Choosing The Best Latex Mattress In India For Healthier Sleep And Comfort

Posted on: 11 May 2024

Are you tired of disturbed sleeping from tossing the bed the whole night? Well, it’s time to change your old mattress and bring a new best mattress for a healthier and more comfortable sleep.

Welcome to the world of Latex mattresses if you are looking for a change in mattress technology. The firmness and comfort zone of latex ranges will surely give you a perfectly good night's sleep and let off your stresses for a fresh start in the morning.

With so many options available, choosing the perfect one will be a difficult task. But don’t worry; at Sleepwell, we provide you with solutions on how to choose the best latex mattress, benefits, types, and all the necessary things to guide you while buying the mattress.


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Let’s discuss the Benefits Of Latex mattress:

Healthy sleep leads to the overall well-being of a person’s life, so a good-quality mattress plays a significant role in providing quality sleep at night. The recent trend of the best latex mattress in India has several benefits apart from the firmness, such as:


Pressure-relief Technology:

These mattresses feature great pressure relief technology that will support your body posture evenly and offer you a nice and comfortable sleep at night by alleviating the developing pressure.


Back and Neck Support:

If you are suffering from back and neck pain from your old mattress, then the latex mattress helps you support your spine and neck alignment. This mattress type offers you balanced firmness to neutralise the sleep position. You can try our Sleepwell Spinetech Air mattress for the best neck and ortho support. 



Latex mattresses are known for their durability. If you are looking for a long-life mattress, then choose a natural latex mattress over memory foam or pocket spring ones. So, invest your money in a good quality mattress, like investing it in your healthy life.


Anti-microbial technology:

For those who are allergic to dust or any kind of allergic reaction, latex mattresses have anti-microbial technology that helps you with dust, mites, and breathing disorders.

These are the benefits of Latex Mattress, which provides you with the ultimate sleeping guardian and controls your motions for a healthy night’s sleep. 

How To Choose The Best Latex Mattress In India?

Certain factors have to be considered while choosing a latex mattress. Some may consider firmness, and others focus on durability. Well, the best way to measure your body and sleeping habits is to choose the right one. However, let’s consider the overall factors that will help you about how to choose the best mattress.



To decide the firmness of the mattress, you should know about your sleeping position habits and decide how much softness you need for your comfortable sleep. After measuring all these aspects, it will be easier for you to choose the firmness level.



The thickness of a mattress depends on how many internal layers support the upper layer to give a perfect bounce. In general, latex mattresses come in a standard thickness of 6 to 8 inches. So, decide the thickness based on your personal preference.



Choose the latex mattress that has better airflow and ventilation, supports your body parts, and evenly distributes the air through each body part.



An eco-friendly mattress provides you with fresh and best supportive sleep. So, choose a sustainable latex mattress that is biodegradable and has a lower impact on the environment than synthetic mattresses.



Though latex mattresses come under the high-cost range, you may wonder how they can still be beneficial. The initial investment can be a little expensive, but in the long run, it will be a cost-effective option due to its durability.

Type of Latex Mattress:

To know which latex mattress is best, you have to know how many types of latex mattresses are available. In general, three types of latex mattresses are currently in India such as:

Natural and Organic Latex- These mattresses are made from rubber trees, which are natural latex that provides a gentle feel, superior air circulation, even pressure distribution, and durability like Latex Plus mattresses.
Synthetic latex- These mattresses can be a cost-effective option as they are made from SBR or Styrene Butadiene Rubber. However, synthetic latex lacks these features.
Mixed or Blend Latex- These mattresses are a combination of synthetic and natural latex and have combined features. The only focus behind the mattresses is to get some features of natural latex at an affordable latex mattress price in India.

Latex Mattress Certifications:

To know the quality of the mattress, it is important to know the latex certification standards.

Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS)- The international standard determines that latex is grown on a natural rubber farm. At least 95% of natural rubber must be present in the best latex mattress.
Eco-INSTITUT- The standard determines the natural latex rubber foam has passed on-site inspection and environmental tests.
Greenguard- This standard determines the mattress should not support VOC emission or volatile organic compounds or pass all types of strict emission tests.
Control Union Carbon neutral certified- The standard determines that the latex is not mixed with any type of chemical substance.

So, if you are looking for the best mattress, then the above latex standards will help you select the right one as per your value for money.

How Does Sleeping Position Decide The Firmness of Latex Mattress?

If you are looking for the right firmness level for your latex mattress, then you should consider your sleeping habits. Different people have several sleeping positions, such as back sleeping, stomach sleeping, etc., so a perfect firm mattress selection may be a little tough.

So, do not worry; we will guide you on how you can choose the best latex mattress in India based on your sleeping position.

Side-sleepers- If you love to sleep on your side, then we suggest you buy the latex mattress, which offers medium-firmness that helps you release the pressure at your shoulder and hip area.
Stomach Sleeper- Suppose you love to sleep on your stomach, and then a firmer latex mattress will support your stomach portion as well as excess air pressure on your front hip.
Back sleepers- Back sleepers often feel pain in their spine. So, we suggest you go for a medium to firm latex mattress that will support your spine alignment, and you will feel less pain in the lower back area.

Latex Mattress vs Other Mattresses:

From above, we get a clear idea about the benefits of latex mattresses; now compare them with other mattresses that will help you how to choose the best mattress for a healthy lifestyle.

Memory Foam- These types of mattresses are less bouncy than latex mattresses. Some customers prefer less bouncy features and opt to buy from memory foam mattress ranges.
Pocket Spring- Latex mattresses provide more motion isolation than pocket spring mattresses. On the other hand, breathability is higher in pocket-spring mattresses than in latex.
Hi-tech- These mattresses are a combination of memory foam, latex, and pocket spring coil. For those who need both latex and pocket spring features, these mattresses work best for them.


Care And Maintenance Of Latex mattresses:

To increase the lifespan of latex mattresses or any type of mattress, you can follow the care and maintenance tips.

Clean regularly- For regular cleaning, vacuuming the mattresses on a regular basis keeps your mattresses free from dust particles.
Avoid moisture- In wooden beds, there is always a chance of moisture soaking, especially in the rainy season or any type of watery thing poured on the mattresses. So, during rain, use some wood paints to help dry the wooden beds.
Deep Clean- You can hire any professional cleaning agency that will help you dry-clean your mattresses on a six- to eight-month basis.
Purchase a mattress cover- Invest in a good quality mattress cover that will keep your mattresses from dust, moisture, and any kind of allergic material entering your mattress.

These are some maintenance tips to increase the longevity of latex mattresses. Apart from the above tips, you can follow some basic things that will help with durability. 

You can change the bedsheet on the mattresses once a week or rotate the mattresses in four to six month gaps, etc. People always ignore the small things, but they forget investing in small things can help you protect yourself from other big, risky events.


If you are looking to buy the best latex mattress in India at an affordable price, then visit our Sleepwell Store, which has a wide range of mattresses and pillows that are available in several materials, types, prices and health issues.

You can contact our online store or visit in-person stores that are spread over various major cities across India. We also offer Bed Sets in several luxury collections that will fit into your room beautifully. For more information, contact our stores and purchase one of our items; we will deliver your product to your doorstep! 


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