Selecting the Ideal First Mattress for Your Child: Five Tips to Consider

Posted on: 07 Sep 2023

As parents, there's nothing you won't do to ensure your child's comfort and wellness. May it be nutrition, education, health, or peaceful sleep. Good sleep is of utmost importance for your kid, as it enriches their health and overall well-being.

A proper sleep routine at night will help boost your child's memory power. Moreover, it also enhances their behavioral, emotional, and physical aspects. Parents need to get the best mattresses for their children at every stage of their growing years, from cribs to beds.

So, how to find the best mattress for kids? There is an abundance of options online, but picking the right one needs particular considerations. So, to choose the right type of mattress for your child, this article elaborates on the five tips you should consider on priority.

Why is it Important to Pick the Right Type of Mattress for Kids?

Experts say that kids need a lot of sleep, around 10 to 13 hours when they are between 3 to 5 years of age. When they enter their teenage years, they will need around 8 to 10 hours of sleep to ensure healthy growth. As good sleep is vital for their health, it isn't an option for parents to compromise this aspect for their kids.

Kids will eventually go through a lot of structural developments in their growing stages. Hence, sleeping on the right kind of mattress is quite essential for ensuring better spinal alignment and bone health.

5 Tips to Consider for Buying a Perfect First Mattress for Your Kid

Here are some of the tips that will possibly help you decide on buying the best mattress for your child:

1. Firmness should be the First Priority

When looking for kid or baby mattresses online, the first thing you should look for is. If your kid is above the age of 20 months, then a firm mattress is important for their safety and overall development.

A firm and plush mattress lets your baby's body get the support he/she needs. Look out for the options that can offer good spine alignment for the kids. Firmness and softness come hand in hand for you to get the mattress with the right mix of both characteristics. Quality sleep at night will leave your child to wake up fresh and energetic the next day.

A Sleepwell baby mattress is optimally firm and soft in the right proportion. Whether you are buying a crib or bed mattress for your kid, you have ample options to consider.

Pick the Right Size

For all the obvious reasons, parents need to consider the age of their children to buy the right-sized mattress for them. The babies will need crib mattresses, whereas the adolescents and toddlers will need bigger ones.

If you are buying a crib mattress, then make sure you run the measurements to determine the size of the crib. Upon that, you can tally the measurements with that of your select mattresses. A toddler bed is usually the same size as a crib, with slight variation. Most cribs today can be converted into toddler beds. So, the same mattress would do the job.

But, some parents consider switching from a crib to big beds for kids, based on their preferable decision. In that case, a GenX Sleepwell kids mattress would do best. There are various other options with added functional benefits, such as Ortho, Pocket Spring, and other such options that are of perfect sizes for your growing kids to get a good and comfortable sleep.


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Emphasize the Material of Your Kids' Mattress

Choosing the right material is equally important to ensure your kid is not waking up every morning with a sore back or body ache problems. For babies and toddlers, it is recommended that you get firm mattresses only, which is stated earlier in the first tip of this article. But, when it comes to adolescents, the preferences need to change.

There are innerspring, foam, and hybrid-type mattresses available for the big kids. The innerspring mattresses are quite durable for little kids to sleep or play around. Following that, the foam mattresses are designed to hug the curves of your kid while he/she helps them sleep peacefully. And hybrid type is a mix of the durability of innerspring mattresses and the softness of foam mattresses.

Foam and hybrid mattresses are ideal for big kids, whereas toddlers will find the innerspring mattresses relaxing for a peaceful sleep.

Check the Motion Absorption Rate of the Mattresses

If you have more than one kid and want them to sleep together after your little one has become an adolescent, then motion absorption might be a consideration. If the sibling is older, it is natural for him/her to move around while sleeping at night. Motion absorption ensures that the movements on one end of the bed don't disturb the other.

Foam mattresses are great for isolating the motions while you or your elder kid sleeps with the adolescents. You can consider polyfoam, memory foam, or latex mattresses for motion isolation perks.

By doing that, you will ensure that your little one won't lose his/her sleep while the elder sibling moves around comfortably in bed. So, make sure you put this consideration into check as well. To your knowledge, every Sleepwell baby mattress, made of foam, is perfectly designed to withstand the motions and enhance sleeping comfort.

Decide Whether You Would Need a Cooling Mattress

There are certain types of mattresses that support the regulation of temperature, as they are made up of breathable material. The purpose of such cooling mattresses is to avoid trapping heat while your child is asleep. Most of the innerspring mattresses have temperature regulation as a default feature in them.

Innerspring mattresses allow the free flow of air within them. Thus, your child will get a refreshing sleep at night. On the other hand, latex mattresses are also considered natural cooling, and manufacturers such as Sleepwell aerate them even more to enhance the cooling effect. If you want the utmost comfort for your little one, then this is something you can consider!


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You need a gentle feel, superior bounce, anti-skid design, even distribution of pressure, and superior circulation of air as basic features for your kids' mattress. Different materials and types of mattresses have varying features and comfort specifications. Depending on the age of your baby or toddler, you will mostly need firm mattresses.

But, once your kid is an adolescent and you plan on switching them to big beds, you have multiple options in hand. To help you ease the search efforts, Sleepwell offers you the best mattress for kids and has an abundance of options for you to consider. Check out the collection and buy Sleepwell kids mattresses online right away!





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