Select the Perfect Mattress for Pain-Free Sleep: 4 Tips for Restful Nights

Posted on: 30 Apr 2024

It is very important to put a lot of thought into your sleep routine and the type of mattress that you choose. You have to create a bed that you like coming back to after a long day. A good night's sleep is what you need every day. By getting good sleep every night, you give your body the rest it deserves. 

The sleep routine should be something that relaxes you completely before sleeping. You should shed all your worries when you are heading to bed. Apart from adopting the right kind of sleeping habits, you also need to choose a good, well-balanced sleeping mattress. Before going into the habits that you should get for yourself, you should first know about the type of mattresses you want to put on your bed. 

You should browse the best mattresses for relaxing sleep and get the right one for your bed, depending on its features. Today, there are different kinds of mattresses available in the market. You can visit any of our nearby stores and choose the right kind. Our Nexa collection can fit any kind of bed and give you superior comfort. 

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Types of mattresses to consider when setting your bed up 

There are different kinds of mattresses that you can look at when choosing the best one for your bed. Here is a low down about the different kinds of mattresses you can find at a good sleeping mattress. 


Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is a high-density foam type that can be used in a mixture with other foams to create a sturdy and supportive mattress for your bed. Memory foam mattresses like Pro Nexa Classic mattresses give superior comfort and have body contouring properties. 

The memory foam mattress provides a lot of comfort to the body and also gives superior support. 

Our memory foam mattresses have a soft top feel and smooth finish, which gives you a gentle and plush layer on which to sleep for long hours. Our Pro Nexa mattress has an Air O Fresh foam layer, which gives you a lot of firmness to the body. The memory foam mattress hugs your body completely and gives you the perfect bed to sleep and recover from the day’s stress. If you buy a Nexa mattress, the price can be affordable and below Rs 10,000. 


Orthopaedic mattress

We also create superior-quality orthopaedic mattresses that can give you a lot of support and comfort. Our Spinetech mattress or Ortho Profiled mattress can be a great choice if you are someone who struggles with bad sleeping posture and back pain. We are one of the best-rated mattress brands for relaxing sleep, and even senior citizens choose us because of the comfortable and supportive mattresses we offer our clients. 

The Spinetech mattress has a medium firm feel, which is great for your physical comfort and back pain relief. The three-zoned Resitec foam is a good quality layer that provides body contouring and better spinal alignment. An orthopaedic mattress is great for those who are in their 40s or older. 


Spring mattress

Spring mattress is a type of mattress that has a bed of metal coils and springs inside. Our mattresses, like the Esteem mattress, have an internal layer of pocket springs that are individually coiled and stabilised under layers of foam. The springs in this mattress give extra support to the body and keep your spine aligned. 

Our spring mattresses give a stable, bouncy feel that does not require much motion transfer. The responsive support and good airflow that a spring mattress can give you are far better than the generic mattresses. 


Latex mattress

Our latex mattress, like Latex Plus, is made of natural latex layers and other foam layers that give you a bouncy feel, support, and natural comfort. The latex plus mattress gives superior support to your body and helps you rest all night without any disturbance.  

The natural latex mattress is very suitable for all body types and can protect your body from soreness. The mattress also stays stable and has an anti-skid layer in it, which keeps you on your bed at all times. The air circulation and pressure distribution of the mattress are much superior to other mattresses. 


Coir mattress

The coir mattress is a traditional mattress that many people use in their homes. The Coir mattresses are very sturdy and firm for your body, giving you a lot of support for your back and stomach. So, no matter which position you are sleeping in, the coir mattress will provide you with support. 

Coir is the fibre that you get from coconut shells, and coir mattresses are very breathable. The coir mattress is a good choice for tropically located homes. If you live in a hot and humid place in India, you should get a good quality coir mattress. 


Dual comfort

We create dual mattresses that combine multiple features together. Our Dual Pro profiled mattress is a great choice because it gives a gentle and firm feel to the body so you can sleep very easily and also experience pain relief. 

Our Dual Pro Profiled mattress has greatly enhanced breathability and keeps your bed cool under fluctuating temperature conditions. Our dual mattresses have Resitec foam, which relieves your body of pain. When you have multiple sleep positions and fluctuating sleep patterns, you need a dual mattress. 


Gel Infused Mattress

The cool gel-infused foam mattress is a mattress that gives your body coolness and supports pain relief. Gel-infused foam is a modern technology that mixes memory foam with cool gel so that the mixed gel can regulate temperature and relieve pressure. 

Gel-infused foam is used in the different layers of a mattress, which helps strengthen and cool down the mattress top. The gel is infused with breathable foam so that you have airy pockets and can sleep on a cool surface. 


Hybrid mattresses

Hybrid mattresses like Pro Nexa Luxury have a lot of layers and combine multiple types of foams. The Pro Nexa luxury foam mattress has Pro Nexa foam and Quiltec foam, which can give you a gentle feel and a luxurious bed surface to sleep on. 

Nexa foam mattresses for Back pain relief are great because the foam gives 67 percent body conformation and support. The foam also has a great heat dissipation and cooling effect, so the foam mattress remains cool at all times. The Pro Nexa mattress is also great for pressure relief. 

Sleeping habits you need 

Now that we know about the different kinds of foam mattresses you can choose for your body, let us understand the sleeping habits that will help you rest better. 


Keep a consistent sleep schedule

The best habit that you can create is sticking to a consistent sleep schedule. The sleep schedule should be adapted to your circadian rhythm and help you rest gradually. You need to keep a particular time window at night open to rest and relax. This will help you sleep for longer hours very naturally. 

You should always maintain a routine for your dinner and rest so your body gets its natural signals and rests very easily when the time comes. Your wake-up schedule should also be within some particular hours, like 6 AM to 7 AM, so you can wake up at the right time and prepare for the day. 


Relax before bed

You should take up activities that help you relax very easily and help you unwind after the day. You need to relax and de-stress so you do not have disturbed sleeping patterns. You should dim your lights around dinner, and you can also use a relaxing aroma diffuser like lavender or chamomile. 

You can also drink a sleepy tea like natural chamomile tea to relax before bed. You can also write a journal or do skincare before bed if that helps your body and mind relax. 


Choose the right kind of bed set

Apart from the mattress, the bed set and the quilt that you choose also matter a lot. The quilt and the bed set should be soft and gentle for your skin. Your quilt should make you warm and help you sleep because of its softness and the plush feeling it gives. 

You should choose the quilt and bed sets from premium ranges. The pillows should also be premium quality and give you good neck support at all times. 


These are some of the best tips and advice that you can follow when choosing your mattress and also creating your sleep schedule. Your sleep routine should have all the steps that help you relax and unwind. This is particularly important in today’s day when we work for long hours and seldom get a chance to relax during the day. With Sleepwell, you will know why Nexa Foam mattresses are best for back pain relief and why they are your perfect pick. The bed, mattress, and your sleeping habits affect your sleep quality to the greatest extent. So shop now and order your best mattress today!


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