Explore the Best Single Bed Foam Gadda Price Available Online for Ultimate Comfort

Posted on: 13 May 2024

If you are looking for a good quality mattress that offers ultimate comfort and fits in your single-size bed frame, then it’s time to explore the collection of single bed foam mattresses. Single-size mattresses are best for bachelors', kids', and guests' rooms. For single bed size, it is highly recommended to go for a foam mattress as it will offer you the desired comfort. 

As its name suggests, its size is much smaller and can accommodate only a teenager, an adult, or two toddlers. People often like to buy this mattress for their children's rooms.

At Sleepwell, we have a broader range of single-size mattresses that will meet your sleep needs and offer you optimal comfort. No matter what type of mattress you choose, for example, latex foam or memory foam, we have a great variety of mattresses for single-bed owners like you to explore and make the right decision. 

Whatever your comfort preferences regarding single-foam mattresses, we have a wide range of mattress products in stock to satisfy them. All you have to do is search for it in our store for a single bed foam gadda price and invest in the suitable one. 

Here, in the blog post, we have brought you the best collection of single bed foam mattresses and their price ranges. 


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Sleepwell Dual Pro Profiled Mattress

The dual-pro profiled mattress is designed to offer great relaxation to your muscles with enhanced ventilation. It comes with a wave profile that gives a massaging feel and great breathability. The mattress is 12.5 cm (5.0") in thickness. It is equipped with soft PU foam that offers snug support to give you the right comfort. It has profiled resitec foam, which is uniquely designed to relieve pressure and offer gentle bounce. 

The best part of this mattress is its dual-tone fabric. It is specifically designed to offer the best support and provide relief from pressure points. The light-tone fabric will give you a gentler feel, and the dark tone will give you a firmer feel. This single bed gadda price starts at ₹5,597.00 with 5 years manufacturing warranty. Moreover, you will get a 100-day free trial with this mattress. 

Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress

The Sleepwell Ortho Pro Spring Mattress comes with three-zone technology. It is designed to perfectly align with your spine and give it a natural state. The major highlight of the mattress is its medium firm feel with 15.0 cm (6.0") thickness, Triple zone tech, anti-skied and wave zoning. The mattress offers you complete spinal adaptation with enhanced comfort and support. It will give you a fresh and airy feel with healthy breathability. 

Waveform zoning is specially designed to differentiate areas of firmness and support on the mattress to provide the utmost comfort to your back. The incorporation of impression foam will naturally fit with the contours of the body and provide great pressure distribution. It will also improve blood circulation with its shape adjustment feature. The foam material will give your body a similar level of comfort in every season. The three Zone pocket springs will provide perfect spinal alignment and adapt to your curves and specific pressure points to offer the best relief. The cost of a single bed mattress starts at ₹8,766.00 with a 5-year warranty and 100 days free trial. You can buy it from our store. 

Sleepwell Spinetech Mattress

For a highly relaxing sleep, bring home our Spintech Mattress, which offers enhanced 3-zoned back support. The mattress is made of premium European fabric that offers great durability and smooth texture. It will offer you a plush feel every time you lie on the mattress. The mattress has tear-resistant properties and is also easy to maintain. Moreover, it will improve the aesthetic of your bedding environment. 

The Spintech Mattress is equipped with Sleepwell Quiltec quilting technique and profiled impressions. Together, both Quiltec and Impression foam will give you a cushioning feel and plush comfort. The 3 Zoned Profiled Resitec foam is the best feature that offers special contouring with equal pressure distribution. Moreover, it is also equipped with rebonded foam that will provide more firmness and enhanced body support. Your body will get optimal support and comfort. The single size of this mattress of 15 cm thickness starts at ₹15,927.00. But, if you opt for 20 cm thickness, it starts at ₹21,872.00. This mattress type comes with 5 years of warranty. 

Sleepwell Star Gold Mattress

If you are looking for an affordable single-size bed mattress, our Star Gold Mattress will be the best ever choice. The mattress will offer you zero stress and perfect spine alignment. It will offer your body a medium-firm feel with a 10.0 cm thickness. The Resitec Foam of this mattress will provide more resilience and better flexibility by giving pressure point relief. The mattress comes with a medium-firm feel and comfortable bounce.

Contoured PU Foam is integrated to offer great pressure relief on various pressure points of the body, which also improves airflow and boosts coolness and recovery. The dual-tone fabric will give you the best support while sleeping. The mattress also has smart bottom air mesh fabric that will give you supportive, airy, and fresh sleep. It will boost airflow and heat dissipation to prevent humidity. Overall, you will witness adequate body support, enhanced air circulation, healthy breathability, and great spine alignment using this mattress. The single-size mattress of 10 cm starts at ₹4,089.00, and 12.5 cm starts at ₹4,671.00. You will get a 100-day free trial and a 5-year warranty with this mattress. 

Sleepwell Pro Nexa Classic Mattress

Get next-level comfort with our Sleepwell Pro Nexa Classic Mattress. It provides your body with enhanced body recovery and eases body movements. You will get two thickness options with this mattress, which is 12.5 cm and 15 cm. It is made of premium European knitted fabric that will provide you with luxurious softness and improve the aesthetic of your bedding environment.  Overall, the fabric promises to offer you a soft and cushy comfort. It is equipped with Pro Nexa foam and Quiltec foam, which offer great responsiveness.

The mattress has the goodness of Sleepwell Resitec foam that offers higher resilience, greater flexibility, and comfort at pressure points. The medium firm feel of this mattress will give your body optimal comfort and support. Another great feature is its Acuprofile layer integrated with  ContourPro+ and a 3-zone resitec profile system. This combination will offer your body exceptional pressure distribution and improved ventilation in order to give you a restorative and rejuvenating sleep experience. In addition, the Air-O-Fresh foam will give your body a uniform firmness feel to boost support. The foam has a unique cell structure that will enhance air circulation and provide dry comfort in humid conditions. Our Pro Nexa Classic Mattress single size starts at ₹9,809.00 for 12.5cm thickness and ₹12,123.00 for 15cm. The mattress also has a 5 years manufacturing warranty.

Sleepwell Fitrest Premium Mattress

The speciality of our Fitrest Premium Mattress is that it features Sleepwell Acuprofile technology to offer ergonomic comfort. The key features of this mattress are its luxurious, gentle feel, plush quilting, improved air circulation, good breathability, soft top feel, and contour hugging. It is incorporated with Sleepwell's ingenious dual-layer foam, giving your body a luxurious surface feel. It improves air circulation and heat dissipation to remove moisture and provides more lift than other quilting foams. 

The impression foam of this mattress has the ability to naturally conform to the contours of the body. It will give you a soft fit and evenly distribute pressure. It will promote blood circulation and give you a healthy sleep. The mattress also has an Acuprofile Support Layer that comes with a wave pattern that offers great relaxation and relief pressure points. Sleeping on this mattress, you will witness enhanced breathability and freshness. Moreover, it is also incorporated with PU foam, which has the ability to retain resilience compared to conventional foams. This single bed mattress price starts at ₹8,076.00 for 12.5 thickness and ₹9,981.00 for 15cm with a 5-year warranty.

Sleepwell Durafirm 1.0 Mattress

Sleepwell Durafirm 1.0 Mattress is another budget-friendly mattress that offers firm back support. It is an orthocare mattress that offers a firm feel. The mattress offers gentle comfort and adequate back support. The main highlight of the mattress is its Quiltec foam quilting, which offers a plush surface feel. This foam layer will promote airflow and dissipate heat that will eliminate humidity. In comparison to other foam types, this one has a superior loft.

The mattress has rebonded foam integrated with rebonding technology, which offers extra firmness and enhanced body support. It is available in 11.5 cm and 14 cm thickness starting at ₹5,850.00 and ₹7,337.00, respectively. The mattress comes with 2 years of warranty. 

Final Thoughts 

Are you ready to shop for the best single-size bed mattress? The above options will be a great pick that will give you the best comfort and support. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly or luxury single-size mattress, we have great collections that fall under both of these considerations. Visit our Sleepwell store today and buy a suitable one. 


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