Choosing the Right Mattress for Kids: Memory Foam Vs Pu Foam

Posted on: 14 May 2024

Are you setting up a bedroom for your kid, and do you need a comfortable mattress for the bed? Your kid’s bed should be extra soft and comfortable so the child can get enough rest every day. A child will sleep for longer hours as they need enough sleep for complete development. When buying new mattress for your kid, you should check its comfortable feel and firmness level so that your kid sleeps peacefully every night and does not face any health problems. 

There are many features that you need to check for before choosing the right mattress for your kids. You can find the best mattress for your kid in our collection. These days, memory foam mattresses are in demand and might be good for your kid. However, if you need a durable and comfortable mattress, then a sturdy PU foam mattress is a good choice, too. In this article, you will learn about the difference between PU foam and memory foam mattresses. 


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Why is sleep important for kids? 

Sleep is important for every person, but it is most important for children. The hours of sleep decrease as you grow old. These days, people are functioning at very low sleep, and this also includes kids. Kids need to sleep for at least 9 to 10 hours. You need to ensure that your kids get enough sleep every night. 

Your kid needs to sleep and relax during the night for hormones to release and accelerate their growth. For healthy growth and development of your kid’s body, you need to buy the best mattress possible. You might need a single-bed mattress or a custom-sized mattress for your kid’s bedroom. The hormone that the kid’s body releases helps in the repair of tissue and body frame. 

Young children often go for lengthy naps to rest and grow in their sleep. To support the growth of your child’s body, you need to select the best mattress for their body. Sleep is also good for the kid’s mental health as it helps the mind recover. To help the brain develop fully and maintain sharp memory, you need to give your kid a good bed that helps you sleep properly. 

If you are worried that your kid might be feeling very tired and inactive, then replace their old mattress with a good new mattress that can help them sleep better. When their sleep quality improves, and they sleep for optimal time, they will be very active and strong. Whether you have a toddler or a teenager, you need to choose the best mattress for sleeping long hours. 

How to select the best mattress for kids? 

If you are thinking PU foam vs memory foam which is better, read the next section. Here are some characteristics of the best mattresses for the kids’ bed that will help in choosing kids' mattresses for quality sleep. By checking these characteristics, you can find the best mattress for your child. We create mattresses that suit your kid’s body and mind when sleeping. We are the leading mattress brand in India, offering comfortable mattresses for your whole family. 


Quality materials 

The sleeping mattress needed for your kid should have all the quality materials that give a soft surface and firm bed to sleep on. The mattresses we create are all made of high-quality foam and quilting. Superior materials improve the comfort factor of the bed and help your little one sleep better after a fun day. 

A mattress for the kid should be soft to the touch but supportive of the kid’s developing spine. The mattress is made of high-quality material which stays soft but durable for years. You should choose a mattress that is durable and strong. Instead of cheaper quality materials and mattresses that might cost less, you need to choose the best mattress that might cost more but is of good quality. 

You should choose a mattress that will last for years and adapt to the body frame of your kid. When we do a quality comparison of memory foam vs polyurethane foam, we find that better materials are used for memory foam mattresses. 


Mattress size 

The mattress size that you have should also be suitable for your kid. You should buy a foam mattress that can be adjusted in length and height so that your kid can sleep in a comfortable bed for all ages. 

You should look at the size and choose a comfortable single-bed mattress. The mattress size should be comfortable for your kid at all ages and stages of development. A long single bed is good for a growing kid who is going to gain more height with the passing years. 

If your kid is sleeping on the same bed as you, then buying a king-size and queen-size mattress will be the best. It might be a good idea to get a new mattress for your kid once he reaches the toddler stage. 



The firmness factor has to be considered for all mattresses, even those that are for a kid. When you are creating a bed for your kid, you need a soft but firm mattress. Choosing a mattress with a gentle but firm texture is a good decision. Finding a firm mattress that balances comfort and support is essential because your kid’s spine is growing out. At this time, the bones and vertebrae of your child are vulnerable and sensitive. 

Therefore, it is important to buy a mattress that supports the spine well and allows the bones and muscles to relax. Choose a mattress that will correct the sleeping posture of your child and maintain the spinal alignment. The spinal alignment of the kid’s body should be straight at all times so that they do not feel any soreness or have any injury. 

A firm, anti-skid mattress is the perfect choice for your kid’s bed because it will remain stable. Your kid will not fall from bed or experience any accidents. Choosing a memory foam mattress like the Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress can be a good choice. The PU foam mattress vs memory foam comparison yields on the side of memory foam because it is soft but firm. 



When choosing a mattress for your kid to sleep in, you need to take care of the safety standards. You should not buy a mattress that is completely artificial and could have toxins in its layers. Some low-grade mattresses release a lot of toxic fumes when they are new, which can be bad for your child. A mattress that has safe and quality-tested layers is good for your baby. Our mattresses are tested for toxicity and are very safe for everyone in the family. 

If you want a mattress that is safe and natural, then you can choose our Latex Plus mattress for the kid’s bedroom. Our Latex Plus mattress has a mixture of latex and memory foam for your kid’s comfort. Because of the natural Latex material, this mattress is bouncy, soft and supportive to your kid. Your kid can do all his activities on it and still sleep comfortably.  It is a great mattress to sleep on for long hours because it does not contain any toxic chemicals. 

The top layer of premium cotton knitted fabric is also great for your child’s comfort and safety. The bed remains clean and fresh for days. A memory foam mattress with a latex layer is better than a PU Foam mattress because it is natural in quality. Our mattresses also come with hypoallergenic top sheets and layers that protect your kid from infections and allergies. 


Edge support 

A kid’s mattress should have excellent edge support so your kid can sleep or sit without any worry. Kids usually jump around the bed or roll on the bed. In such cases, you need a mattress that is firm on the edges so that the kid does not fall down or slip from the bed. 

Moreover, the anti-skid feature that is built into the mattresses of our brand also keeps your child safe on the bed. So, even if your naughty child is moving in his sleep, he will be safe on his bed. 

Choosing a memory foam mattress like the Revital 4.0 mattress from our collection will help your kid sleep better. The Revital 4.0 mattress gives a gentle but firm feeling for your child to sleep comfortably. It is a durable mattress that has good edge support for your active child. 


Motion Isolation 

Motion isolation is a must-have feature in your kid’s mattress. This is particularly important if you have two kids and you have a double bed in their room. 

If you are looking for a double bed mattress that will fit both your kids, you need a mattress that gives motion isolation so that one kid does not disturb the other in sleep. A profiled memory foam mattress provides this feature. 

Our Ortho Pro Profile mattress is a good choice for motion isolation and other supportive features. Even if you are searching for a large mattress to include your kid on, this king or queen-size mattress will be best for you. 


From the above sections, we conclude that a memory foam mattress with multiple layers of foam is a good choice for your kid’s bed. You should compare all the features of different mattresses before choosing the best kids' mattresses for healthy sleep. When the PU foam mattress and memory foam mattress are compared, the memory foam mattress from our brand is a clear winner. At Sleepwell, you can even customise the memory foam mattress according to your kid’s bed design. 


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