Mattress Lifespan: How Long Do They Last and When It's Time to Replace

Posted on: 25 Jun 2024

A good mattress will always be useful and remain in its best form for years. A mattress is a surface on which you sleep for years, and throughout this time, the mattress is used for sleep, leisure, work and even play. Picking a good mattress is important, and this can be done by looking at the longevity and durability factor of the mattress. 

The mattresses that we create with our premium quality materials are all strong and durable. We make mattresses that last for years and can stay on the bed without any sagging or moving. Our mattresses come with the guarantee that the layers of the mattress will remain in their structure and provide you with support day and night. 

However, mattresses do age, and even the best mattress in India can go through issues once it becomes old with time. If such a situation comes, you should look for ageing signs on the mattress and buy a new mattress for your bed. 


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What are the signs to look for in an ageing mattress?

If your mattress is starting to age, you will start seeing the signs very soon in the mattress and bed. Keep looking for the most visible and felt signs of a mattress going old before you buy a mattress online to replace it. Here are the mattress signs that you should look at in your ordinary mattress to see if it needs an immediate change. 



The sagging of the mattress can be seen when the mattress is of bad quality or very old in age. Sagging is a sign that comes up when the mattress slowly loses its integrity and does not hold its structure properly. The sagging of a mattress shows that the mattress is no longer able to provide support to the body of the sleeper. 

If you see that your mattress keeps the imprint and folds of your body after you have woken up from the bed, then it means that the mattress is sagging. Sagging also comes up when the mattress does not stay in place and droops beyond the bed frame.  The formation of uneven lumps and the flattening of the mattress show that the mattress is no longer able to support your body completely. 

To have adequate support for your body, you need a mattress that has anti-sagging and anti-skid features in it. For example, our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress is a durable mattress that does not sag easily. Even after 5 to 6 years of continuous use, you will not see any sagging when using it. 


Lumps and bumps 

When the life expectancy of a mattress is over, the mattress will slowly start forming lumps and bumps. When the mattress is old, the materials that the mattress is formed from do not hold their structure and characteristics. 

This also means that there is no pressure distribution, and this can show up as lumps and bumps in different places. When the structure of the mattress no longer holds up, it will have lumps and be uncomfortable to sit on and sleep on.

The lumps and bumps should be seen as a serious sign that the mattress needs to be replaced. There is no point in holding on to a dirty and old mattress beyond the lifespan of a mattress. Sleeping on a mattress with lumps and bumps can lead to problems like sore back, respiratory problems and other issues.



The use of a mattress that has gone beyond its lifespan can also show problems like squeaking and weird noises. This can also happen if you have an old mattress. A mattress can be very noisy when its materials and internal structure give way to age. 

An ordinary mattress will be very noisy and will make you toss and turn when you go to bed and try to sleep. You need to use a mattress that has resilience and the features of no disturbance so that you can sleep without any major problems. 

Most of our mattresses, like Mable Mattress, are made out of Resitec layers, which are high-density, high-resilience foam made exactly for enhanced support. Mable Mattress comes with motion isolation, and you will surely sleep in peace every night on such a high-quality mattress. We craft mattresses that stay quiet in the bedroom and let you enjoy your moments of rest and relaxation. 



If you did not have allergy-like symptoms and sickness in your body before, but now you keep coughing and sneezing, then it can be because of your old mattress. People do not change their mattresses or even turn them regularly. To maintain the hygiene of your old mattress, you need to take it out in the sun and let it dry. Over the years, an old mattress remains pressed between you and the bed, and it can become a depository for dust and debris. 

If you have the habit of eating on the bed, you might even have to suffer from food remaining on the mattress. This debris and waste often lead to health problems when you sleep on an unclean and old bed. A new mattress will be more hygienic and can repel dust. An old mattress absorbs dust, humidity and allergies to affect your airways and your skin. 

All our mattresses are made in hygienic conditions and are made with Neem Fresche technology so you can sleep on a clean surface every night. The fabric top of our mattresses has antimicrobial, dust-repellent characteristics that protect you from allergies and infections. 


Aches and body pains 

Body aches and pains should never happen when you are resting or have just rested. If your bed is making you restless and sore when you retire for the night, then it means that the mattress is no longer fit to sleep on and needs replacement. 

A good mattress will be specially designed for pressure relief and to reduce pain in the body. It is only when your mattress is very old that you start suffering from body aches. If you constantly wake up with soreness and pain in the body, then your mattress is not the best fit for you. 

You need to look at our mattress buying guide and choose a new mattress to replace the old mattress with. Your sleep quality should be improved and heightened by the new mattress. 

How do I increase the lifespan of my mattress? 

All things last longer if proper care is taken over time. A mattress can also last longer if you take precautions and care at a personal level. You can keep the mattress in its original condition if you maintain its hygiene. Here are some steps to take care of your existing mattress. 


Use a mattress protector 

After buying a new mattress, pair it with a good and thick mattress protector. This will not only protect the mattress from dust and debris, but it will also increase the support you get when sleeping. You should get a mattress protector as it can be easily taken off and cleaned every one or two weeks. This protects the mattress from dust and stains so it looks like new for a longer time. This also maintains the cleanliness of the mattress to a great extent, so you get to sleep on a fresh and safe surface every night. 


Regular rotation 

One should regulate the use of the mattress by rotating the mattress 180 degrees every three months or so. You can also completely reverse the mattress if it is a dual surface mattress like the Dual Pro Profiled mattress. You can easily rotate it in 360 degrees, and the mattress is very safe to use on both surfaces. This gives you a clean and new surface to sleep on, and it also keeps the pressure distributed evenly on the mattress. With such precautions, you can use the mattress for at least a decade. 


Avoid jumping excessively

We make mattresses that are very easy to use and stay stable under multiple conditions. We have great mattresses for multiple activities, but when using the mattress, make sure that you do not jump on it excessively. The mattresses are made out of high-quality materials, which gives them resilience and recovery. However, if there is excessive jumping or pressure, the mattress will surely lose its structural integrity.


At Sleepwell, we create the best quality mattresses for all kinds of people and for bedrooms of different sizes. A mattress will go old after 7 to 10 years. However, if you take care of the mattress and keep your bed clean, your mattress will last longer. If you have an old and sagging mattress and you do not know how do I pick a mattress, then you need to refer to our mattress collection and know the best mattress for your sleep needs. Our mattress collection has diverse types of mattresses that come with the promise of durability and stability. 


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