Insomnia-Free India: The Role of Quality Mattresses with Restful Nights

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

Insomnia, or the lack of sleep, is a problem that a majority of the Indian population is facing today. The lack of sleep could be triggered by a lot of factors. Sleep is a natural process of the body, and when done right, it can be very restful. However, for sleep to be fully restorative, other aspects of your life should also be on track. 

People who lack a good lifestyle and also have high levels of stress in their day-to-day lives often struggle with insomnia. Latent health conditions can also be a reason behind insomnia. Sleeplessness is an issue that needs to be tackled with lifestyle changes, diet changes, better sleeping habits and a good bed. To make India insomnia-free, we are making the best mattress for insomnia and stress relief. 


Best comfort mattress

Why is it important to tackle insomnia at a personal level? 

Insomnia is a bane that can have a profound impact on multiple areas of your life. If you are stressed and lack sleep, sleep deprivation affects your physical health, emotional health, and other functions. Here are some ways that the problem of insomnia can affect your health. 


Physical aspect 

Sleep deprivation due to insomnia can be a cause of clumsiness, dissociation, chronic fatigue, etc. Sleep is the silent factor that helps your body cells repair and renew at night. If you do not sleep on time and do not give your body proper rest, your cells will not renew, and you will feel tired all the time. 

You will also increase the risk of facing high blood pressure,  heart health issues and other major diseases if there is a continuous pattern of losing sleep. This is why when you buy a mattress online, you should buy a mattress that gives even support and pressure relief so you can wake up with repaired and restored abilities. 

A mattress like our Nexa Mattress comes with a lot of features that support your physical health in different ways. It has responsive contour-hugging zones that help you experience undisturbed sleep. It also has even pressure distribution and superior support, so you can have a deep sleep session and wake up without any soreness. 

The mattress design also includes breathable layers that keep you cool during sleep so you can rest without any sweating or discomfort. Our Nexa foam is designed to adapt to your sleep position and helps you sleep for long hours every night. 


Mental health 

Mental health is just as important or more than physical health, and you need to support it with your mattress choice. Mental health can also suffer gravely from insomnia. People who do not sleep for the optimal hours are putting their brains and minds through constant stress, and this creates a cycle of bad mental health. If you do not sleep properly for one or two nights, you lose your focus and also have more mood fluctuations. The more sleep-deprived a person is, the more weak he will be mentally. 

People who lack sleep are depressed, and those who are depressed often find it difficult to fall asleep. Thus, anxiety and insomnia can create a vicious cycle of bad emotional and mental health. The answer to how do you cure insomnia can be found in the choice of mattress and sleeping habits you have. To support your mental health, you should create a relaxing environment in your bedroom and create a bedtime routine that helps you sleep better. 

For better mental health and less stress, you need a premium quality mattress that feels like a cloud and helps you drift to sleep easily. We offer many premium quality mattresses to our clients, including our Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress. The Pro Nexa collection has our best mattresses for sleep, and it helps you sleep undisturbed every night. 

After a long, busy day, this contour-cut profile mattress gives superior support and luxurious comfort to your body so you drift to sleep in a few minutes. We believe in the attitude of working hard and sleeping easier, which our Pro Nexa mattresses are made for. The plush top and the contour-hugging qualities of this mattress take away all your stress and help you sleep like a baby. 


Daily tasks 

What a lot of people do not realise or see is how the lack of sleep affects their ability to do day-to-day chores. A person who suffers from insomnia will always function at half his productivity and efficiency. The human body is created and destined for amazing achievements. However, if you do not get adequate sleep, then you will suffer damage and lack precision in daily tasks. 

People who function with sleep deprivation often lack the concentration level needed to finish tasks. Such people are more irritable and have bursts of anger, which hampers their relationships. Sleeplessness also makes you clumsy, and this affects your ability to do things without difficulty. 

For daily efficiency and highly productive days, you need an efficient mattress that cures your sleeplessness. Our Mable mattress is a cosy and snug mattress that allows you to sleep for long hours and rest your body completely. It has a bouncy, plush top and enhanced support for the body. 

The soft feel and firm layers help you sleep with comfort. It has a 3-zoned Resitec foam layer that helps in even pressure distribution and better pressure point relief. Once you know what insomnia causes, you will also understand the crucial role your mattress and bed play in helping you sleep. 

How does the quality of the mattress affect the quality of sleep? 

We have studied the science of sleep, and we know that the mattress you choose determines the way you sleep. Instead of generic mattresses, choose our mattresses that are made specifically to target the latent factors that can impede sleep quality. How do you treat insomnia? With our mattress selection. 



The spinal alignment that you maintain during sleep decides the quality of sleep you get. Your sleep posture is important as the correct posture reduces soreness and pain in your body. The mattress should support the spinal alignment. Our Orthopaedic mattresses and Spinetech collection are made specifically to give superior support to the spine. 

With our Spinetech Air Luxury mattress, you can correct your sleep posture and sleep on a cool bed. Good support to the spine can help in muscle and neural recovery so you do not feel any pain and discomfort as you sleep. As a result, your sleep goes uninterrupted until the body naturally wakes up. 


Pressure relief 

For complete comfort and proper pain relief during sleep, you need a mattress that helps in pressure relief. During the day, pressure builds up in different parts of the body as people encounter stress. The more stress they face, the more pressure coils in their muscles. To relieve pressure from the body, you need complete rest at night. The most common pressure points in the body are hips, shoulders and joints. 

If the pressure is not relieved from the body, it creates soreness and pain in the body. We create mattresses like Impressions mattresses that are specifically created for pressure relief and painless sleep. If you go for a generic mattress from the local store, you will feel like tossing and turning all night. Your sleep will not be complete, and you will wake up with pain in your entire body. To avoid such conditions, you should opt for a mattress that has amazing pressure relief in its features. 


Temperature regulation 

The temperature of your bedroom and your bed matters a lot when determining the way you sleep. You need a room that remains at a cool temperature of at least 19 to 20 degrees. This is an issue with Indian bedrooms as sometimes, the bedroom temperature can be well above 25 degrees Celsius, even at night. To tackle this, you need a mattress that has an airy and breathable feel. 

This is important as it helps you sleep without any sweating and night heat. Our Esteem Mattress has a breathable feel and does not let moisture from sweating or humidity stay. You can always take a nap or sleep easily on this mattress. When you have a cool and comfortable bed, you can sleep for long hours and get the rest that you want for your body. 


The use of a comfortable, supportive and easy-to-sleep-on mattress can alleviate your sleep concerns and help you sleep very easily. At Sleepwell, we create mattresses that are very easy to maintain and also super comfortable. With our mattress collection, you can find the best mattress for bed and sleep any time during the day. 

You can sleep and relax on the bed if you have a versatile and useful mattress on it. Choose a mattress that specifically targets your sleep concerns and resolves insomnia for you. We make mattresses that are perfectly made for the Indian climate and population. Understand insomnia and what causes it, and then choose the mattress that is best for your bed. 


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