Essential Steps to Clean Your Mattress for a Healthy Sleep Environment

Posted on: 02 Jul 2024

A clean mattress is a clean bed, and the more often you clean your mattress, the better your health. People attach a lot of importance to getting the right kind of mattress. The truth is, you need to also keep the mattress clean once you buy it. Even the best mattress that you have on the bed needs regular cleaning and maintenance. You do not have to clean the mattress daily, but you should try to clean it at regular intervals. 

We make the best mattresses for your sleep, and we have created mattresses like Dual Pro profiled mattresses that will stay cleaner for a long time because they are made with the highest quality material and are fitted with Neem Fresche technology. Our mattresses are made to repel dust to a great extent. 

We also create reversible mattresses like Star Gold Mattress that are easier to maintain. However, you do have to take active steps towards maintaining the mattress to create a bed that is healthier for you. In this article, we will talk about which mattresses are best for hygiene and how to keep the bed clean so you do not fall sick very often. 


Best Indian mattress

Why do you need to clean the mattress? 

It is important to clean the mattress completely in one or two months because the mattress becomes a depository of dead cells, debris and dust over time. If you do not clean the mattress often, it will continue to be dirty and will slowly lead to infections. You might even develop dust allergy and other continuous symptoms of bad sleep and bad health. 

Therefore, you need to know how to clean a mattress thoroughly. To clean a mattress, you need some cleaning supplies and tools that work like magic. A mattress can be heavy, and the cleaning process can take time. However, if you use the right cleaning supplies, you can get a clean bed in a few hours. 

It is important to clean a mattress because it is a crucial part of your daily routine. You spend so much time in bed that the choice of a good mattress and then maintaining it properly is very important. If you are a multi-activity person who has the bed in the centre and it is a dominating piece of furniture, you will need a good mattress to pair with the king-sized bed frame. For example, our Revital 4.0 mattress is a great choice for a person who uses his bed all the time. 

What are the cleaning supplies you need to clean your mattress? 

Here are the cleaning supplies you need for deep cleaning of mattresses that you use every day. These cleaning supplies can also come in handy when cleaning the whole room, as well as the sofa and cushions. You will need a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt and dust. 

You also need a mild detergent or enzyme-based cleaner to remove wet stains and deep-rooted dirt from the mattress surface. Some of the cleaning supplies you can find at home, too. You can keep some baking soda and white vinegar for cleaning purposes as these remove stains and also get rid of foul odour. 

Keep a clean cloth for dusting, and also keep some spray bottles available so you can use them to apply cleaning solutions to the mattress. You should also buy a mattress protector with a mattress so that the surface remains completely clean after you have done the regular maintenance. 


How do you keep the bed mattress clean?

The easiest step you can take to clean the mattress is to strip the bed of the old bed sheet and change it. Every two days, you should change the bedsheet, and every day, you should make your bed so that no dirt or food debris stays on the bed for a long time. Such things can stain and damage the mattress over time.


Dust cleaning 

If your question is how do I clean a mattress thoroughly, it can be done easily after you strip the bed fully. You need to get rid of the bedsheet, pillowcases, pillows, and cushions to make sure that the mattress is open and clean. You can also put the mattress protector in the wash to clean.

After this, you need to use the vacuum cleaner. Use the upholstery attachment and make sure that you are cleaning the entire surface and even the nooks and crannies of the mattress.  

Run the vacuum cleaner on the mattress so that the loose dirt and debris are sucked off. The seams, crevices and edges should also be vacuumed so that your mattress and bed frame are thoroughly clean from surface dirt. This makes sure that you do not have any loose dirt to feel suffocated or ill from. 


Stain cleaning 

If your mattress has been in use for some months, it is possible that the mattress might have some stains in certain areas. To make sure that the dirt spots and stains go away, you need to use a cleaning solution with enzymatic action or a mild detergent. This detergent should be applied to the spots and stains and left for some time so the stains can fade. If you have sweat stains and water stains on the mattress, you might need to use a white vinegar and water solution so the sweat stains are removed. After blotting this solution for some time with a clean cloth, wipe the solution off and sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the surface so that the odour and stains are neutralised. 

If you are a girl or you have a partner, your bed mattress might also have some blood stains from her periods. In such cases, it can be ignored, but if you want to deep clean, you can use a solution of hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain. As you apply it, the compound will create strong bubbles. Once it has bubbled for some time, leave it for five minutes and then wash it off with cold water and blot the place. This will remove even the most stubborn blood stains. 

If the mattress is used by a small child or a patient and it has some urine stains with yellow and brown residue, you need to use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to get rid of the odour and stain. You can mix one part of hydrogen peroxide with three parts of baking soda and apply it to the stained area. Then, leave the area as it is for an hour. Once the solution has worked for an hour, you can blot it with a clean cloth and let the spot air dry. 



Baking soda is an amazing mattress cleaning solution as it removes stains and bad odours. If you have an old and smelly mattress, you need to sprinkle some baking soda solution on the mattress surface for the mattress to be neutralised from odour. You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the baking soda spray and then sprinkle it on a fresh-smelling mattress. You need to leave this baking soda solution on for some hours, and for best results, you can leave it as it is overnight. 

To disinfect the mattress completely and get rid of dust as well as microbes, you can do a deeper steam cleaning with a wet vacuum machine. Steam can enter the layers of the mattress and kill all the bacteria and dust mites so you can sleep on a completely safe surface. However, if you are doing steam cleaning as an amateur, you need to be careful because steam cleaning can cause the growth of fungi if the limit is not exercised. Do not oversaturate the mattress with steam and moisture, as it can affect the layers and cause more damage to the mattress. 

If you want to start afresh with the mattress, then flip the mattress. If you have a reversible mattress from our brand, you can easily flip the mattress and have a clean surface to sleep on. Even when you flip the mattress, dust it off and clean the surface before you sleep on it. When cleaning deeply, you should clean both surfaces. If you cannot flip the mattress completely, you should at least rotate the mattress 180 degrees so that you can sleep on a stable surface. 


Whether you are buying a mattress online or want to go for a new mattress offline, you need to know about mattress cleaning tips from the start. At Sleepwell, we not only create the best mattresses in India but also make sure that our products are created in a hygienic and safe way. 

We create mattresses that repel dust and stay clean for a longer time. Even then, you should clean the bed sheets every week, change the pillowcases from time to time and clean the mattress every three months or so. Apart from the bed, keep the bedroom clean and fresh for good sleep quality. 


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