Exploring a Range of King Size Mattresses Made to Suit Your Comfort

Posted on: 13 May 2024

Are you planning a new bedroom for your partner and your comfort? Whether you are newly married or are shifting with your partner, a king-sized bed with a comfortable plush mattress is the best for your bedroom. We have mattresses with different textures and feel in king-sized dimensions for your comfort. A king-sized bed with a nice mattress is appropriate for your family and helps you sleep comfortably. 

If you want one bed for your small family, then a king-sized bed with a spacious mattress is the best choice. We offer plush and snug mattresses with different dimensions to help you sleep better. Our king-sized mattress is made for your comfort and personal space. For the best-rated king-size mattress, browse through our existing collection and buy one. 


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Why should you switch to a king-sized mattress? 

There are multiple reasons why you should change to a big bed with a king-sized mattress.  Let us enlist those reasons below so you know why this purchase is the best idea. 


A lot of space 

A king-sized bed has the usual dimension of 76”, and its length is 80”. This bed is big enough for a family with one child and can also fit your pet. If you want your bed to be the centre of attention in the bedroom, as it should be, buy a king-sized bed and then pair it with a king-size mattress. You can create a comfortable and spacious bed with the help of our king-size mattresses. 

Our king-sized mattresses are very plush because they are made of multiple layers of foam and give you the ultimate comfort. If you have a concern that the bed is too small for you and your partner, then you need to switch to a much better mattress size. A king-sized mattress can be the best for your bed if you are married and planning to start a family. Even if you do not have a partner, you might need a bigger bed for your personal use. 

People who move around and roll on their bed in sleep definitely need a king-sized mattress from our brand. If you work from your bed and treat the bed as a central piece of furniture in your bedroom, you will need a big bed with a king-sized mattress. Our Star Gold Mattress is a great one to use for multiple purposes. 

It is an optically thick mattress that has multiple layers of Resitec and PU foam. It is very breathable because it has an air mesh fabric on the bottom and a knitted fabric on top. The Star Gold Mattress is a large one that is great for one or two people. It is a mattress that gives you a lot of comfort and support for spinal alignment. Moreover, the price of king-size bed mattresses is lower with discounts offered by us. 


Peaceful sleep 

If you continuously struggle to sleep at night and face insomnia, it is a sure sign of changing your mattress. When changing your mattress, choose one that supports your body in sleep and is big enough for your sleeping postures. You need a king-sized mattress with orthopaedic features for a peaceful sleep after a long day. 

If you struggle with body pain and soreness every day, then changing the mattress to an orthopaedic king-size mattress will be the best choice. The bed might be responsible for your pain if your body is too long for the mattress. You need proper support for the body when sleeping for long hours. Our orthopaedic mattresses in king size provide you with support and alignment so you can sleep peacefully at any time. 

A king-sized bed with an orthopaedic mattress in the same dimension is best for a couple that struggles with sleeplessness. If you are an insomniac and your partner has different sleeping habits, then our Mable Mattress with zero partner disturbance feature is best for your king-sized bed. The Mable mattress king bed mattress price is a bit high, but its multiple benefits make up for the high price. 

The Mable Mattress has a blend of springs and foam to give you excellent motion isolation. This ensures that both you and your partner sleep with zero disturbance. The Quiltec quilting gives a plush surface for you to sleep on. Below it, the contoured 3-zoned Profiled Resitec foam gives your body responsive support so you sleep comfortably in any position. Your tosses and turns will no longer wake you or your partner up. 


Excellent bed for a family 

Whether you are planning to marry and start a family or want to upgrade your mattress for your growing child, switching to a king-sized mattress makes a lot of sense. A king-size bed mattress is excellent for families, especially nuclear families. You can upgrade your bed to a larger bed and set up a king-sized mattress from our Pro Nexa collection if you want a highly comfortable bed. 

Our bed mattresses come in different dimensions, and you can easily buy our Revital 3.0 mattress in king-sized dimensions. The Revital 3.0 mattress has multiple benefits and is excellent for your family bedroom. The mattress has Impressions foam and Resitec foam, which provide proper back support for you and your growing child. 

The mattress has a gentle and firm feel for peaceful nights. Whether you take a nap during the day or play with your child on the bed, every moment is enjoyable on the Revital 3.0 mattress. Our mattresses are made of hypoallergenic foam and fabric, which protect you and your kid from allergies. 

The Resitec and Profiled Resitec foam layers provide a lot of flexibility and edge support when you are sleeping with your family. The mattress is anti-skid, too, so your family can drift into sleep safely. You can create the best family bedroom with our king-sized mattresses that are meant for large beds. 



With each of our mattresses, we promise durability. We help you find the best mattress that will last on your bed for years. We provide a seven-year warranty with our king-sized mattresses. When you take care of the mattress and keep it clean, it can last for at least a decade. Our mattresses are made of premium quality materials that do not sag or lose their structure. 

As your family grows and spends time happily, we become the sturdy partners of your sleep. The knitted top and high-density foam layers are very strong and keep the mattress as it is. The hypoallergenic premium fabric on top protects your bed from dust and mites. You will not face any health problems when sleeping on our king-sized mattresses. Our Naturally 1.0 mattress has double germ protection, which is great for your family bedroom. 

This mattress is the best-rated king-size mattress for your bed, as it has a range of benefits. The king-size mattress from the Naturalle range is expensive, but you can buy it in easy instalments. The mattress is durable, and you can use the mattress for many years even after the cost has been paid. 

The mattress gives even pressure distribution and enhanced back support for superior comfort and sound sleep. The natural latex and euro top finish gives you a comfortable and plush bed to sleep on. Moreover, the Resitec foam and Coir springs keep the bed stable and flexible. The combination of natural materials makes the Naturalle 1.0 mattress durable and strong. 


Luxurious feel 

With the king-sized mattress, you feel like the king of your bedroom. The space and luxury that our king-sized mattresses offer are unparalleled. A  luxurious bed with the right mattress underneath invites you to sleep every night. 

On our luxury mattresses in king size, you can sleep for hours without a worry. The luxurious feel and back support helps you rest and release pain from your body. If you want to create a luxurious bed for yourself and your partner, you should buy a spacious king-sized mattress.

One of our mattresses that has an ultra-luxurious feel is the Cellergise mattress. The price of the king bed mattress is quite high. The durability and luxury feel of the mattress are worth the price. Moreover, the mattress comes with zoned cells that help you sleep comfortably every night. 

The mattress comes with a premium fabric top and zipper cover that protects the bed from dust and debris. With this mattress, we create a luxurious and hygienic bed for you and your children. 

Final words

A king-sized mattress from a reputed mattress brand might be costly. However, the features and durability that these mattresses offer make up for the high price you have to pay. A king-sized mattress comes with a promise of luxury and comfort. At Sleepwell, we create the perfect mattress for your king-sized bed so you have ample space to enjoy your night and afternoon naps. Upgrade your bed and mattress size today to sleep peacefully every night with your partner. With our king-sized mattresses, you also get free pillows to complete your new bed. 


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