Exploring better-certified options than memory foam and their importance for enhanced body recovery

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

It is true that memory foam has amazing benefits and is used to create the most supportive mattresses for sleep. However, memory foam mattresses are not the most recent innovations in sleeping technology. Buying luxury mattresses in India can take you through different types of foam and memory foam mattresses. 

Foam is the basic material for a medium-soft mattress, but this foam can be treated and designed for additional benefits. In our company, we believe in creating mattresses that are made out of the best quality materials. 

We try to combine all the recent technology together to create mattresses that are best for our customers. In the creation of a mattress, we not only look after the quality but also what goes into the mattress and why. Apart from memory foam, we have also used other certified foam types to create luxury mattresses online. 


Best comfort mattress

Why do you need certifications for your foam mattress? 

We only use certified foams and trademarked foam in our mattresses because we want you to experience the best quality sleep possible. For example, you can buy a Sleepwell Nexa mattress and sleep on our trademarked Nexa Foam. 


Health and Safety 

We get certifications for our foam layers because we are most concerned about the safety level of the mattress you will sleep on every night. The mattress that you use should uphold all the high health standards and be safe for your skin and lungs as you spend a lot of time in bed. As we have a more sedentary lifestyle now with work from home and online classes, it is important to create foam mattresses that are very safe for long-term use. 

When you buy a generic mattress, you might be exposing yourself to toxic fumes and dust. By buying our certified foam mattresses, you will be able to look after your health even when you sleep. Is a memory foam mattress good? Yes, but our Nexa-certified mattress has even better health benefits and overall pressure relief. 


Environmental impact

We have our foam material for mattresses certified because we want to take a more responsible approach towards the environment. The certifications that our foam material has also assures that the inner layers of the mattress will be easily biodegradable after their lifespan. Instead of artificial foam and nonbiodegradable materials, most of our foam mattresses use naturally good materials that easily degrade into organic compounds. 

This way, we do not create much waste and handle the waste in a responsible manner. We take a sustainable approach so that you can handle the process of waste disposal very safely. Additionally, the mattresses that we create have fabric tops and fabric quilting, which are very environmentally safe. 


Quality assurance 

When buying a mattress, you will be most concerned with the quality of the mattress that you choose. With the certifications that we have, whether it is Impressions, Resitec or Nexa, you can be very assured of the quality we deliver with our mattresses. The certifications and trademarks are given to stand for quality. We pay a lot of attention to quality because we want you to have a blissful sleep every night. 

We take customer feedback and study the customer base to understand specific sleep needs and then create foam layers that have specific health benefits. With multiple certifications, you can be assured of the high quality and durability of the mattress, so it lasts for years. You do not have to go for the most expensive mattress for your bed because we include certified foam in almost all medium-range mattresses and luxury mattresses in our collection. 

Types of certified mattress foams we have 

Here are some of the best foam types you will find in our collection, as well as their detailed description. Our certified and trademarked foams have multiple benefits and play a crucial role in improving your sleep experience. 


Sleepwell Resitec Foam 

Sleepwell Resitec foam is named as such because it is very resilient and flexible in nature. It has a bouncy texture, and it does not get deformed even under a lot of pressure. Because of its resilience, it gives the mattress the right kind of firmness and recovery, allowing for better pressure and pain relief. 

This is the foam we use for optimal support to the body even when you change your sleeping position. Resitec takes away the stress in your muscles and releases the stress so you feel well-rested after waking up in the evening. 


Sleepwell Quiltec foam quilting 

The trademarked Sleepwell Quiltec layer is actually double-layered, giving a soft and plush feel to the bed. For extra comfort and bounce, we have introduced the Quiltec quilting layer. This double-layered foam is often found below the European top fabric, and it is amazing at creating a cloud-like feeling for your sleep. It is also there to absorb heat and dissipate it continuously so that your bed remains cold at all times.

On the other hand, it also helps in better airflow and enhances the breathability of the mattress. The top knitted fabric and the quilting together help in superior air circulation and keep the mattress cool. You can sleep on a cold and comfortable bed topped with the Quiltec layer. It is thick and adds a layer of elevation to the mattress. Moreover, it has moisture-wicking properties that are best for Indian homes. Overall, the Quiltec layer has multiple benefits and enhances your sleep experience by manifold. 


Impressions foam 

Impressions foam is also a certified foam layer that we have created for the superior comfort of our users. It is best found in our Impressions mattress. This type of foam is created for even pressure distribution so you can sleep with complete support to the body. Your pressure points like hips, shoulders, neck and joints are supported for slow pressure relief so you wake up completely well-rested and fresh. The Impressions foam is an amazing foam layer that has the right balance of softness and support. It makes the mattress very snug, so you immediately drift off to sleep. 

This foam is best for people who have high-stress jobs and have difficulty sleeping. The Impressions foam is also adaptable, and it fits the sleeping positions and movements of the sleeper, so you will have undisturbed sleep in any position. This is a great foam type as it reduces pressure from your body and eases blood circulation throughout the night. By sleeping on a mattress that has Impressions foam inside it, you can reduce body aches and soreness. The foam is also very lightweight and breathable, so it stays cool in any room. This helps in perfect temperature and sleep regulation. 


Latex Plus foam 

We have created special Latex Plus foam, which combines the goodness of natural latex with the firmness of good quality foam. It has a higher resilience and is very bouncy to sleep on. This helps your body recover and also maintains the integrity of the mattress. This type of foam is hypoallergenic, provides the body with superior support, and even helps with pressure distribution.

The cell-like structure of latex helps relieve pressure and maintains high breathability, so you sleep comfortably and without any pain. The mattress is very soft and bouncy, and it has Latex Plus foam, so you can use it very flexibly. Thus, our Latex Plus mattress is best for long hours of sleep and multi-activity. If you are someone who works from home and likes to work from bed, this is the best choice for your room. The surface of the Latex Plus Foam is adaptable and helps you sleep better with a plush feeling. 


Nexa foam 

Our Pro Nexa Foam is certified and trademarked because it is one of the best foam types on the market. The mattresses made with Pro Nexa foam are part of our Pro Nexa collection and have multiple benefits. The Pro Nexa foam combines multiple benefits like breathability and cooling, pressure distribution and ultra-luxurious feel. This is why our Pro Nexa Classic mattress is very loved by people all around India. 

We have researched thoroughly before making the Nexa foam, and it has features like easy movement of your body because of its adaptable nature. So, you can sleep, jump, work and play on the bed as much as you want. It also has 30 percent faster heat dissipation than other types of generic foam, so you can sleep on a cool bed in any weather. It is excellent as a mattress for stress relief as it has a higher pressure relief feature.


At Sleepwell, we have created unique and beneficial foam layers that are combined to create the best mattresses in India. Whether you go for a simple mattress like our Star Gold mattress or one from our Pro Nexa collection, you will love sleeping on your bed. We are trying to reverse the habit of insomnia for people through our premium mattresses. 


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