Pressure Point Perfection: How the Right Mattress Can Ease Hip and Joint Pain

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

A lot of people, especially the elderly and the sick, often suffer from joint pain and muscle soreness. Getting rid of body pain is not easy, and it can often be chronic. However, if you adopt habits and treatments for pain relief, it can help you a lot. Body pain can happen to anybody, and there are many reasons why this happens. 

Simple physical stress can also create pain in certain areas of the body. The body needs to heal during sleep, so it is important to choose a mattress that is good for your body. Your bed is the place where you will spend many hours. So, choosing a good mattress is mandatory. You need to identify the body parts where you feel the most pain and then choose a mattress accordingly. 


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Why does body pain occur from the wrong mattress? 

Body pain, especially joint and hip pain, can happen when you choose the wrong mattress. Apart from joint pain, a lot of people also complain about back pain when they wake up from bed. Choosing a mattress that gives enough support to your back is important. The best mattress for back problems can also reduce hip and joint pain if needed.


Poor spinal alignment 

Your spine is the main centre of control for your bones and muscles. Every joint of the body is directly or indirectly connected to a person's spine. Therefore, poor spinal alignment in your body can also lead to localised pain in the hips and joints. When the spine does not get enough support from the mattress below, it can lead to the development of back pain and hip pain. 

You need to choose a mattress that gives superior support and keeps the spinal alignment straight. The Durafirm 4.0 mattress is the best bed mattress for back pain as it offers great spinal alignment and back support. It has a soft feel, but the mattress has a firm structure, which maximises back support. When the back remains straight, the body frame is well supported, and there is no build-up of pressure. 


No pressure relief 

It is important to understand that the human body accumulates a lot of pressure inside itself during the day. If there is no pressure relief, the person will suffer from pain as the pressure accumulates in the muscles and joints. Therefore, it is important to relieve pressure and reduce stress from the body after a long day. Therapy sessions for acupuncture, cupping therapy or physiotherapy can reduce pressure from the body. Oil massage and massage guns can also target the pressure points of the body and get rid of the stress accumulated in different muscles. Apart from this, you also need to choose a good bed mattress that will help release pressure after a day of hard work and stress. The best mattress for joint pain should have pressure point relief. 

For example, our Ortho Pro Profiled mattress adapts to the body shape of the sleeper and allows relief from pressure and pain. The mattress also comes with cool gel-infused foam, which further treats body pain and removes it. You sleep on an airy, cool and supportive mattress to wake up fresh every day. You can also use our other Ortho mattresses to reduce pain and joint health issues. 


Muscle strain 

A bad mattress will cause strain on your body, which affects the muscles the most. When a mattress is too hard and firm, it can cause strain on the different parts of the body. A medium-firm mattress is the best choice for people who want extra support but reduce muscle strain. To avoid muscle strain, you can choose our Spinetech Air Luxury mattress, which has medium firm layers but also has a plush top so you can sleep comfortably. 

It is important to strike a balance between the feel and characteristics of a mattress. The mattress gives firm back support while ensuring the person is comfortable. Muscle strain can also happen when the mattress is too soft and sags. This is why we create bed mattresses that are soft to feel but give firm support to the body. All our mattresses come with an anti-sagging feature, so you can use them for years. 


Tosses and turns 

When you have a bad sleeping posture and a bad mattress to sleep on, you will keep tossing and turning. People who are insomniacs can also toss and turn a lot. However, sometimes, we ignore the reason the tosses happen. To reduce pain in your body and sleep peacefully, you need to sleep on a mattress that supports your body and isolates your motions so that you can rest for a long time.

You can also try our no-disturbance mattresses, which are made for couples and people who often face disturbance in their sleep. Our Naturalle 1.0 Mattress is made of all things good and reduces your tossing, so you get uninterrupted sleep. When you get deep sleep for hours, your body recovers, and you do not feel pain in any part of the body. The Naturalle 1.0 mattress is made with an enhanced support system and even pressure distribution for pain relief. This is the best orthopaedic mattress for back pain and hip pain. 


Your health conditions 

The age you are in, and the health conditions you suffer also matter a lot in the choice of mattress that you make. For example, lower back pain is very common in ageing people, and they need the best mattress for lower back issues. The lower back pain can also migrate to the hips for women and old people. You need to browse our Ortho Collection and choose a mattress that is made especially to reduce body pain and treat back pain issues. If you choose a mattress that does not support the lower back, there could be an increase in lumbar pain. You need a medium firm mattress that has contouring and zones for special support to the back and hips. You can choose our Impressions mattress that hugs the natural contours of your body and gives ample support to different parts of your body.

People who are sleeping on their side need extra support, or their shoulders and hips sag further below. People who already suffer from chronic hip pain or have undergone hip replacement surgery need special attention to mattresses for hip pain. You simply cannot choose a mattress that sags or does not give good support.


Choose the right mattress for pressure relief 

No matter which kind of sleeping posture you take up, you need pressure relief every night. For superior pressure distribution and relief, you need a mattress that gives proper support to your body. The best orthopaedic mattress for back pain offers complete support to the spine and offers great relief from pressure coiled in your bones. 


Side sleepers

People who sleep on their side could need more support than others because that is not the normal posture that they have during the day. The mattress should be firm but soft to feel because the vital organs need soft comfort. You can choose our Esteem mattress, which has optimal thickness and firmness for your body. The Esteem mattress has a gentle and soft feel but also the necessary firmness for people to sleep comfortably in the side position. The mattress has responsive body support, so even when the person changes his sides, he can sleep peacefully without any disturbance. 


Back sleepers

Many people sleep on their backs. People who sleep with pressure on their back need a mattress that gives firm support to the back and spine. Spinal alignment is very important for such a posture of sleep. Our Ortho Pro Profiled mattress is best for back sleepers as it has a medium-firm texture and a soft top feel. It is a very breathable mattress, so you do not feel stuffy or warm when sleeping on it with pressure on your back. You can also choose the Ortho Mattress for more back support so your spine remains safe. 


Stomach sleepers

People who sleep on their front or stomach need a firm mattress that distributes even pressure as the pressure is on vital internal organs. You need to find a mattress that is thick and firm so that your organs remain safe. You can choose our Premia mattress for complete support and recovery from pressure.

The mattress has a medium firm texture and pillow top finish, which gives your body comfort and support in a balanced way. You can sleep on this mattress for long hours without feeling suffocated. It has enhanced and responsive body support so your muscles and organs are stable. It also has pocket springs that give an even distribution of pressure and no disturbance when sleeping. 


There is a range of mattresses we offer for pressure point relief. Ideally, every mattress should be made of different layers so that you can easily sleep and relax. At Sleepwell, we take into account the common health issues our users face and create mattresses for effective pain relief. 


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