Sleep Forecast: Exploring How Changes in Weather Affect Sleep Duration and Sleep Problems

Posted on: 01 Jul 2024

Did you ever notice how the frequent changes in weather affect your sleep? You might be facing sleeping problems due to sudden weather changes. Achieving good sleep is under a person’s control, but not every aspect can be controlled, such as the weather outside or environmental stressors. Sudden changes in temperature, humid content, precipitation and atmospheric pressure will impact your sleep in many ways. The ultimate solution to tackle weather changes is to get a good night’s sleep, so you need to invest in a quality mattress. 

You might be thinking about how to choose mattresses for frequent weather changes that disturb sleep. At Sleepwell, we have mattresses made of materials that can withstand any weather condition. Using our mattress, you will get optimal support and comfort in every season without any sleep disturbances.

In this blog post, we will discuss how weather changes affect our sleep duration, leading to sleep problems. We will also find out the best mattresses to overcome this issue.

How Different Weather Conditions Impact Your Sleep Cycle?


The internal temperature of the body has to drop slightly to induce sleep. So, on hot nights, you will find it difficult to sleep. Also, when it is too cold, it prevents relaxation. This is because your body will work to maintain warmth rather than going into sleep mode.


Impact of Hot Weather

Hot weather conditions seem to be more challenging than sleeping in cold weather. When the temperature is hot, your body will start to struggle to achieve the optimal sleep-inducing temperature. It will result in restlessness and increased wakefulness. It will also lead to insomnia. A sleeping environment which is overly warm will cause less restorative sleep. This will further reduce the amount of slow-wave sleep and REM sleep needed.


Impact of Cold Weather

Sleeping in a cooler room will generally promote greater sleep than an overly warm room. But extreme cold weather will lead to disruptive sleep. When you are shivering under the covers, you won’t experience a peaceful night's sleep. Also, colder weather will bring in dry air, which may irritate your respiratory tract and lead to snoring or sleep apnea. 


Pressure Changes

Barometric pressure is the weight of the atmosphere around us, and it may fluctuate based on climatic conditions. Many individuals are sensitive to these conditions. This will lead to joint pain and headaches, which will affect your sleep quality. Low blood pressure is often associated with cloudy, rainy or stormy weather and can lead to feelings of discomfort or restlessness at bedtime. Likewise, excessive humidity can worsen sleep problems. High humidity makes the air heavier and harder to breathe. This leads to tossing and turning through the night. On the other hand, low humidity in colder weather dries out your nasal passages and throat.


Impact of Sun and Storms 

Natural sunlight will help regulate your sleep-wake cycle and circadian rhythm. Also, during cloudy and winter days, natural sunlight gets limited, which causes the body to produce more melatonin. This leads to feelings of drowsiness at times when the body should be alert. When bedtime approaches, excess melatonin will be produced. This makes it harder to fall asleep at night. And keep in mind that storms bring double the power of disrupting your sleep. In addition to changes in barometric pressure, reduced natural light can disrupt the internal clock. Also, the noise and stress coming from the storm keep the body awake. Moreover, thunder and lightning also contribute to keeping you awake.

In order to deal with all these weather conditions while sleeping, you need to choose the right mattress. At our store, we can find mattress types that are suitable for handling any weather conditions and giving you great sleep without any disturbances.


How can we adapt to weather Effects to get better sleep?


As you know, weather can affect your sleep pattern, so you need to take additional steps to alleviate its impact. Here are a few quick tips to adapt to weather changes;

  • Regulation of Temperature: You can use fans or AC during the hot weather. And, when it is cold, you can add extra blankets with a heated mattress pad.
  • Black Out Light: Install blackout curtains to keep your bedroom dark. This will be helpful during the longer summer days.
  • Management of Humidity: Add a humidifier or a dehumidifier in your room to add moisture to dry air when it’s muggy.
  • Keep Stocks of Sleep Supplies: Make sure your bedding environment has enough sleep supplies. It must have eye masks, extra cushiony pillows and other essentials in stock. Above all, make sure it has the best quality mattress that offers enhanced support and comfort.

How Different Mattress Materials Help to Regulate Temperature?


Mattress materials play a pivotal role in regulating temperature. This ensures a comfortable sleeping environment. The effectiveness of these different mattress types in regulating temperature depends on their composition and how they interact with each other. Factors such as environmental temperature, humidity and personal preferences also affect their performance.

When choosing a mattress, you need to select the best mattress for your body type and consider materials which have a significant impact on sleep quality, especially for those who are sensitive to temperature changes. Advances in materials science continue to drive innovations that optimise comfort and ensure restful sleep by maintaining ideal sleep temperatures. Also, make sure the mattress has a breathable cover. 

Nexa Luxury Mattress

Here are the key materials that contribute to the temperature regulation function:

Memory Foam

Memory foam material is known for its contouring properties and ability to retain heat. However, advancements in the material, such as open-cell or gel-infused technology, will improve breathability and heat dissipation. It will keep your mattress cooler.

You can explore our Nexa Mattress category. Our Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress is equipped with Sleepwell Pro Nexa foam. It is a smart recovery memory foam incorporated with Pro Nexa technology. This allows easier body movement with luxurious comfort. The mattress comes with 27% faster heat dissipation and 32% higher pressure relief. So, it will give you a sound sleep in any weather condition. 

Latex Foam 

When mattresses are equipped with natural latex mattresses, they result in high breathability and enhanced airflow. Latex foam comes with an open-cell structure, promoting airflow. This further aids in dissipating body heat and maintains a neutral temperature throughout the night while sleeping. 

You can check out our Sleepwell Latex Plus Mattress, which is made of Elite Latex material. We also have another pure latex mattress option, which is the Sleepwell Naturalle 1.0 Mattress, which is made of natural latex.


Gel-Infused Foam

Memory foam is infused with gel beads or layers, which help absorb and disperse heat. This will prevent it from building up heat around the body. If you are looking for mattresses integrated with gel-infused technology, check out our Sleepwell Ortho PRO Profiled Foam. It is combined with Impressions Memory Foam with Airvent Cool Gel Technology. The foam will naturally adjust to your body contours and offer soft, snug contour hugging. 

Our Impressions foam with cool gel infusion is an innovative breakthrough. The best feature of it is that it is independent of the ambient temperature. Therefore, the mattress will offer a similar level of comfort in every season. It is the best mattress for summer and winter.

Innerspring Vs Pocket Coil

Traditional innerspring mattresses allow ample airflow through its coiled structure. This feature aids in temperature regulation. However, now, advanced designs combine coils with other materials to offer enhanced comfort and cooling while sleeping. Innerspring mattresses offer better airflow due to the open space between the coils, which promotes regulated temperature. Pocket coil mattresses integrated with breathable comfort layers, such as gel-infused foams and natural fibres, are best for hot sleepers. 

You can have a look at our Sleepwell Pocket Spring-Basic (Achiever) Mattress. The mattress is equipped with individual pocket springs, which is best for offering responsive spinal support with zero movement transfer. The mattress will offer a gentle, bouncy feel with great temperature regulation throughout the season.

Hybrid Material Construction  

Mattresses come in hybrid combinations such as memory foam and pocketed coil hybrids to offer a perfect balance of support and temperature regulation. They often feature breathable covers and gel-infused layers. For example, check out our Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress. It is combined with impressions memory foam and a three-zone pocket spring.

Impressions foam naturally adjusts to the body contours, offering soft, snug contour hugging and even pressure distribution. This shape adjustment also enhances blood circulation. Impressions foam is an innovative breakthrough for being independent of the ambient temperature and offers the same level of comfort in all seasons. Pocket springs support spinal alignment and body posture with its advanced anatomical design. The springs are zoned to suit specific pressure points and curves in order to provide enhanced pressure relief.

Buy Quality Mattress to Enjoy Good Night’s Sleep In Any Weather Condition!

Want to tackle the weather changes without disrupting your sleep? Time to invest in top-quality mattresses from our store. You can check out our Nexa Comfort, Pro Fitrest Comfort, Ortho Comfort and other categories. All our mattresses have the ability to regulate temperature. Visit the store and make the best purchase. 



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