Sleep Solutions for Expecting Moms: Managing Pregnancy Insomnia and Discomfort

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

During pregnancy, the expecting mother needs to take extra care of her health and her habits so that the baby growing inside her comes out healthy and strong. While taking care of a pregnant woman, you should not ignore the importance sleep has in her life. Pregnant women need more sleep and rest because their bodies are making a new human. You should try to reduce the stress that the pregnant woman faces so that her body and mind can completely focus on creating the tiny human in her. 

However, if you are going through a pregnancy and trouble sleeping is your concern, it is a problem that many women face. You need to take care of your sleep schedule a bit more during pregnancy. This also means that you have to take care of where and how you choose to sleep. Avoid sleepless nights during pregnancy by choosing the right kind of mattress


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Why do Pregnant women face trouble sleeping?

Pregnant women are sensitive to the environment and also experience changes in their body very rapidly. There might be many reasons why they face discomfort while sleeping. Here are some reasons that we want to discuss with you. 


Physical discomfort 

Physical discomfort is common for pregnant women as they have a constantly growing belly. The uterus enlarges, and this shows through the stretched-out belly as the baby is sheltered in the uterus. The more the baby grows, the more the belly grows, and this growth comes with discomfort. The mother will feel a little pain and occasional itching because of the growth in her belly. As the belly grows, the mother also increases her weight. 

An increase in weight and posture difference puts a lot of pressure on the back and joints, so the mother will not be able to sleep easily. She might struggle to adjust herself on the bed before sleeping. Moreover, the mother will also face sharp hip and pelvic pain at times as the hip muscles loosen in preparation for the birth. Because of pain in multiple areas of the body, the mother will not be able to sleep properly. 


Hormonal changes 

As the pregnancy phases go by, the mother faces a lot of hormonal changes in her body. A pregnant woman goes through a lot of hormonal fluctuations, which can cause mood swings and physical discomfort, which also affects the ability to sleep soundly. During pregnancy, the woman faces high levels of progesterone in her body. 

Progesterone has a profound effect on the circadian rhythm. The woman might be sleepy during the day but sleepless during the night because of this hormone. The fluctuation of pregnancy hormones can cause the mother to wake up frequently and very easily. So, many expecting mothers get less sleep during the night. 


Restless legs 

Pregnant women often face a lot of sensations in their feet and legs. The mother might feel tingling and crawling sensations along her legs when she goes to sleep. These sensations can be irritating, and the mother will turn sides more often to reduce the impact of these sensations. Thus, the mother is more likely to wake up from her own movements and weird sensations. You should get a zero-disturbance mattress like the Premia Mattress for motion isolation so that the couple can sleep soundly despite the movements. 

Apart from these issues, the mother might also be awake because of digestive issues and sleep apnea. The issues that women face during pregnancy can differ from person to person and depend on the health issues that the woman has. 

How do you resolve the sleep issues that the woman faces during pregnancy? 

The sleep issues that a pregnant woman faces can be resolved with the help of some smart choices in diet and sleeping habits. Sleep issues can be triggered for different reasons, and you need to identify them and resolve them with positive habits. 


Optimal sleeping position 

Sleeping trouble during pregnancy can be managed by changing your mattress and your sleeping position. The sleepless nights while pregnant can be resolved if you change your sleeping position. You should try to sleep on your side so that you can sleep with better breathing and circulation. This is especially true if you choose to sleep on your left side. When you sleep on the left side, you can reduce pressure on the internal organs. The side sleeping position will also increase blood flow to the kidneys and placenta so your child can grow properly.

 You should go for the Nexa Mattress and also pair it with extra pregnancy pillows and cushions so that your body is better cushioned and protected from any trauma. You will need more cushions if you face insomnia in pregnancy third trimester and cannot sleep properly. You can use pillows to put behind your back by the side of your belly and below your knees to alleviate your blood pressure. 


Comfortable mattress 

You need a comfortable mattress when you are pregnant because the mattress determines how well you can sleep. You can sleep on a soft and bouncy mattress like the Latex Plus mattress, which is resilient and supportive. If you are sleepless during early pregnancy, you can check the existing mattress for its characteristics and then change it for better sleep. Your mattress needs to be at least medium soft or medium firm so you can get adequate support. 

This is a precarious stage where your spine and hips need the most support. The easiest way to get a comfortable sleep is to get a breathable mattress with a breathable bed sheet on top. The mattress should give you proper support in the back and hip area so that you do not suffer from lower back pain and pelvic pain. You can also create a comfortable bedroom by keeping the temperature regulated and cool. 


Sleep environment 

The sleep environment plays a huge role in determining how well you sleep. You need to create an environment which makes you sleep. Create a room that is relaxing and soothing so you do not feel stressed during the day or night. The room should be dimmed out and quiet so that you can sleep easily and your body gets adjusted to easy sleep. 

You can sleep well in a room with relaxing colours and relaxing music in the background. The sleep environment in the room should be improved with mildly scented candles and essential oils. However, make sure that the candles do not emit harmful emissions or that the scent irritates you. You can use guided meditation or white noise to relax and sleep peacefully. 


Sleep routine 

When you are pregnant, sleeping on time becomes difficult. This is also why you should try to stick to a consistent sleep routine that helps you sleep on time. You might face difficulty at first in creating and sticking to the routine, but you can slowly adapt to the routine as time passes. The only thing that you need is consistency. Create a bedtime routine that you are comfortable following every day. 

Instead of pressuring yourself to follow it, stay motivated towards the goal and follow it positively. Sometimes, a simple bedtime routine can resolve the problem of not getting sleep during pregnancy. The easiest step you can take is to go to bed at a specific time and wake up at the same time. You can also practise the habit of breathing and progressive muscle relaxation or massage if you want to relax before sleep. 


Try to reduce pain and discomfort

When you are pregnant, the growing pains and discomfort will always be there. However, you can choose to reduce the discomfort by taking steps to sleep in a relaxed way. For example, you can use extra pillows to support your upper body and improve circulation. This step can reduce heartburn and also reduce the chances of shortness of breath. By using a slight elevation in a pillow or a wedge-shaped pillow, you can support healthy blood flow to the baby and your vital parts. Our 3 zoned tech mattresses, like our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, can support your entire body and keep the circulation healthy. 

Moreover, you might be suffering from leg cramps, which can cause your legs to be stiff and restless. This condition can be improved if you go for some light stretching before heading to bed. You can also improve circulation to your feet by using a pillow under your knees. 


Diet and hydration levels 

Your nighttime diet and hydration levels also affect the way you sleep. You might not be able to sleep properly if you drink a lot of water during the night. 

You need to drink more water during the day and reduce your water intake during the night. You should also have a healthy and light food intake to sleep easily at night. 


Not getting sleep during pregnancy is a problem a lot of women suffer from. In such cases, it is best to change the mattress and pillow set so the mother can get more support and comfort. For example, a full-body pregnancy pillow is a better option than just generic pillows for a pregnant woman. At Sleepwell, we create the best mattresses for pregnancy insomnia and take care of the next generation, too. 


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