Creating a Sleep Routine for a Calmer Mind and Better Sleep

Posted on: 11 Jun 2024

Our body is like a machine that has immense potential but also knows how to relax. For proper relaxation and restoration of the body's abilities, you need to look for ways to improve your lifestyle, especially the way you sleep. Sleeping is the body’s natural way of relaxing, and every night, it is important to relax before sleeping and to sleep for long hours. 

While ideally, a person should sleep for eight hours, a lot of people are not able to maintain it because they face high levels of stress and problems in their daily lives. People are so busy in their day that their brains and body do not know how to relax. It is crucial to relax and have deep sleep during the night to be fully functional during the day. 


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Tips to build a relaxing and better sleep routine 

In this section, you will come to know about the ways to relax and sleep better than most people. These tips for better sleep will improve sleep quality and help you relax before bed. 


Make your room cool and dark 

The easiest way to sleep better is by controlling the environment in which you sleep. We are social animals, and we need a dark place to sleep properly. You should have lights that can be turned off or dimmed so that your room becomes dark during the night. You should also make sure that the lighting is placed strategically so there is diffused lighting rather than harsh lighting in the area. The sleeping space should also be cool and easy to stay in. The bed should be cool and relaxing. The room should be cool and with air conditioning. Even during the day, you need to have proper ventilation so you can relax and take a nap. Choose our cool and breathable mattresses so that you have a good bed to sleep on. For better sleep management, you need to sleep with dark curtains and blinds so that the light does not get into your eyes. 


Choose a good mattress 

Know about what kind of mattress you need for your bed and get a sturdy bed, too. The most important part of your bedroom is the bed. You need to choose a mattress that is longer than your body and is comfortable to sleep on. A bad mattress can create more sleep problems and completely ruin your sleep quality. Browse through our collection and choose a mattress that has multiple benefits and reduces the stress on your body. The bed mattress should have memory foam and fabric that makes it soft but supportive for the body. Choose a mattress that does not skid or sag when you put pressure on it. 


Pick the best pillow 

Your pillow is the surface on which your head and neck rest. For the best kind of sleep, you need a pillow that feels like a cloud. Your pillow should not feel very warm or stuffy. You need to choose a pillow that is breathable, airy and soft to sleep on. If you have neck pain or migraine, you need to find a good orthopaedic pillow made of memory foam or cool gel-infused foam, which keeps the pillow cool and firm under your head. This improves the sleep quality and does not create any soreness in your body. We offer free pillows with our mattresses so that you can sleep better and do not have to worry about buying pillows for the set. 


Listen to soothing music

Before you go to sleep, you need to practise habits that help you relax. One of the best habits can be listening to your favourite songs or soothing instrumental music so that your mind gets to unhook from worries and relax to the rhythm of the music. Music is a beautiful thing to listen to and can help relax the brain in minutes. Avoid hearing any sad songs or tunes that might bring you back to your worries. Try to hear something light and soothing so that your brain slowly shuts off its worry switches. Sleep and mental health are linked, so a relaxed mind leads to better sleep. 


Do not consume caffeine in the evening 

Compounds like caffeine and alcohol can suppress your body’s natural rhythm and disrupt your sleeping pattern. Some people drink coffee when they have to pull an all-nighter or just because they are stressed and do not want to sleep. However, this can increase the level of insomnia and make you sleepless. Coffee and alcohol are addictive and could lead to a pattern of sleeplessness for people. Instead of drinking coffee at night or in the evening, try drinking chamomile tea, which is known to calm you down and help you relax. 


Take in the sun during the day 

When it is early morning, go outside and try to soak in the morning sun. This helps boost our circadian rhythm and improves sleep quality. For people to sleep naturally and safely, they need to spend their day in the sun so that the body clock works properly. When the body clock works really well, the sleeping pattern is regular and healthy. The person's hormonal balance is also maintained so he or she does not feel too stressed or exhausted at night. 


Do not work at night 

Try to finish your work in the day and keep your work hours limited. Overworking is something that completely stresses your body and ruins your sleep cycle. Try to maintain your work-life balance. Work-life balance is not something that comes easily, but it has to be maintained every day so your body can relax when it is time for it to relax.  Working for long hours and doing strenuous work at night is not a healthy habit. If you do it occasionally, then your body can recover, but a habit of overworking does not give your brain time to relax or your body to recover. Keep your work limited to the day, and even your work calls should be silenced in the evening as night approaches. 


Try to keep a gratitude journal 

At the end of the day, a lot of people forget to be grateful for being alive and able to do what they want to do. You need to keep a gratitude journal in which you can write what it is that you are grateful for each day. It could be something as simple as eating good food or something important like a new purchase that feels like an achievement. Keeping a diary and writing positive things can help you relax and sleep with a good mindset so your brain does not worry. Worry keeps you up at night; gratitude helps you sleep with contentment. 


Bathe before you go to bed 

Bathing is a ritual that should be practised every day. While morning baths are cleansing and refreshing, nighttime baths are more relaxing. You do not have to go anywhere, so you can start a bath or take a hot shower, which relaxes your muscles. When bathing, keep the bath water lukewarm. You can also create a foot soak of Epsom salt, which relaxes your body and mind. Bathing before sleep relaxes your body and has therapeutic benefits. These benefits also improve your sleep quality. When bathing at night, take your time and relax so you get the health benefits of sleep to the maximum. 


Read a book 

Reading a book is a very old practice that not only gives you knowledge but also helps your mind relax. Reading a storybook or something that infuses you with positive thoughts takes away your worry and relaxes your mind. Just before bed, you can read a book for some time, even if it is for half an hour or some minutes. Practice book reading as a relaxing activity, not as a task. Explore the possibilities of reading and learning something new every day. When reading, you can use a reading light that does not hurt your eyes or needs you to turn on the bright lights. Keep a bedside table that can hold this reading lamp and your favourite books so you can pick them up easily. If you do not want to read anything, you can also try to listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks can help you read virtually and drift off to sleep slowly. 


Go for a night walk 

To relax your body, you can go for a brisk walk after dinner in your garden or nearby road. You should also try to sit in the moonlight as it has a calming effect on the mind. Try to admire nature at night and relax with the blooming night flowers. This can relax your nerves and help you sleep peacefully. 


Sleeping peacefully and for complete rest, you need a good lifestyle. While changing your sleeping pattern and adopting relaxing activities can improve your sleep quality, you should also improve your diet and daytime routine. At Sleepwell, we create the best mattresses so you can sleep better and in an undisturbed manner. You can browse our collection of Ortho and Pro Nexa collections for the benefits of good sleep every night. 


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