Griha Pravesh (Housewarming): Gifting Mattresses For A Well-rested Start In A New Home

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

Are you going to your relative’s housewarming event and looking for unique housewarming gift ideas that will improve their quality of life as well as add meaning to their new home? Then, gifting a perfect mattress will be a unique gift you can think of. It may sound weird. However, a well-designed mattress will improve their sleeping habits and provide a luxurious look to their new bedroom.

We at Sleepwell have a wide range of luxurious mattress collections to gift to your loved ones. In this blog, we will guide you on why you should gift your beloved with a good-quality mattress.


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Why Mattress Is One Of The Best Housewarming Gifts?

A new home comes with lots of new hopes and dreams. So, decorating your new home requires lots of time and adjustments as you adapt to a new place. Also, a new home brings lots of tiredness as you may need to welcome guests almost every other day. So, a mattress as a housewarming gift is the perfect thing for you to give your loved one.

Let’s discuss the reasons behind the mattress when you give someone a gift.

Comfortable Sleep

Everyone deserves a comfortable sleep at night, especially in a new home. After a housewarming or Griha Pravesh Puja, the family members get back to arranging their things in a new place and get tired of the hassle of arranging things to give their house a sweet home look.

So, at night, they need a comfortable mattress where they can sleep peacefully without realising that it is a new place for them and feel as if they are at their old houses where they are sleeping nicely. You can buy our Sleepwell Pro Nexa Premium mattress that comes with a gentle feel, Pro Nexa foam, and good air circulation, giving a comfortable sleep to your loved one when you purchase for them as perfect Griha Pravesh gifts.


Health Benefits

Gifting a good-quality mattress as a housewarming gift has several health benefits for your relatives. When they sleep on a comfortable mattress, their physical and mental growth will be enhanced. Also, adequate sleep affects their weight management. Another health benefit of living on a comfortable mattress is your loved ones will not feel any kind of pain in their back, shoulder, and hip area, which prevents them from chronic Arthritis or other orthopaedic diseases in the future.

Mattress as new home gifts help new homeowners in their cognitive health benefits, leading to increased productivity, increased alertness, and better management ability of their daily work challenges by providing a sound sleep at night.


Luxurious Touch

A new home needs lots of new arrangements and house decor to give the house a luxurious look. Apart from other decorative items, a luxurious mattress also gives your bedroom a luxury touch with its premium features and materials. You may wonder how a mattress can provide a luxurious feel. Well, you can simply imagine sleeping in a hotel room with a fluffy, comfortable mattress. It feels like heaven, right? 

So, gifting a high-quality mattress as a housewarming gift to your loved ones gives them a luxurious feel at home and removes all their stress and anxiety. Gift them our Pro Nexa Luxury Mattress that comes with luxurious plushness, perfect air circulation, enhanced body support, and a zoned contour contour cut profile. It will be the perfect premium decor for your new home.


A Warm Gesture

When you gift a mattress to your dear ones, it will be a warm gesture from your side, and they will feel how much you care for them. When buying mattresses as gifts for new homeowners, as per their personal preferences, they will feel your care. For instance, if your beloved is suffering from back pain often, then you can select a mattress that will support their back and spinal alignment and evenly distribute their body posture to give them a comfortable sleep, which can be a gesture of caringness from your side.

You can try our back support mattress ranges to gift your beloved a perfectly good night's sleep with our premium quality mattress. If you have decided to gift your loved one as per their need or you want to customise your gift, then you can follow these steps to please your loved one.

Choose a material that will perfectly match your dear one’s needs. There are several material options available in our shop, including natural latex, memory foam, coir, pocket springs, and more. 
Check the firmness level based on their sleeping position, body weight, health issues, and their comfort needs.
Also, decide for whom you are buying the mattress. That means the size of the mattress plays a significant role. For instance, if you are buying a mattress for a couple, then a queen-size or king-sized one is perfect for them.


Improve their Quality Of Living

A high-quality mattress is regarded as one of the best housewarming gifts that help them improve their quality of living. It not only helps them to improve their sleep but also can be crucial to improve their physical and mental health so that they can live a quality, healthier life for a long time.

This beautiful gift is a thoughtful gift to your loved one that enhances their daily productivity and mood by making them rejuvenated in the morning. Also, it has been proved that healthier sleep can improve relationships by improving your mental balance and understanding.


A Long-lasting gesture of Care

If you want to gift such a unique thing to your dear one that he/she will remember your gift for a long time, then a high-quality mattress can be taken as a great housewarming gift.

Every time they lie on your gifted mattress, they will remember you when you gift them a premium, long-lasting mattress of good quality material that may last up to 10 years or even more with proper care. If you really want a long-lasting and durable mattress to give to your beloved, then try our Sleepwell latex mattress, which gives you a comfortable sleep and is known for its longevity.


Save Their Pocket

Giving your loved one a perfect housewarming gift can help them save their pocket for years. So, for a new home, a new good quality mattress is necessary to sleep in a comfortable space. 

So, to avoid unnecessary expenses for your loved one, gifting the best-quality mattress can be a sweet gesture of care, and it can save them part of the money when they want to buy a premium mattress for themselves.

These are some of the reasons why a mattress can be considered as one of the good housewarming gifts to your loved ones. So, next time you think about giving a unique gift to your beloved person, then think about a mattress when you care for them for their longevity.

How Can You Gift A Mattress to Your Beloved Person?

Let’s consider some tips that can help you please your dear ones when you want to gift them a perfect mattress as per their need.

To select the right mattress for your loved one, consult with him/her about his/her specific needs, health issues, and any kind of allergies he/she is suffering from.
Take your time to properly research the mattress that specifies his or her needs, check firmness, material quality, reviews, and brands that perfectly suit their specifications.
Purchase the mattress that offers warranty and trial options, which help your loved one to adapt to the mattress, or they can exchange or return them if they feel uncomfortable with the mattress.
Check your loved one’s bed size and then accordingly buy the mattress that can perfectly fit into their bed size so they do not feel uncomfortable in an ill-fitted mattress.
The best way to give them their perfect-suited mattress is to take them with you for mattress shopping. However, if you decide to surprise them on their housewarming day, then you may have to spoil your surprise plan and rather take them shopping to provide them with their specific needs regarding their mattress needs.
Taking them shopping helps them to decide which mattresses are best suited to their health issues, flexibility, comfort, and other specific customizations in their mattress solution, or you can get an idea of what features they need in a mattress for their comfortable sleep pattern. After they select their mattress, they pay for that mattress as a sweet gesture of care.

We hope the above tips will help you get your loved one the mattress that he or she wants, and you can make him/ her happy and build a caring relationship with a perfect mattress.

Buy Your Loved One A Perfect Mattress From Sleepwell Store Now!

Mattress gifting for housewarming may be unusual for many people. However, the above-mentioned reasons speak about its importance while creating a beautiful, caring attitude toward your loved one. 

So, get your loved one their favourite mattress that will help them improve their quality of life from our mattress ranges and build a caring relationship with our premium quality mattress materials.


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