Sleeping Clean: How a Mattress Protector Improves Hygiene and Wellness

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

Sleeping is an activity that needs to be completed at the optimal time. When you sleep, you need a safe and clean bed so that your sleep does not get disturbed. The need for a clean bed also comes up because sleep plays a crucial role in keeping you healthy. If your mattress is dirty and you are struggling to keep your bed clean, this will also have an impact on how you sleep and how you feel after waking up. 

Every corner of your house should be clean, and you should not avoid the bedroom when doing this. You need to clean your room and your bed regularly. The mattress that you choose might be too heavy to clean in one go, but it is important to clean it fully with the help of cleaning solutions. Once you clean your bed mattress, also fit it with a mattress protector so that you can keep the bed clean for a longer time. 


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Why do you need a mattress protector? 

People often overlook a mattress protector when they buy mattresses from our collection. A mattress protector protects your bed from dirt and also gives you more comfort by acting like another layer of quilting. Buying a mattress like our Impressions mattress is important, but it is also equally important to maintain its cleanliness and sleep on a hygienic surface every night. Mattress protectors do not cost a lot but are very useful for families and bachelors. If you wish to keep a high-quality mattress in its original condition, you will need to maintain it with the help of a mattress protector. 

Here are the reasons why you should buy a new mattress protector along with our Ortho Mattress. 


Protect yourself from allergens 

We promise you a fresh and hypoallergenic mattress every time you buy one from us. Whether it is our Pro Nexa luxury Mattress or our Basic Achiever Mattress, we create mattresses with human-safe, hypoallergenic materials so that sleepers do not struggle with sleeping and remain safe from infections. However, to be fully protected from allergens, you need a good waterproof mattress protector to pair with the mattress. 

It is possible that despite our Neem Fresche technology, your mattress collects dust, dander, pollen and other possible allergens over time. We have included different kinds of technology in our mattresses, but without maintenance, such features will stop working after some months. To keep your mattress away from allergens and keep the mattress fresh, you need to cover the mattress with a protector. 

Along with that, you need to dust off the mattress protector and wash it every two weeks to ensure that there are no allergens present in the bed. With constant exposure to possible allergens, you can become hypersensitive. If you constantly fall sick and develop the urge to cough and sneeze, you need to get a mattress protector now. 


Moisture and stains 

We create mattresses that are moisture-wicking and breathable. Some of our best mattresses even have multiple layers of air mesh fabric, so your bed is safe and dry from moisture. However, overexposure to water and moisture can spoil the mattress. It can also lead to the growth of fungi and fungal infections on your face and body.  Whether it is through water spills, food spills or sweat, there is a high possibility that the mattress is exposed to moisture every day or so. 

If you are aware that your mattress is exposed to excessive moisture or water, then buy a waterproof mattress protector and pair it with the mattress. Put the mattress protector on the fabric top and clean the water spills and moisture easily. Such mattress protectors have some additional benefits and do not affect your comfort level either. 

The use of a waterproof mattress protector makes it easy for you to clean the mattress and keep it dry. If you are someone who does all his or her activity on the bed, or you have small kids, a waterproof mattress protector is a must. High-quality protectors act like impermeable layers on top of the fabric and do not let the moisture of water leak onto the mattress. You can just take off the bedsheet and wipe off the water to keep your bed dry. This also protects the bed and mattress from stains. 


Extended mattress life 

We create mattresses in such a way that the mattress life is at least for a decade. If you maintain the mattress and keep it clean regularly, you can extend the mattress life to more than 15 years. By extending your mattress's durability, you are able to get more value for the money you spend on creating a bed with a good mattress. 

A simple step of creating a durable and stable bed is using a premium quality mattress protector. If you do not use a mattress protector, the mattress will be open to stains, oil, dirt, dust, and everyday wear and tear. The easiest step to take to protect the mattress from damage is to use a mattress protector. The use of a mattress protector protects the mattress from outer environment factors and keeps the structural integrity of the mattress intact. 

When you put a mattress protector on the bed, you stop harmful substances and dirt from having direct contact with the mattress. This protects the mattress from damage and keeps the mattress in a new-like condition. This way, you can use the mattress for a longer time.


Easy cleaning 

A mattress protector is used to keep the mattress clean. The hygiene level of the mattress matters a lot in determining how easily you sleep on it. You need to use a mattress protector for cleanliness and maintenance. Instead of the thick mattress, you can simply clean the mattress protector in the washing machine and keep your bed clean more regularly. 

If you plan to do weekly maintenance of the mattress, it is best to use a protective mattress protector that is easy to remove and wash in the machine or by hand. If you know that your bed is more stain-prone and needs cleaning regularly for proper hygiene, then you need to use a mattress protector on top. 

If you use a protector on the mattress, you can reduce the frequency of mattress deep cleaning. You can rest assured that your sleep quality will improve when you have a clean mattress protector. You do not have to worry about frequent infections and allergies any more. 


Better sleep hygiene 

Hygiene is important in every aspect of your life. Think about it: you spend the most time sleeping in your 24-hour day. Therefore, it becomes crucial to maintain sleep hygiene and keep the mattress clean regularly. 

A mattress protector keeps the bed hygienic and protects you from infection. It acts as a barrier for microbes and pathogens carried by air and moisture. This way, your mattress remains fresh and safe for you. A weekly wash of the mattress protector maintains good hygiene and saves you a lot of trouble. 

Apart from the mattress protector, you also need to use clean night clothes and clean bedsheets. When cleaning your bed set, do not forget to clean the pillowcases. You can also use liquid disinfectant in the cleaning solution for the protector and bed set to ensure complete cleanliness. 


Higher comfort 

While a mattress protector is used for better hygiene and cleanliness on the bed, it also has a major role to play in giving you additional comfort on the bed. Nowadays, good quality waterproof mattress protectors are made with a mixture of breathable materials that help you sleep better and give more airy comfort. 

If you have a mattress that feels warm, then the breathable mattress cover improves your situation. You can also fit the breathable mattress protector on top of a breathable mattress to increase the level of comfort you feel in bed. This improves the level of temperature regulation you have in bed so you can go to sleep easily. 

For higher comfort and better quality of sleep, choosing a comfortable and soft mattress protector is a must. If you are someone who has been constantly struggling with night sweats and heat, then you should get a breathable and easy-to-use mattress protector. 


Mattresses are very important for your bedroom, and so are mattress protector layers. We create mattresses that have fabric top and waterproof qualities so you can keep the mattress clean and fresh for a long time. However, for extra protection, a mattress protector is recommended. The mattress is something that you will use every day for years. 

Therefore, it needs robust protection, which you can get through a mattress protector. Even for pillows, you can have pillow protectors that are stain-proof and make the pillows more plush to use. At Sleepwell, you can get the best mattresses and pillows for your bedroom. We also create luxurious bed sets. The responsibility to keep the bed accessories clean falls on you. 


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