Do Mattress Trials That Last 100 Nights Make Sense? Exposing the Benefits of Trial Periods

Posted on: 11 May 2024

Branded mattress comes with free trials to let the users understand whether the mattress is a perfect fit for them or not. The trial period is the major day that will let you experience the overall comfort and support you will get from the mattress. If the user finds and decides that the mattress isn't working as they desired, they can return it and get a refund. Also, in some cases, shoppers can also prefer to exchange the previously chosen model with another one.

At Sleepwell, we offer a 100 night trial mattress collection. The trial period is applicable for specific mattress categories only. According to our policy, only a registered customer can return the purchased mattress only once. If a mattress is exchanged previously, it will be considered non-eligible for return. Returns or refunds will depend on the mattress's condition during the return. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of trial periods for mattresses. Let's dive into the below section and find out the benefits;


Let's You Witness The Overall Comfort And Support From The Mattress

A mattress trial is a crucial period to determine the overall comfort of the mattress. You need to assess the overall comfort level. If you find the mattress is not comfortable, you can immediately request a refund. Checking the comfort and firmness of the best mattress in India will play a major role. So, you need to find out how the firmness is working for you. This also depends on whether you have picked up a pocket spring, latex, memory foam, or hybrid mattress type. So, you need to check out how the mattress type is supporting your sleep. Also, if you have aches or pain, you can ensure that the mattress is supportive to relieve your pain or not in the trial period itself. Therefore, these factors will let you consider whether you should continue sleeping on the mattress or not. 

Helps To Check Out Chemical Release And Odour

Off-gassing is the most common thing noticed in many mattresses. It usually results from the foams, glues, flame retardants, and other materials and chemicals incorporated inside the mattress. This off-gassing can be extremely dangerous as it can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your surroundings that will harm your indoor air quality. Further, you suffer from respiratory disorders or illness. In the trial period, you can find out whether any chemical is released from the mattress. 

It is found that memory foam and synthetic latex material emit the most volatile organic compounds. If you find your mattress has a very strong chemical odour, it is better to return it. However, you can trust our mattress collection as it is proven to be safer. Non-toxic substances are used in our mattress and also assure you of zero chemical release. 

Understand About The Temperature Control Property Of The Mattress

Heat retention is one of the major factors to consider during the mattress trial period. This is specifically important for hot sleepers. Materials such as memory foam will help trap heat more than other material types. It will effectively dissipate the heat. So, if you are looking at a hot or warm climate region, you need to pay close attention to it during your trial period. 

If you are looking for a mattress with a heat dissipation period and a 100-day trial, our Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress will be the best to go with. The mattress has an Impressions Foam layer, which is an innovative form of memory foam. This material has the ability to naturally adjust with your body curves. It will offer your body a soft and snug contour, hugging and evenly distributing the pressure. This shape adjustment feature will promote blood circulation, and the best part is that the foam is independent of the ambient temperature, which will offer your body the same comfort in every season. So, in the trial period, you will understand how the heat dissipation property is functioning. 

Know Whether The Mattress Is Offering Desired Sleep Quality 

Shoppers have to pay attention to how much sleep they are getting from the new mattress in their trial period. Top online mattresses in India promise good quality mattresses that will definitely offer you quality and sound sleep for longer hours. Specifically, at night, you can experience the sleep quality of your new mattress. 

However, at the start, it will be your adjustment period, during which you may or may not experience instant sleep. But, gradually, you will get to your normal sleep quality and duration. If you are witnessing constant turning and tossing and waking up frequently, which is disturbing your sleep cycle, it will be a major sign to return the mattress. Therefore, during the mattress free trial period, you will get to know your sleep quality with the new mattress.

Shoppers Will Be Beware Of The Warranty Issues 

Not every mattress manufacturer will offer you a comprehensive or robust warranty. You can find out this during the trial period. At times, it is difficult to find, as they will put their best efforts into providing customer satisfaction at the beginning. In such cases, you will notice satisfaction with the mattress's comfort during the entire trial period rather than long-term. 

However, with 100 days trial mattress can find out the actual comfort. This is why at Sleepwell, we offer a maximum trial period to our customers who believe in our product and its quality. Also, we not only give a specific warranty period but stick with quality to offer our customers long-term benefits. You can also opt for our warranty registration, which is only valid on purchases made from an Authorised online platform or website and an Authorised Sleepwell Dealer. Our different products under 100-night trial mattresses, such as Dual Pro Profiled, Ortho Pro spring, and Ortho Pro Profiled mattresses, come with five years of warranty. So shoppers do not have to worry about warranty issues. 

Safeguarding New Mattress Purchase

The trial period will act as a protective measure for your mattress purchase. It will safeguard your purchase by giving you time to determine the mattress's quality and comfort. There will be hundreds of questions in your mind regarding how the mattress will make you feel while you sleep on it. You will be having questions related to the support, quality, technological features, and warranty. What if any of the factors are not as satisfying as you thought? This is where the trial period will act as protection for your purchase, and you can take the step to return the mattress. 

Our returns and refunds are subject to the condition of the mattress at the time of return. If we find any signs of physical damage or improper use, we will not accept the refund or return request. Our Sleepwell 100 Nights Trial is applicable only to original purchases of our Sleepwell Mattress from the official website. So, if you are looking for mattresses with a trial period, we recommend you Explore the Best Online Mattresses that come with a 100-night trial. 

How Does The 100 Night Trial Period Work?

Trying out a mattress allows you to test the comfort of the mattress over a certain period of time. We offer trial policies of up to 100 night trial mattress so customers have the opportunity to experience the mattress, resolve any sleeping difficulties, and adjust to any aches and pains associated with the new mattress. This comprehensive sleep test will help you to find the perfect mattress to meet your sleep needs.

During the mattress trial period, you need to take care of the mattress and avoid staining or spillage of the mattress. The 100 night trial period is all about getting used to the mattress, so you should not be surprised if you feel uncomfortable during the first few nights. Instead, you need to pay attention to what you like and what benefits you are getting from the mattress.

Ensure that it fits your unique sleep preferences and needs as your body starts adjusting to the mattress. Since choosing the best mattress online is a huge investment, you want to be totally satisfied with your purchase.

How To Get the Most Out Of The 100 Night Trial Period?

In order to maximise the benefits of your 100-night mattress trial period, follow the below tips;

Make sure the new mattress is installed in an appropriate position to offer you enhanced comfort and optimal support. 
Practice a regular sleeping pattern to get enhanced quality rest out of the mattress. 
Check out how your body reacts to the new mattress. You need to take note of the changes and overall well-being to ensure that it is an ideal fit.
Track your sleep patterns in the trial period and identify discomfort and disturbances.

Final Thoughts

100 night mattress trial will be a greater benefit for the shoppers in multiple ways. If you are looking for Quality Online Mattresses in India, go for the ones that come with 100 night trial. You can check out our mattress collections that offer this benefit to make a reliable and secure purchase. Visit our Sleepwell official store and make the purchase!


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