor that measures sleeping quality. Some people sweat more and get uncomfortable sleeping well. Certain mattresses are designed to improve the amount of air circulation around your body. You can explore our Sleepwell Latex Plus mattress options, which offer you a cooler sleeping environment. 

This latex mattress has aerated top layers and doesn’t retain heat. It is available in 3 sizes: queen, king and custom size. The foam used in the Quality Online Mattresses in India offers plush comfort & greater resilience that gives a bouncy feeling. It relieves pain and gives exceptional sleeping comfort.


Motion isolation

Are you someone who frequently turns during the night? If your sleep is getting disrupted by the movements of your bed partner, considering this factor is crucial. To get rid of this issue, choose a latex or memory foam mattress. It decreases the transfer of motion from one side of the bed to the other. 

This consideration is crucial, especially for couples who have different sleeping habits. Our Sleepwell Ortho Pro Comfort mattresses or Pocket spring mattresses are constructed with the individual's pocket springs with better comfort layers. The pocket spring makes this mattress supportive and delivers comfort.


Reduce the allergens

Natural latex is the top-notch material you can buy if you are looking for a mattress with antimicrobial qualities. The memory foam mattress is resistant to mould growth and dust miles. Any individuals who have allergies need to select a mattress constructed with allergen-resistant materials. 

For Example, take a look at the Sleepwell Latex Plus mattress, which is made with allergen-resistant materials. Its advanced features allow you to get a good night's sleep. This mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions. It delivers pressure relief, optimal comfort, natural breathability, durability and all. The hypoallergenic properties of the top and the most comfortable mattresses make this a unique option. In addition, the lifespan of this mattress is longer than that of any other mattress. It can last around 10 to 15 years.



When looking for a mattress, always opt for a long-lasting mattress. At Sleepwell, we have different types of top-quality mattresses that are durable and deliver comfort. The standard thickness of our mattresses ranges from 6 to 8 inches. 

The thickness of any mattress also impacts its overall support and feel. The mattresses we have are known for their smooth texture and strength, as well as knitted fabric. The top comfort layers inside the mattress deliver smart aesthetics and improve comfort. 


Weight & body type

Weight & your body type also play an essential role during the mattress selection process. Any mattress type will vary based on the different types of sleepers, ranging from light sleepers to overweight sleepers.

For example, individuals with lightweight may prefer soft mattresses for better sleep. The heavier individuals deliver better support and durability in the firm mattresses.


Consider the orthopaedic problems

An orthopaedic mattress is a mattress type which is designed to offer support for back and joint pain. Do you have any back pain issues or shoulder pain issues? At Sleepwell, we have Ortho mattresses, which are crafted to support your spine curvature and ensure alignment during sleep. These mattresses are crafted with a high-density material that delivers superior support & relieves pressure points. 

Our Orthopaedic mattresses are designed for alleviating joint, bone, and muscle pain. It gives dynamic support that adjusts your body weight & curves. It is also suitable for pregnant women since they need balanced support. It evenly distributes their weight and relieves pain. It also supports your spine in a relaxed position so that blood can circulate well. It allows your muscles to relax fully so that you can sleep better.

Final words

A good quality mattress is a crucial factor in creating a peaceful and comfortable bedroom environment. A good night's sleep can improve your work productivity and give you mental peace. Investing in a good mattress is worth it since it fosters your mood and keeps you away from severe sleeping problems like insomnia. 

Ditch your old mattresses and opt for advanced ultra-mattresses that are designed to deliver superior comfort. It delivers healthy sleep since it is made with non-toxic, sustainable & natural materials. Having a good mattress is crucial. Select a mattress that has a breathability feature and ensures a cool and comfortable sleep at night. At our store, you can shop for the ideal comfort mattresses that are proven to deliver comfortable sleep.


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