Sleepless Nights and Early Mornings? How Your Old Mattress Could Be Ruining Your Sleep

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

The bed in your bedroom is the most important piece of furniture for your health and wellness. What makes your bed the most useful furniture is your sleeping mattress. You simply cannot sleep on a bed without a good mattress. A good quality mattress can last for decades and can help you sleep really well. However, sometimes people forget that they need to change an old mattress. 

It can be easy to forget to change your mattress as long as you can sleep on it. However, just because you can sleep on a mattress does not mean it is the best for your body. You have to look for old mattress issues that your body faces when you sleep. If you feel that the mattress is sagging and leading to sore muscles, you need to change the mattress as soon as possible. Look for new mattresses with us and choose the best, durable mattress from our collection. 


Best Sleepwell Mattress

Why not sleep on a very old mattress? 

When your dresses get old, you get rid of them. When your shoes get old and start to fall apart, you change them too. Similarly, old mattresses should also be changed. If you do not change the sleeping mattress on time, it can lead to a host of problems. There could be a range of problems that your body and mind faces when you do not change your mattress on time. Here are the signs of mattress damage that you should look for. 


Sagging mattress 

Sagging of the mattress means that its structure is damaged, and it is no longer able to give your body even support. A mattress that has a proper structure and is stable gives your body even pressure distribution. In the case of an old mattress, the structure gets disturbed because of the high level of weight that is put on the mattress throughout its use time. The sagging of an old mattress can also cause a loss of support. 

Our mattresses come with years of warranty and features like anti-sagging and anti-skid, which gives your body complete support in any sleeping position. However, after 5 to 6 years, you should think about changing the old mattress. For proper pressure distribution, you can choose our Premia mattress, which gives complete body support and also has a comfortable pillow top finish for pain relief. 


Increased pressure points 

During sleep, ideally, the pressure points of your body should be relieved so you feel less pain and soreness in the body when you wake up. If you sleep on a bad and old mattress, the pressure points of your body become more active and tense. This means that when you wake up, your body does not feel well-rested. You might feel irritated and very disturbed mentally even after sleeping for enough hours. 

If you feel like your body is disoriented, this could be because of increased pressure in your body. You need a new pressure relief mattress like the Naturalle 1.0, which has even pressure distribution and pressure relief from your joints. You feel like sleeping in a cloud on your new mattress, and this helps you wake up without any pain. Because of its natural and organic nature, it is a good mattress for better sleep. 


Allergen exposure 

When your mattress becomes used and old for years, it accumulates a lot of dust and allergens from the environment. Your mattress needs a thorough cleaning, and if it is very old, you need to completely change the old mattress to a new one. One of the benefits of a new mattress is that you get a completely clean and hypoallergenic mattress. If you have a generic old mattress, you need to switch to a mattress that repels dust, pet dander and other allergens. An old mattress will be very discoloured and have a dirty colour from all the dust and debris it accumulates. People in India use a mattress protector and then wash it from time to time. They also dry the mattress protector and the mattress in the sun as the sun's rays disinfect the mattress. 

However, at times, the mattress becomes so old and dirty that you keep falling sick. If you experience cold, flu and breathing issues regularly, then it is time to throw away your old mattress. For a hygienic bed and clean room, you need our Pro Nexa mattress. Our new mattresses come with anti-microbial and fresh fabric tops, which have Neem Fresche technology that protects your body from allergies. If you do not want to experience allergy-like symptoms when you go to sleep, you need to switch to a new mattress from our collection. 


More motion transfer 

An old mattress has a distorted structure, which can lead to more disturbance when you sleep. Even if you sleep alone, you need a mattress that is stable and does not have any motion transfer. No one likes to be jostled in his sleep. Sometimes, we are startled by the sleep movements of our body, which can wake us up. A new mattress has a strong structure and absorbs the shock from the movements.

A mattress with no disturbance is more important when you have a partner, and both of you sleep together. For couples, it is crucial to sleep together, so old mattresses need to go. An old mattress will only cause more discomfort in the relationship over peace. You need a no-disturbance mattress like the Mable Mattress from our collection of King or queen-sized mattresses. A good zero-disturbance mattress will restore balance to your body and your relationship by getting you enough rest. 


Worn out comfort 

A mattress has to be comfortable so you can sleep for hours easily. The first factor that you look for in a mattress is gentle comfort. A hard mattress makes it difficult to rest and go to sleep. A big sign that the mattress is getting old is that you no longer feel comfortable sleeping on it.

If you keep tossing and turning but do not find the perfect space to sleep on, then it is time to reevaluate the quality of your mattress. Even for a back pain mattress, the comfort layers on the top make it possible for the person to sleep on a comfortable and cool bed. When the top layers and quilting of the mattress are damaged, you might see the top fabric torn or the layers bulging out. On your old mattress, you might feel hot and sweaty as the top breathable layers are damaged. Do not ignore such signs and switch to a newer mattress soon. You can choose our Pro Nexa Classic mattress as it is very luxurious. 


A very hot and stuffy mattress 

When you get to bed, you should feel relaxed and like you are sitting on a cloud. If the bed absorbs all the heat from the day and keeps radiating the heat, it will make your body sweaty. You will face a high level of discomfort and heat on the bed. This will keep you up at night. 

Instead of an old mattress, you need to select an airy and cool mattress that keeps the bed comfortable at all times. When you choose a new mattress like the Spinetech Air Mattress, it gives your body complete support, airy and cool feeling and optimal comfort to sleep any time of the day. For extra coolness, you can select a cool gel-infused foam. 


Noise and creaks 

The bedroom needs to be silent and peaceful, and this can be achieved only when you are able to maintain the frame of your bed and keep the mattress stable. When the mattress is old, it starts skidding and making noises from your weight. 

If you feel that you are facing noises and creaks quite often from the bed or mattress, you need to inspect the bed frame and the quality of your mattress. If the mattress is making noises, it is a definite sign that your mattress is old and needs change. You should look for strong and stable mattresses to make the next choice for a new mattress. 


Lumps and bumps 

A mattress should ideally make an even and distributed surface all over the bed so that your body is completely supported by it. A mattress that sags or has lumps and bumps in certain parts is one that causes more complications for your body than rest. 

The lumps and bumps introduce uneven elevation for certain parts of your body that can lead to improper circulation of blood inside. This can lead to severe health problems in the long term. The moment you see a lump or bump that cannot be evened out, you need to look for a new mattress.


The process of purchasing a new mattress can be time-consuming and expensive. However, with our diverse range of mattresses that come with no-cost EMI payments, you can easily make the switch to a better mattress and throw your old mattress out with no guilt. At Sleepwell, we create mattresses that will keep you safe and healthy while you get much-needed rest. 


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